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Mermaid Monday: Pacific Northwest Sea Goddess

blackwhitesketchMermaid Monday explores a mermaid legend from the Pacific Northwest this week. Is it the tale of a monster from the deep, or a harmless and alluring beauty? First Nations people have left us another mysterious tale sure to intrigue cryptozoology lovers. Let’s take a look!

This story, coming from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, is brought to us by the Inuit people. It is the tale of Sedna.

Long ago Sedna was a beautiful young Inuit woman who was pursued by many admirers. It’s hard to believe, but she shunned them all in favor of a seabird, who was known to be a trickster. But he promised her a lovely life together on a beautiful island and she believed him.

The reality, however, was disappointing. Somehow Sedna’s father found out she was unhappy so he rowed out to the island to rescue her. He killed Sedna’s husband first, then they escaped in their boat.

Sedna03Tough Love

The seabird’s friends were angry at what happened, so they followed the father and daughter and caused a great storm to form which threatened to capsize the boat and drown them. The father decided to throw Sedna overboard, but as she clung to the side of the boat, he chopped off her fingers and she fell to the bottom of the sea. (Ouch!! So much for fatherly love!)

Once she hit bottom, Sedna transformed into the Sea Goddess revered by the local people. They believe her fingers transformed into the marine life that sustains them throughout the year – fish, seals, and some whales.

Overall Sedna is benevolent, but if her people anger her by not showing her respect, she causes terrible storms to arise, thereby preventing the people from fishing and sustaining themselves.

Sedna01Folklorists’ Note

An interesting note is that in early Inuit tales, Sedna remains a human woman, though she lives in the sea. However, after the Inuit encountered European sailors and their ships – complete with mermaid figureheads on the front of their ships – Sedna’s appearance “changed” to the half woman, half fish persona, like most mermaids around the world.

Mermaid Monday on Hiatus

Wanted to let you know that my Mermaid Monday series is taking a hiatus at least until the New Year, possibly longer. You can check under the “Mermaid Monday” topic (see “Articles by Topic” drop down menu, above right) for more Mermaid themed articles and stories!

In the meantime, CryptoVille will be covering other interesting and exciting creatures, so please stay tuned for those!

Remember to keep your eyes open and cameras ready for the ladies and gents that we love cavorting in the sea! Tail slap!


Blood Falls: Vampire’s Delight?

Did this picture get your attention? It sure did mine!! If that isn’t one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen in nature, I’m not sure what is! Let’s see if this oddity is real, or a hoax.


The phenomenon you’re seeing in the photo is called “Blood Falls” and it’s located in Antarctica. Geologists led by Australian Griffith Taylor (a geologist and explorer) were surveying the area in 1911 and found it. They gave it its very appropriate name.

Blood Falls exits Taylor Glacier (behind it), drops five stories down, then flows into Lake Bonney which is more or less at its feet. The striking color was first thought to be the result of algae living in the water.

Seeing Red

Scientists today reveal that the color comes from microbes that live in the water beneath Taylor Glacier, where it has been trapped beneath the ice for 2 million years. The microbes live in an oxygen-free environment and metabolize the sulfur and iron there which results in their red color. Currently there are 17 known types of microbes in that environment.

BloodFallsMapThe water where the microbes live is actually a lake hidden beneath the ice. It sits about a quarter mile below the surface of the glacier.

Scientists are pleased that they can study the composition and characteristics of this hidden lake from the Blood Falls run-off. That means they don’t have to get involved in more costly and problematic drilling just to study the water.

Off-world Implications

Even though I love looking for cryptids, nature itself still manages to throw us some of the neatest and more bizarre spectacles that anyone could imagine! I also have to wonder what it means for finding life of any sort on other planets. I wish so hard that mankind would get busy with creating reasonable space-exploration vehicles (a la Star Trek) and dump the stupid volatile, uncomfortable craft we make today.

Anyway, did this picture give you the creeps at first?




Bigfoot Thursday: Keep an Eye on Your Pools!

