Killing Bigfoot: Worth Watching?

The cryptozoology world is alight with the latest round of reality show hitting the air, Killing Bigfoot. Yet another reality show to add to the roster of cryptid programs. Should we kill Bigfoot to prove to science it exists? Or should we take a kinder, gentler approach? CryptoVille enters the fray.

Have you heard the controversy swirling around a new show brought to us by Destination America called Killing Bigfoot? (Photo above right courtesy of Destination America.)

You can imagine how it goes. No don’t kill Bigfoot, they’re human beings, or may be! Versus we have a right to protect our homes/family/property from these marauders! Then there are the saner voices saying the scientific community isn’t going to believe these creatures exist until they see dramatic, measurable, quantifiable evidence that they do exist. (Artwork left by unknown artist.)

Given the reluctance of the scientific community to acknowledge even the possibility of these creatures’ existence, it may require a body. I’m so frustrated with scientists for not taking the search seriously, that we may have to dump a body in their lap, so to speak.

But is it likely to happen? Do I think they’re going to bag a Bigfoot? Let’s be serious.

Behind the Show

Killing Bigfoot is produced by Gryphon Productions. They research, write and film entertaining shows about a variety of topics, most to do with the natural world – people, places, and animals. They have produced quite a few shows for the Discovery family of channels, not the least of which is Killing Bigfoot. (Logo right courtesy of Gryphon Productions.)

The important thing to note here is that they are in the business of entertainment.

The Hunters

The show is hosted by members of the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO), led by Jim Lansdale and Bobby Hamilton. They’re based in Texas but do travel to neighboring states to explore reports of Bigfoot encounters.

They are joined by a cast of characters that range from hardcore hunters, ex military, ex law enforcement, and even a nursing student, among others.

We only see their first names, and they are Roger (Bird), Bob (Grumpy), Barry (Bear), Brandi, Michael (Timber), Jake, Don Don, and Ken. (Picture left courtesy of Destination America.)

My first impression of the crew is that they all do seem to be avid hunters and know what they’re doing in the woods, swamps, and bayous where they roam. Jim tells us that he’s been hunting Bigfoot for 25 years.

Are you thinking the same thing as I am? If he’s been hunting Bigfoot for 25 years and hasn’t caught one, how is it going to be any different now?! Moving on …

There is also a recurring antagonist in the mix, a neuro-psychologist who, from the first episode annoys the heck out of me with his scratchy, full throated wailing, “they’re human beings” referring to the Bigfoots. Every story needs an antagonist, right? Killing Bigfoot has Dr. Webb Sentell.

 Will They Kill Bigfoot?

Spoiler Alert: Don’t read on if you want to be surprised. (Photo right by unknown.)

If they shot and killed a Bigfoot, it would be front page news across the country already. There is always a significant delay between when they film these shows and when they’re actually aired.

Do you remember when Tony Lara, the commercial fishing-ship captain on the show Deadliest Catch, died unexpectedly? It was all over the news long before the episode actually aired that discussed the shocking turn of events.

Also, consider this. If they do find and kill a Bigfoot, the show’s over. That goes directly against the grain of the entertainment business.

So I am highly skeptical that they’re going to find anything significant, as per usual with these Bigfoot/Alien/Cryptid shows.

But you know what? I still watch them. Why?

The Interesting Part

I looked at the outline of this series of shows, six episodes in all. They seem interesting solely because of the reports they’re getting from real-life everyday people. Per the first show, I thought their witnesses had some very disturbing encounters with Bigfoots that were very interesting. I also enjoyed seeing the areas where these encounters took place. (Fishing photo above left by unknown.)

The upcoming five episodes also feature some interesting scenarios that people living in remote areas are facing at the hands of these Bigfoots. I want to hear their stories and see where these incidents are allegedly happening.

near the Louisiana-Texas border

If you’re new to CryptoVille then let me say I believe in the existence of these creatures wholeheartedly. But it’s not because people have been able to collect enough definitive evidence that will prove to the scientific community once and for all that these creatures are lurking in the woods in many areas around our country. (Photo right by unknown.)

It’s the accounts from people going about their own lives without a production team trailing them, without cameras recording their every move, yet who have had the most dramatic and frightening encounters with these beasts. They can’t all be wrong. In many cases their body language is compelling enough for me to give them the benefit of the doubt. (Photo left of Texas swamp by unknown.)

