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Another Mysterious Deep Sea Creature

DeepSeaLobsterI wanted to share this new discovery with you because this animal comes from the very deep parts of the ocean and continues to make the point that there is SOOO much “down there” that we don’t know about.

Granted, this is a small creature, but there’s plenty of room for big ones, and I find that exciting especially in light of past discussions we’ve had on this blog about what could be living in the deep oceans and how big they could get.

Anyway, here is the “new” lobster found by science, technically called Dinochelus ausubeli. Scientists chose this name because in Greek, Dino means “terrible and fearful”, while Chelus means “claw”.

This colorful little guy  lives in the deep ocean off the coast of the Phillipines. Look at how long and skinny the main claw is  – interesting. And yet its “fist” is quite developed and looks strong. I like the colors too.

Scientists said it has well developed eye stalks so it must be able to see somehow in the deep dark ocean.

I wonder how they taste.  :)

Til the next time!

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