TalkingBF02This week Bigfoot appears on an “old” video showing a monster drinking from someone’s backyard pool. Could this monstrous beast be a Bigfoot or Sasquatch? Do they stalk peoples’ backyards for water sources, or is there something fishy about this video? CryptoVille investigates!

I found this crazy video through one of my favorite video reviewers, Phil of ParaBreakdown. I had never seen this footage before, but it supposedly dates back to the summer of 1973. If you watch the video (3.5 minutes), Phil shares some very interesting points.


He makes the point that the footage was edited, despite claims to the contrary, and the patio furniture wasn’t manufactured until a decade after 1973.

I’d like to add a few more points. The “fur” on the “creature” clearly hangs off the person inside. It’s cheap looking faux fur, and the arm proportions, leg proportions, and what we can see of the face, are all wrong. Note how it walks – that’s a human gait, not a Bigfoot stride.

TalkingBF05Laughing Yet?

I guess people think it’s funny to put this junk out there, but because of them, the media treat the subject of Bigfoot/Sasquatch as a joke and (most) scientists avoid the topic altogether lest their professional reputations become tainted.

It makes me mad, but to get around all of this nonsense, we’re just going to have to find that “proof positive,” hopefully some awesome DNA samples, some incredible footage that can be verified by multiple sources, or perhaps, a Bigfoot corpse.

What do you think?

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 Mermaid Monday: Scylla – Beautiful Naiad Turned Sea Monster

blackwhitesketchMermaid Monday continues this week with another mythical legend of love gone wrong. How does a beautiful young mermaid, or naiad, turn into a horrible monster? Gods and sorcerers stir the waters, to be sure, but in a surprising twist, this story has a happy ending!

As with most myths and legends of old, the origins of the tale aren’t very clear. They all start out with Scylla being a beautiful young creature, in some a watery naiad and in others a human. Here’s that list:

  1. In some stories, Scylla is the daughter of Phorcys and Ceto (sea gods).
  2. Others say she is the daughter of Triton and Lamia.
  3. Yet another says she was a lovely naiad who caught the eye of Poseidon. His jealous wife, Amphitrite, poisoned the water where Scylla bathed causing her to turn into a horrible monster.
  4. One more version: Scylla was the lovely daughter of Crataeis (river nymph). Glaucus (who was once a fisherman but somehow became a sea god) took a fancy to her then fell deeply in love. He asked the sorceress Circe to help him win Scylla’s love, but Circe was in love with Glaucus herself. So she poisoned the water where Scylla bathed and turned the poor mermaid into a monster.

Scylla01However it happened, the result was that poor Scylla found herself in the form of a horrible sea monster.

Scylla’s Monstrous Appearance

Scylla’s form was described as having four eyes and six long necks each with a repulsive head atop the neck. Each head had three rows of menacing teeth.

Her waist was wreathed with the heads of six dogs and her lower body consisted of twelve legs, like tentacles. A cat’s tail waved on her backside.

Poor Scylla was doomed to attack passing ships, each grisly head snatching up a helpless sailor to his death.

Scylla Reborn

In the tale of Hercules, it is reported that the hero himself slew Scylla. Then Phorcys, her father, spread flaming torches upon her body which (somehow) restored her to life in her original form.

Scylla02Captured the Ancient World’s Imagination

Scylla’s story was widespread throughout the ancient world and that seems to be how these variations in her story arose. Depictions of her as a monster also varied. She appears in quite a few classic stories that you might recognize:

  • Homer’s Odyssey
  • Ovid’s Metamorphoses
  • Keats’ Endymion

(Image right, Scylla, Paestan red-figure krater C4th B.C., J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu.)

Scylla has also been immortalized in modern era paintings from the 9th through 19th centuries:

  • In a wall painting in the Carolingian Abbey of Corvey in Westphalia UK
  • In “The Loves of the Gods” by Agostino Carracci
  • In Oil on copper painting by Fillipo Lauri
  • Oil on Canvas by Salvator Rosa
  • Painting by Bartholomaus Spranger
  • Painting by Laurent de la Hyre
  • Painting by Jacques Dumont le Romain
  • Painting by J.M.W. Turner
  • Painting by Peter Paul Rubens
  • Painting by Eglon van der Neer
  • Painting by John Melhuish Strudwick
  • Painting by John William Waterhouse

Scylla Today

Believe it or not, Scylla is sort of making news today. Florida State University has been excavating an ancient well in Cianti, Italy that they believe has existed for over 1500 years. A fragment of pottery they found in the well shows an image of Scylla on its side. (Fragment below left.)

