Science Finds the Star of Bethlehem  

One of Christmas’ most perplexing conundrums revolves around the Star of Bethlehem. For millennia people have wondered what it must have been like.  Lo and behold! Now an astrophysicist from the University of Notre Dame believes he has the answer.

I shared this story with you a few years ago (see link in the References section below) based on research done by lawyer Frederick A. Larson. His journey of discovery is fascinating in and of itself, but what he discovered was awe inspiring.

Now we have new research done by Grant Mathews, professor of theoretical astrophysics and cosmology at University of Notre Dame’s College of Science. Professor Mathews said he has always wondered about the nature of the Star of Bethlehem and what it could have been.

So he set out to study historical, astronomical, and biblical records to try and figure out what the Magi saw in the sky way back in 6 B. C.  What he found correlates very closely to the original findings of Frederick Larson.

What They Found

Both men found an incredibly rare planetary alignment that occurred right around the time of Jesus’ birth, according to historical and biblical records. And the way the planets aligned fitted right into an extremely apt symbol that the Magi understood only too well.

Mathews said, “The Magi would have seen this [alignment] in the east and recognized that it symbolized a regal birth in Judea.” That’s because the alignment of the planets occurred in the constellation Aries which symbolized a new-born ruler in Judea.

The story of this alignment and how it was discovered is truly amazing. I highly recommend you pop over and read the other article I mentioned before, in the References section. There is more to the story of the Magi, their pilgrimage to Judea, and the meaning behind everything they found in the sky.

How Rare Was It

Could this alignment ever occur again? Mathews claims the alignment won’t happen again for another 16,000 years, and then it will be in the wrong constellation. Mathews continued to run his calculations, via software, 500,000 years into the future and never saw the alignment again.

That’s a pretty rare alignment, and pretty convenient that it occurred at a time when Magi were studying the sky so carefully for signs and symbols of great events.

Mathews added, “I feel a kindred connection to these ancient Magi who earnestly scanned the heavens for insight into the truth about the nature and evolution of the universe, just as we do today.”

But it was more than the truth about nature and “evolution” (which wasn’t even conceived of back in that time) that the Magi were seeking. They were Jews and they were looking for a sign that the long awaited Messiah had come.

Many of us believe they found the sign, and later found the Messiah.  But no matter how you look at it, this rare planetary alignment must have been a wonder to see, and a wonder to think about, no matter what you believe(d).

It’s a perfect Christmas mystery!

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