Courageous Man Rides Mountainous Ridge

Danny Macaskill

There is something in humanity that makes us push our limits, to strive for the exceptional, the incredible, the unimaginable. It’s what drives a lot of our advancements as a species. Have a look at what this incredible man does. 

I have a section here on CryptoVille called “Human Cryptids” where I highlight people who have done amazing things, at least to me. I’m adding Scotsman Danny Macaskill to this roster. He’s an amazing man, brave, strong, and it seems, fearless. I wonder if he has some Viking blood coursing in his veins.

Enjoy this video, about 7.5 minutes long, wherein Danny rides his bike up, then down, craggy mountains and cliffs on the Isle of Skye. Truly amazing and breathtaking, and an inspiration for the New Year.

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