Scylla03According to Nancy de Grummond, the M. Lynette Thompson Professor of Classics at Florida State, “One of the Etruscan vessels, actually a wine bucket, is finely tooled and decorated with figurines of the marine monster Skylla.”

If you’d like to read that one page article, you’ll find it here:–+ScienceDaily%29

Was Scylla Real?

I have to wonder if once upon a time, very long ago, a beautiful young woman named Scylla lived somewhere in Greece. And I wonder if her beauty caused a lot of trouble for her and her family as suitors vied for her hand. Could that have been the basis for some love-sick poet who then began to create a legend that would spread throughout the ancient world and fascinate readers for centuries?

Who knows? But it’s an interesting tale, and I’m pleased that in at least one version, it has a happy ending!

Til next Monday, Tail Slap!


Bigfoot Thursday: Christmas Valley, Oregon Sighting

TalkingBF02Bigfoot Thursday: CryptoVille reviews a video of Bigfoot taken in the wilds of Oregon. We see the creature running between some monster trees but is this a cryptozoology lover’s dream? Or another disappointment?

This week’s video comes to us from Christmas Valley, Oregon and was filmed September 29, 2012. I was a little excited when I first saw the footage, but on further investigation, things don’t quite add up.

I found the video on YouTube on a channel called “Baby Boomers.”

At first glance, this footage is exciting. It shows an obviously shy Bigfoot-type creature dashing away from the hunters and taking cover behind some very strange looking trees. The trees are huge and spread out perfectly so that we never get a full or detailed view of the creature.

From the few glances we see, the creature does look large, has broad shoulders and thick legs, but the arms don’t seem quite long enough and there seems to be more of a neck on this creature than we’d normally find on a Bigfoot. Plus, it walks more like a human, than a Bigfoot. See for yourself.

The Video

Here’s the video, just under 2 minutes long:


Digging Deeper

Baby Boomers say that they were out hunting, but I see no signs of anything to hunt, other than the encounter with the creature. I’m also not sure why the couple were even filming and that wasn’t explained to my satisfaction.

There are also some puzzling cuts in the footage, particularly one around the :38 mark where the creature is going one way, then the cut occurs and it’s going the other way. Strange.

MonkeyScratchingHeadMy suspicion stems from the fact that the more I look at the footage the more it seems that they were filming because they knew something would be there. They reacted pretty realistically, but I was still suspicious.

UFO Complications

After the Bigfoot video ended, there was a selection of other videos of theirs to watch. This included a UFO video (from December 10, 2012) which I watched while thinking how lucky can two people get to have a Bigfoot sighting as well as a UFO sighting within a couple months?

I watched the UFO video and I believe it is almost certainly one of those lighted lanterns that people release at least along the West coast. Sometimes it’s in memory of someone or some occasion, and other times it’s simply to celebrate a special day. That’s what it looked like to me, based on what I saw on an old episode of Fact or Faked where they debunked a UFO sighting by being able to recreate it with one of these lanterns.

The problems continued to accrue when I realized Baby Boomers also post their own comedy videos that they have produced and acted in themselves. I had to wonder if these crypto-related videos were a ploy to pull people in to see their comedy routines.

ComedyAct01They’re entitled to do so, and I’m not against anyone trying to advertise their business pursuits, it’s just disappointing when we’re left with yet another Bigfoot video that is suspect, to say the least.

For all these reasons, I feel sure this video is a hoax, which is disappointing because at first glance, it looked really good. This is why it always pays to do a bit of research especially if you’re interested in the truth.

So what do you think?