So I’ll continue watching to see and hear what the people have to say, and what their encounters have been like. But if they do bag a Bigfoot, no one is going to be more surprised than me!

So what do you think about all this?

(Artwork above center by unknown.)



  1. Cool. I am interested to see if they find one but not keen on the idea of them killing it. Just tranquilize it for cripe’s sake. Yes, I think there are too many eye witness accounts to disregard their existence. Perhaps someday, someone will bring us some proof of these allusive creatures.

  2. Susan, i dont know the ratio for shots taken at derr for a kill but in derp woods it is likly undet 50%. There are so few reports of hunters having a clear shot opportunity also.. Then there have been claims of having da foot in a hunters sight only to have it dissapper instajtly.

    I think before a bigfoot body is had , Elon Musk and Leonard Susskinds simulation theory will better explain the higfoot phenomenon.

  3. That’s interesting, Robert. I never thought of it from an actual hunter’s perspective. I’m going to have to look up the simulation theory.

    Thank you for visiting CryptoVille! … Susan (CryptoVille)

  4. As you all ,I believe a tranquilizer would do, and I agree as well that the only interesting aspect of the killing Bigfoot show are the witnesses, they come off as sincere and very matter of fact. They speak way past the question if they exsist, it’s a given with these folks. But yes capturing or killing one will be on CNN or In the newspapers before any of these shows air. Mountain Monsters which was on Destination a while back is similar to killing Bigfoot in regards to the people in the show, however they seemed to get a little full of themselves by filming idiotic things like a Bigfoot chasing them on a 4 wheeler, unless the cameraman can fly like superman that was so fake I think the producers cancelled the show as it became more and more idiotic, like the young chubby guy being possessed by some supernatural creature. Again we the audience aren’t watching these shows with a low IQ, we are watching in hopes something legit comes from them, did the producers of the shows think we would never consider that the fact a cameraman would have to be granted some weird supernatural diplomatic immunity from any of these supposed creatures in order to get on film what they show? I do find the hunters on Killing Bigfoot as serious but I still will remain reserved when a cameraman is hunting with these guys. The hunters have to display stealth, silence and skill to hope for an encounter, so is every camera guy a ninja? I believe that Bigfoot exsists and the main reason the government won’t admit it is the same time honored
    Reason as always .. money. If the government were to acknowledge their existence, due to not having a good accounting for their population alone would qualify them as endangered species, which in turn would effect one of our biggest sources of income. The logging industry. Because the majority of the sightings and encounters are in areas that are also where the majority of logging supplies come from, they would have to halt or dramatically change the logging industry which in turn affects the national economy and yes I know it sounds stupid , however
    Bigfoot proof hurts wall street.

    • Interesting points, Batman! I wondered why the government would be against revealing their existence, but protecting the logging industry is as good a reason as any.

      Re: Camera men – I think they have to be a special breed. If you’ve ever watched the show River Monsters – I believe those guys must be part ninja. The stuff they’ve gone through to film that show is nothing short of extraordinary. They’re just amazing!

      Re: Mountain Monsters. Hold onto your hat – they’re back this March with a whole new season!! LOL!!

      Thanks for visiting CryptoVille! … Susan (CryptoVille)

      • Mountain monsters is back? That’s a waste of a time slot, I’m sure I’ll see some commercials when they’re season is close to starting, but anything short of a legit capture of something I won’t be watching

    • As for tranquilizers….First off your average joe on the street cant get access to the kind of chemicals required to take down a bigfoot. Because these are controlled substances only people like vets or scientific research groups can get the stuff. Next, darting and tranquilizing any animal is much more than just loading a dart and popping a creature in the rump. First you have carefully choose which type of chemical would be best for your target species. Then there are precise calculations that have to be done that take into consideration the type of animal and its size, before a dart can be loaded. Now, lets say you are a vet and do all the required due diligence and you know how much your target weighs and you go after it. The creature comes into view, you pop it in the butt with the tranquilizer dart. Well, these arent dumb animals. The first thing it will do is turn around, see you, instantly go after you and rip you to shreds before the chemical even starts to take effect. After you are dead, it runs off in the thickest darkest thicket or briar patch known to mankind and proceeds to pass out. How long will it be out? Who knows? Will the dosage you chose even be enough to knock it all the way out? Did you overdose it, which ends up killing the animal? Where is the crew that is required to monitor the creatures vitals while it is unconscious?

