Bigfoot, Dr. Ketchum, and a Purported Conspiracy — Correction

Bart Cutino corrects some things about my last posting – very interesting and definitely worth reading!

Bart Cutino kindly contacted me today and corrected what thought I had learned from that podcast the other day. I want to share that with you below, so we’re all on the same page.

I’m sorry for the mix-up, both to Bart and my readers.  I try so hard to filter out the trash on the internet when looking for the truth about these various topics, but in this case I crashed and burned.  The podcast I listened to was for the most part, a bunch of junk.

So here’s Bart’s update which reveals the truth about his research and Dr. Melba Ketchum:

Bart Cutino thank you so much for the kind comments. I just wanted to clarify from the article that I never had any direct association with Melba Ketchum, nor had her test any samples.

We had the Sierra’s sample (collected 5 weeks later in vicinity absent any signs of weathering) Ketchum claimed was from a sasquatch—likely to continue soliciting funding from my dear friend Wally Hersom—tested independently with two labs & intent of releasing transparent results….. unless what was tested actually substantiated her claim. In other words, we were trying to make sure Wally H & the bigfoot community were not being defrauded when we had every logical reason to believe so based on her behavior & claims. 

Ironically, Ketchum, whom I was always suspicious of with the biased pre-emptive claims & promises unbecoming of of an objective scientist, raised that suspicion to get independent third party testing. She did so in front of four witnesses (speakerphone) by encouraging Justin Smeja to bleach his sample since he wouldn’t give it back to her (because “no one can get the results she does”), and tried to persuade him to conspire in perpetually defrauding Wally Hersom. Justin called me in tears as he seemed to believe the previous promises and assurance the collected sample was from the subject he shot.

Tyler Huggins and myself moved forward immediately and got independent testing at two labs, one in Canada (Trent U) and one in Oklahoma. Trent University tested a frozen tissue sample provided by Justin and The Oklahoma lab tested both the same frozen sample & the “salted tissue.” What is the salted tissue? It’s a piece salted and given to Wally Hersom in July 2011 (who gave it to me when I insisted we test) that also happens to be from the same piece Melba Ketchum claims is from a bigfoot. The result was black bear with human contamination consistent with Justin (likely from handling). Game over with the Sierra’s tissue as both labs results between two frozen tissues & the salted tissue all match. I cannot speak for any other sample tested. 

In addition, Melba Ketchum refused transparent third party testing to settle the matter and gave ridiculous excuses. She also refused to give the tested sample back to its actual owner Derek Randles. 

There’s a lot more including her manipulating Wally (I warned him for two yrs) by making him believe all his funding was to a non-profit entity resulting in him inevitably having to pay back taxes & penalties. 

I feel her self-published paper speaks for itself. She created a fake journal & there’s no appendixes connected to lab reports. 

I can go on and on as dozens of persons were kept in the loop by me over the years about what was transpiring as it unfolded behind the scenes and I can backup everything I’ve said. Although the Old Sierra site is currently down, both lab reports should be available online and were published by various blogs. 

Ketchum’s work to me is the antithesis of Science…. instead of objectively testing a hypothesis & promoting independent replication for confirmation, Ketchum’s Science is sell the hypothesis publicly preemptively, make the Evidence fit and then conveniently disallow any opportunity for formal replication & confirmation because of lingering conspiracy/cover up fears (her “insulation” with those who obsessively follow her). 

To this day I am 110% convinced I filmed multiple sasquatches in the general vicinity of the purported shootings (Sierra’s thermal & investigation) in 2012 and would’ve given my right arm to have it substantiated somewhat from a previous event (purported shooting) through testing. Truthfully I was never holding my breath even from the minute I got involved because the tissue she was already testing was unlikely to ever be connected with the claim (lack of weathering present), her promises and claims that made little sense like telling everyone the Sierra’s sample was a bigfoot 5 days after receiving it to solicit funds yet the supposed sophisticated confirming Illumina testing came much later? Now we know that confirmation was from mind-speak habituators on the other side of the country. That’s the level of credibility or lack of it we’re talking about here. 

I plan to organize my research into a book one day and will cover all of this as people naturally forget the specifics in time. If you have any questions at all feel free to contact me as I would be happy to clarify any questions. Thank you so much.”

So now we know, friends of CryptoVille – the stark truth about the Melba Ketchum situation. 

On a more positive note, I’m looking forward to Bart’s book! How about you? 

The Last Conundrum

So now we still have to figure out why, in quite a few instances, the government seems to be sticking its nose into these alleged appearances by Bigfoot. In a way, it bothers me. What could they know and/or what are they up to? You’d think another animal in the forest wouldn’t be such a big deal.

Any ideas?

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