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Mermaid Monday: Mermaid Sighted by Old Ship Wreck?

blackwhitesketchThis week on Mermaid Monday, we change gears and investigate a short video that supposedly shows a mermaid in action. Is it a mermaid, a monster, or something else?  CryptoVille investigates the mysterious footage!

I found this video on YouTube on a channel called “Paranormal Camera & Crazy Tape.” It says the video was posted in January of this year (2014) and claims the video is from 2014. What it doesn’t tell us is where this video footage was filmed and I’d like to know that.

What we can deduce from the footage is that there seems to be a small group of divers exploring an old ship wreck below the waves.

The video shows the areas around the shipwreck and we get to see some interesting fish in their natural habitat. After a short time, the videographer approaches the end of some part of the ship and we see other divers. Just then something appears from the top and swims off.

The shape is definitely that of a classic mermaid – the curvaceous tale with the fins at the end, undulating as the figure swims away from us.

The Video

Here’s the video, less than a minute long:


Is it real? Let’s take a closer look.

The divers are real, the shipwreck seems real, but the weird thing is, the “mermaid” appears and none of the other divers seem to notice as she passes over and by them. A mermaid would be close to the size of a small dolphin – would the divers have missed something that big right near them? I think not.

We have two possibilities: either the mermaid figure was Photoshopped into the video footage, or a human masquerading as a mermaid swam up on cue, and swam away from the camera.

Something else also bothers me about the footage. We get glimpses of the surrounding water and the more I look at it, the more it looks like an aquarium to me. You may wonder well, if it’s an aquarium, where did the shipwreck come from?

I have a nephew who runs his own Imagineering company – the kind of people who make props for Disney and other theme parks, as well as aquariums, museums and the like. Their work is so exquisite it absolutely, 100% looks real and authentic. So someone could have created the “shipwreck” for an aquarium.

I’m also a little suspicious of the “mermaid” herself. That part of the video looks exactly like another “mermaid” video from a few years ago that supposedly caught a “real mermaid” off the cost of Australia.  It was later debunked.

I also would have expected to see more turbulence around her as she entered the scene if she had really been there. It’s puzzling.

MermaidMelissaMermaids for Hire

People have been imitating mermaids for many years. The best example I know is down in Florida, at the Weeki Wachee Springs State Park. They have hosted mermaid shows for the past 60 years. It’s a fun place, if you ever get a chance to visit there.

In recent years a host of young women have started their own small businesses portraying mermaids. They put on shows and will appear at your function for a fee. Some work by themselves, while others have their own little troop that includes at least one merman. (Photo of Mermaid Melissa above left.

These mermaid businesses seem to exist around the world, so I always have to consider that one of these talented swimmers might be performing for the camera whose footage then winds up on the internet. So we have to be wary.

I’m not against these businesses, by the way. I think they’re fun!

But I’m still looking for proof positive that cryptid creatures that we call mermaids exist.

FlirtyPinkMermaidBottom Line

There are too many questions and strange things about this video for me to declare that it’s footage of a real mermaid. Add to that the lack of information about how and where and exactly when it was taken speaks against its validity.

So we’ll have to keep our eyes open and cameras rolling in order to find better and authentic footage!

If you have a mermaid video that you’ve seen or recorded and you’d like us to review it, please send us a link to the video at:  cryptoville (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Til the next time! Tail slap!

Bigfoot Thursday: The Craven Video from Saskatchewan, Canada

TalkingBF02Is that a monster prowling the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada? Or just a regular old Bigfoot or Sasquatch? Cryptozoology lovers will enjoy this video – it’s very compelling.

A YouTube channel by Adam Bird brings us this week’s Bigfoot Thursday video. He shares the story of a family from Saskatchewan, Canada who go for a ride one evening only to stumble upon a cryptid lurking in the prairie grass.

I like this incident for several reasons. The alleged Bigfoot is about the right size, has a cone shaped head, big shoulders, no neck to speak of, and in one glimpse we get a hint of how long its arms are. Furthermore, the hair on the animal looks believable, more like Patty from the Patterson/Gimlin film rather than some Hollywood costume.

