Bigfoot in Britain: The Henfield Humanoid

Here’s a compelling story from Britain about a possible Bigfoot experience and sighting.  I’m still not convinced that Britain’s landscape can support a group of Bigfoots, but accounts like this one may change my mind. See what you think.

The year was 1990 and a young teen and her best friend were attending a party that took place in a large field near the river Adur in the town of Henfield. Many people attended the party, including the young teen’s parents. Many people used the occasion for an overnight camp-out as well. (Drawing top right by unknown artist.)

The teen and her friend settled down for the night under an awning attached to her friend’s parents’ caravan.  Soon after they heard strange noises nearby. Then some twigs and debris hit the top of the awning. Both girls were very afraid. (Photo of the River Adur, left, by unknown.)

The teen, now grown, recalls, “We then heard an animalistic growling sort of noise and a large thump and sort of squeak. It sounded like a small animal being thrown at the roof and immediately afterwards… I thought of that episode of Blackadder the Third with Amy the female highwayman-type who hates squirrels and shoots one out of a tree and it squeaks as it falls. I even joked and said to my friend, ‘that sounded like a squirrel hitting the roof.’ (Photo below right by Simon Dale.)

“When I looked outside I saw someone/something standing up a tree with its arms above its head. It was a very dark, very broad with a humanoid shape and I could just see one continual colour of darkness, i.e., couldn’t see clothing, no visible eyes or facial features, etc.; just the outline of a broad shouldered human shaped thing up a tree. I am short sighted though so would not have been able to see detail like hair. I just remember it being very dark in colour and it emitted a sort of guttural sound that sounded like ‘wer’ (to rhyme with ‘her.’)

She wondered if someone from the camp was playing a joke on them, but then considered that it didn’t look like a normal person. Even though she was badly frightened, she put her glasses on and peeked out again, but it was gone. Neither girl had heard it leaving. (Artwork above by unknown artist.)

Area Habitat

The following video features Deborah Hatswell reading the woman’s account of her adventure in 1990. She’s a little hard to understand, but what I like about the video is seeing pictures of the area near and around the river Adur, where the incident allegedly occurred.

Ms. Hatswell adds some additional information about other sightings and experiences from the same general area. Ten minutes long.

Is Bigfoot in Britain?

I’m only beginning to read about reported sightings of Bigfoot in Britain. I’m highly skeptical simply because I just don’t see that there is enough wild habitat for a group of Bigfoots to survive and reproduce. But as I go along, I may learn differently. One thing is for sure, I’ll be sharing it here in CryptoVille with you!

So, what do you think about the possibility of Bigfoot living in Britain?





  1. I give it a 0% chance of being true. First, to claim that a giant humanoid creature is wandering Britain is unbelievable. Densely populated, basically tamed landscape for centuries, no credible history of such a being nor is there a suitable habitat for it to remain hidden in and survive.

    • That’s true Jo, and that’s why I’m highly skeptical. But who knows, science often says that animals don’t exist in certain places and the next thing you know, there they are. One of my Facebook fans shared pictures wtih me of a huge bird she saw in the mountains of Northern Alabama. I asked a bird expert at the University of Florida if he could identify the bird. He said it’s clearly a California Condor. I said, I’m having trouble understanding what that’s doing in Alabama. He replied, it shouldn’t be, but there it is.

      So who knows. I know I’ll enjoy reading the stories, anyway. I hope you’ll be back to do the same.

      Thank you, as always, for visiting CryptoVille! … Susan (CryptoVille)

      • Hmm, maybe the large bird sighting was of the legendary “Thunderbird” – or could explain the source of the legend, an occasional wayward condor. 😉 I suppose the large humanoid will be called a relic “Piltdown” man!

  2. Yet another account of a experiance without proff . I must assume the experiance was real but without archological evidence what do we have but ambiguous pictures at best with disputed foot prints maybe. I’ve gotten nothing but more storys in my own efforts to explain my own event. Its as if big foot and humans are smoke and drift across paths occasionally

    • Hi Robert!

      I understand your frustration. That’s why I believe that we need a body to show the world and get to scientists for analysis, otherwise we’re always going to be dealing with “smoke and mirrors.”

      I’d love to hear about your encounter! If you’d like to share it with us, please do.

      Thank you for visiting CryptoVille! … Susan (CryptoVille)

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