      My point being….its easy to say “I think they should tranquilize and capture one instead of kill it.” But the truth of the matter is, there’s much much more that goes into the process than buying some chemicals and darts at bass pro shops and buying the special $1200 rifle and scope needed to make the shot. To actually effectively tranquilize one, first (or even fifth) try, would be miraculous at best. Most likely, you will either fail to knock it out, or kill it either from overdose, or from poor monitoring care while it is unconscious. Do you have 4 or 5 huge men with you? For thats what it will take to roll the thing over if its airway is constricted when it fell awkwardly. Have I made my point yet? Darting one simply wont work.

      As for the reasons the government doesnt want sasquatch to be accepted as a living breathing animal, it goes way way way beyond the obvious logging issue. The logging issue is huge tho. Not only would it effect logging, but it will effect the home building industry, truckers, real estate people, developers and those wanting to buy a new home, not to even mention the millions of Americans that work in the offshoot industries directly tied to and dependant on continuous home building.

      Next is the paper industry. Whoa…thats a huge economy within itself. Everything involves paper. Ever wiped your butt with a tshirt?

      Then comes the national parks. State and federal governments derive jillions off fees and such from people hunting and fishing and hiking and camping and boating. That money would be effected, because the millions of vacationing people out there will likely avoid going into the jaws of danger once it becomes common knowledge what lurks in the woods.

      What about all the industries and products connected to all the sports going on in these parks. Hunting, fishing, camping, etc would be taking a hit, both in dollars and jobs.

      Imagine the uproar that would be caused once the thousands of families out there who have had dads and moms and kids and other family members up and disappear in state and national parks without a trace over the past 50 yrs. I foresee lotsa lawsuits and congressional hearings occurring once folks put 2 and 2 together and realize that the dept of interior has been spearheading a coverup the magnitude of which we’ve ever seen before.

      So if the state and national parks go empty, guess who else hurts? Every small community bordering these parks. Income from gas, groceries, hotels, restaurants, clothing, rv parts, sporting goods…all will pretty much dry up once the billions spent in these communities goes away.

      Lastly, if that wasnt enough, everywhere there is an established bigfoot population will require monitoring and mgmt and research by state and federal agencies. It will require tens of millions just to pay the salaries and and infrastructure needed to deal with the discovery of a new hominid closely related to homo sapiens. You think woodpeckers and owls get a lot of attn? Just wait til ya see the hoopla the discovery of a new species closely related to mankind causes.

      Im sure I left out some stuff, but suffice it to say, the reasons the government doesnt want bigfoot recognized and classified as a living breathing creature are many, and compelling. Some even postulate that its discovery and official classification could possibly lead to the total collapse of the economy of the USA.

      If you really start to think hard about what all COULD happen once discovery occurs….it might just be best that bigfoot, at least for now, remains a myth. The government is putting a lot of effort into keeping this deal hush hush. They arent being this way for a namby pamby silly reason. They’ve obviously put more research into this deal than I have and clearly anticipate that bad bad things can and likely will happen if bigfoot stops being mere myth.

      • Thank you for the reply, I didn’t realize how ignorant I was on the subject of tranquilizers thank you for the education sincerely . Also I mentioned the logging industry with the thinking of all the things tied to that such as the paper issue wiping your butt with a T-shirt etc. but you provided a lot more detailed and reasonable information as to why the government does keep this issue private ,you provided a lot of food for thought and that’s something I genuinely enjoy reading and learning, not many people educate me on things that I’m interested in but your reply did, so I sincerely thank you for that as well it’s not often that someone such as yourself provides a response with such excellent reasonable and intelligent information,again thank you I hope to hear from you again on any other subjects that may come up
        That we share a common interest in.

  5. What are the antagonist’s exact words, in that fakey town hall meeting in the promo? I’ve played it over and over, to no avail: “It’s killin’ HUman BEings, you ____!!” Is it “you mudflap? “

    • He says, “You must know …” and gets cut off mid sentence. I think he was going to say “You must know that!”

      Thank you for visiting CryptoVille, Lesha! … Susan (CryptoVille)

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