The creature also immediately heads for cover and quickly disappears from sight. That’s a very natural response for a wild animal coming upon human intrusion.

PrairieGrassesPrairie Habitat

The prairie grass is a little deceiving – it looks short to medium height in the video but in actuality, prairie grasses can grow to ten feet tall. The various grass varieties average between six and eight feet tall. So they could hide a Bigfoot.

I saw a snarky comment from someone who questioned why a Bigfoot would be living on a prairie and so they immediately decided the video was a hoax. Apparently he missed the Finding Bigfoot episode when they were in South Dakota, a state covered with prairies. The local native Americans were well aware of the Bigfoots in their area and accepted them as part of their natural world.

So I have no problem with a Bigfoot living in and around prairies whether in the US or Canada.

monsters-university-carWho Goes for Rides?

Other people thought the video was contrived because they didn’t believe that people go for rides anymore. I love going for rides and that’s something I do pretty regularly. I always keep my eyes open for any signs of cryptids along the way, of course!

Video Quality

Adam examines the film well and shows us several enhancements that mostly bring the figure into sharper contrast. He doesn’t waste our time, but gets right to the point.

I appreciated how the original video was pretty darn clear and focused, especially when compared with most of the junk videos we see. Kudos to whomever was filming the creature!

The Video

The video is a little over 3 minutes long:

So What Is It?

I think there’s a good chance that was a real Bigfoot or Sasquatch. The size, shape, and behavior seems about right.

What do you think?


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Mermaid Monday: The Very Strange Tale of French Dracs

blackwhitesketchThis Monday, CryptoVille discovers the French legend of the Dracs. Are they mermaids, monsters, or dragons? It’s a strange tale that we’ll try to decipher as we comb the legends for any sign of truth.

On the surface, Dracs are described as “French water fairies” that live in an enchanted city deep below the surface of the Seine River, in France.

Other versions of the story claim they live in underwater caves. Many of the tales take place along the banks of the River Rhone.

People see them in several ways:

  • Sometimes they are “skating” the water’s surface using wooden plates
  • Other times they are just purple orbs hanging over the water
  • At other times, they can appear like a golden chalice rising from the river’s depths.

Dracs can shapeshift into just about anything, but when they do, it’s usually in the form of a beautiful young woman in order to seduce a man. They are also known to capture young mothers to take below the surface to act as wet-nurses for the water fairy children.  If a woman is captured for this purpose, they keep her for seven years, then return her to the surface and her own life.

Dracs have the ability to remain invisible which is how they hunt human children on land without ever being seen.

Dracs03Frederic Mistral’s Version

Frederic Mistral wrote a book about myths from his region of France, in and around the town of Beaucaire. This town is located on the Rhone River.

Mistral claims that Dracs are “invisible winged sea serpents (water dragons)” who left their watery home in the 13th Century to hunt and kill thousands of men. During that time one of the Drac kidnapped a young woman peddling flowers and held her for seven years during which she raised the Drac’s son. He let her go, but she still had the ability to see Drac on land, and so the Drac gouged out her eye so she would be unable to warn other citizens of the Drac’s approach.

Armies were sent to vanquish the beast, to no avail. Eventually the Drac died of natural causes and the problem disappeared. What happened to its son is anybody’s guess.

Felice Holman and Nanine Valen’s Version

Holman and Valen wrote a book about French dragons and demons that included their version of the Drac tale. It reports an account by Gervase of Tilbury, a 13th century man, who said he had met a woman who was kidnapped and held as a wet-nurse for seven years. During her captivity, some magical grease got in one of her eyes that enabled her to see the Dracs when they were roaming the towns and villages. It was during these times that the Drac snatched human children to eat.

Dracs02After she had been released back into her own world, she spied her captor in the town market early one morning and greeted him. Because she could see them, the Drac gouged out her eye after which she supposedly went mad.

Gervase was recorded as saying, “There is also on the banks of the Rhone, under a house, at the North-gate of the city of Arles, a great pool of the river.  In these deep places, they say that the Dracs are often seen of bright nights, in the shape of men.”

