Creatures in the Forest

Lovers of cryptozoology and mysteries will likely find these creatures very interesting not to mention spooky. What would happen if Bigfoot encountered one?

I had to share these wonderful creatures with you, not quite living, but remnants of some things that once were. Nagato Iwasaki, recently departed, is the Japanese artist who created these fascinating and at the same time, creepy forms from driftwood he found along the shoreline. (Photo below left.)

In an article for, Iwasaki stated, “When I first started gathering up this drift wood that had been washed up there from all over the world, I was making works like bicycles, desks, and chairs. But, since I had a background in creating sculptures of the human form, I eventually started putting together these pieces of drift wood to create human forms.

“The Torso pieces I create use absolutely no glue or other adhesives. Instead of iron nails I use wooden stakes, so these pieces don’t use any materials other than wood in their creation. I also don’t bend, shave, or otherwise process the wood in any way. Every piece is built to stand on its own without support.

“Each piece of drift wood I use seems to have been destined for use as some part of the human form, as each individual piece comes together to fill the parts of the body naturally. My job is to simply connect those parts together.”

The Figures

Here is a sampling of his driftwood figures:






What do you think about these pieces of art? Would you be startled if you met one in the woods?


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