UFO Burnout: Sick of these Shows

 I’m so sick and tired of the current crop of UFO shows, I can’t stand watching them. Nothing new is reported. Are aliens so darn dull that nothing new or significant has happened in the last 30 years or so? Now we have a new show featuring Josh Gates and his hunt for UFOs – will he be luckier than the rest?

I haven’t posted about UFOs and aliens in a long time here on CryptoVille. And there’s a very good reason why. I have become completely bored with the topic and I suspect I’m not the only one feeling this way.

My problem begins with the unending parade of UFO shows shown on the various Discovery family of channels. What I see over and over and over again is nothing more than rehashing the same old famous cases that we already know about. For example, if I hear one more word about the Rendlesham Forest sighting, I may start screaming. Ditto for the Shag Harbor sightings, the Phoenix lights, the Betty & Barney Hill abduction, the Travis Walton abduction.

Shows like UFO Hunters, Hangar 1, and UFOs: The Lost Evidence bore me senseless. I haven’t seen or heard anything new and certainly nothing present day that leads me to believe that UFO activity is continuing.


Misidentified Phenomenon

Many of the sightings collected by organizations such as MUFON seem to me to be misidentified natural phenomenon. There is so much happening in nature, in and around our planet, and in the skies overhead that science doesn’t quite understand yet. They haven’t put names to these things so people aren’t aware of them.

So when they see unusual lights in the sky or in the forest, or in the water, they immediately assume they’re seeing a UFO (USO if it’s under water.)

In fact, they are more than likely seeing Earth phenomenon doing what comes naturally.

Let’s remember that so much of the UFO reports we hear about happen on or near areas of volcanic and seismic activity. That’s an important clue because where there are tremendous Earth forces at play, there are many weird lights and emissions that everyday people don’t understand and can’t identify.

Adding to the confusion we have our military and those of other countries experimenting with the next generation of aircraft and weaponry. I’m certain some of the misidentified UFO activity is just other humans messing around with the latest round of technology.

Let’s not forget about drones. Now that they have entered the skies all around us, they just add to the confusion about what people are seeing in the skies overhead. Especially at night.

Stephen Hawking’s Opinion

This two-minute video featuring Stephen Hawking explaining his take on UFOs is interesting and definitely worth listening to. In it, he conveys his thoughts, namely that he’s skeptical that advanced races of aliens travel vast tracts of space just to abduct one or two individuals from Earth. He also says that if governments are hiding evidence of extraterrestrial interaction with them, they’ve done that well considering they’re all unable to keep anything else secret which usually results in a scandal in one form or another.


I take his point. However, who among us can truly say that we would understand the thought process of creatures totally unlike us with different values and beliefs. Who knows what they might get up to?

Boston Globe Article

I found a recent article in the Boston Globe written by Linda Rodriguez McRobbie with a very interesting title, Why Alien Abductions are Down Dramatically. It dates to June 2016.

In it, Ms. McRobbie covers the typical explanations for alien abduction phenomenon including sleep paralysis and other physiological/ psychological explanations. Then she covers the amorphous issue of memory and how we perceive our memories and remember them.

In all, it paints a very dim view as to the likelihood that anyone is having any kind of UFO encounter, much less an abduction scenario.

Then the article touched on a very interesting aspect of the UFO phenomenon that suggests peoples’ interest in UFOs and alien abductions has waned. McRobbie wrote,

By the end of the 1990s, the alien abduction bubble had burst. Ratings fell for “The X-Files.” In April 2001, reports (later denied) circulated that the British Flying Saucer Bureau, 1,500 members strong at its peak, was shutting down after a long dry spell of no sightings.

Five months later, two planes crashed into the Twin Towers and no one cared about little green men anymore. “X-Files” director Chris Carter declared that the Internet had undermined belief in UFOs and alien visitation: “The unidentified flying object has been identified, and cannot fly any more. ET has gone home. Skepticism, it seemed, had killed the UFO.”

Author David Clarke (How UFOs Conquered the World) doesn’t agree with that view. He said, “I think there are just as many people who believe that these things happen, but I think that they’ve retreated from public view and they just talk to themselves. In order for you to be a party to that, you need to buy into that reality.”

On the other hand, skeptic Michael Shermer believes that with the proliferation of today’s phone camera technologies, it’s harder for people to perpetrate hoaxes because the eyes of the world are often upon them, especially on social media platforms.

Has Social Media Killed Interest in UFOs

Some pundits believe social media has caused the UFO era to wane due to an overabundance of articles, blogs, and photos of supposed UFO phenomenon that is then shared with the world only to undergo massive amounts of scrutiny.

Not everyone feels that way. Writer Rosemary Ellen Guiley said, “More people are willing to talk about their experiences because media has opened the door, because there has been a lot of media attention on all kinds of experiences, positive and negative …. This is validating, that they can talk about it and not be ridiculed.”

I think it depends where you look because I do see cases where people sharing their photos of strange UFO phenomenon are ridiculed rather badly. But there are also comments from believers and I suppose they boost the morale of the camera-phone snapping investigator.

Still, despite all this, or perhaps because of it, I remain completely bored with the UFO spectacle.

Josh Gates UFO Hunt on Expedition Truth

Then along comes a new episode of Expedition Truth featuring Josh Gates called Hunt for Extraterrestrials. This time Gates will be hunting aliens and UFOs beginning at the legendary heart of the UFO world – Roswell, N.M.

Gates journeys to Roswell to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Roswell incident. Where his investigation leads from there is anybody’s guess. However I will be tuning in for a couple reasons.

First, I really enjoy his sense of humor and his banter with the crew and viewers. Very entertaining. But secondly, and more importantly, he has found some tantalizing evidence in other parts of the world for the existence of the Yeti and other bipedal beasts securely hiding in deep seclusion in tropical forests. I want to see what he finds during this journey. Could Josh be the one bringing us proof positive that these things exist?

I’m skeptical, but I’m really hoping he does!

Will you be tuning in tomorrow night October 4, 2017 at 9 PM EST/ 8 Central?



Stephan Hawking video 2 mins:



  1. All of these shows, be them about UFOs or Bigfoot or Ancient Aliens or ghosts etc. promise a lot and deliver so little. Real news about any of these topics won’t wait to hit the airwaves on a tv show.
    I do enjoy more real world mysteries….the real diggings on Oak Island, River Monsters etc.

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