Other versions of this story claim the wet-nurse had to rub human fat into the scales of the baby Dracs so they could see their charges. At night the wet-nurses were to wash the fat off with special water. One night, the wet-nurse forgot to wash it off and rubbed her eye thereby bestowing the ability to see the Drac on dry land to herself.

There is even another report that claims this “water spirit” was slain by a saint.  Possibly St George?

What Does It Mean?

From what I read, it seems several tales from this area of France had become mixed-up, hence we get all these different versions, none of which even remotely involve mermaids! How it got from a “water fairy” type thing,  to a Smaug-worthy dragon, is anybody’s guess.

However, it does seem to be a way to explain why the children of the region would go missing. Back in those days, wolves still roamed France. It’s possible they were taken by natural predators in the area, and perhaps pedophiles.

If nothing else, this is a cautionary tale to keep your children around you, and not to be fooled by golden trinkets or other curious objects that might appear in the river.

Join us next Monday when we’ll bring you another tale of strange creatures living in the water – hopefully more like the Mermaids we know and love!

Tail slap!


Bigfoot Thursday: Seaside Review

TalkingBF02This week, CryptoVille is taking a long weekend for some R&R. But we still have monster tales and cryptozoological mysteries for you to ponder! Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti – whatever you call him, here are some interesting articles about the big hairy guy!

Since we’re taking some time off (several long weekends this summer), we’re leaving you with some Bigfoot reports that you may not have seen on CryptoVille yet. Here’s a list of some of our most popular ones:

About the Russian Yeti and the tragedy that befell nine students back in 1959:

Russian Almastys – are they related to Bigfoot? Read here:

Did our soldiers see a version of Bigfoot while fighting in Vietnam? Check this out:

Can Bigfoots speak using language?

The Russian Svokan – real or myth?

 My open letter to Bigfoot hunters:

Does India have a type of Bigfoot? Oh yes they do!

More and More

I could keep adding more Bigfoot related articles, but you might prefer to go to the “Articles by Topic” bar in the top right section of this page and scroll down until you see “Bigfoot and His Kin.” That will get you on the long list of articles including the ones mentioned above plus a lot of others.

Have a great weekend! See you next Thursday for another Bigfoot Video review!

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Mermaid Monday: Meghalaya Mermaid Found in India?

blackwhitesketchWe’ve got a whale of a “tail” on today’s Mermaid Monday! It’s a cryptozoology report complete with unidentified monster. Did locals find a dead mermaid washed up on shore in Ranikor, Meghalaya, India? Or was it something else? CryptoVille investigates!

This story first circulated in 2012 but I’ve only recently seen it. I actually found it because someone was searching for the “Meghalaya mermaid” on this website. I was curious and had to see what I could find.

What I found is a story that almost doesn’t bear repeating because it’s so outlandish. Let’s take a look.

It seems that one day in 2012 the creature in the following video washed ashore on the banks of the Ranikor River in India. The local Muslim population immediately decided it was something supernatural and treated it accordingly.  They claimed it was a dead mermaid.

Here’s the video I first saw, one minute long:

Some of you will say the answer is painfully obvious and I would agree with you, except for the fact there are people still searching CryptoVille for the information.

So to prove to people that this “creature” is nothing more than a dead stingray from the underside, let’s look at some other photos of dead stingrays (various species):









Southern Stingray Closeup of mouth











Anatomy Photo

The stingray’s anatomy:


Note the two nostrils on the top, under which is a inter-nasal flap. Under that flap is the mouth which is pretty much just a slit. Below that, you find the gills on either side of the underside.

After the animal dies and begins to decompose, these features become more exaggerated. They do sort of form a “face”, but it’s just part of the decomposition process.

So without a doubt, the “creature” in this video is not a mermaid. It is a species of stingray, dead and decaying.

I really have to wonder how people confuse one of these ….


With  that ….



How drunk does one have to be?! (Maybe I’m being too harsh; it could just be a lack of education. Well, at least now they’ll know the truth.)

See you next Monday when we return with another strange tale from the deep!

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