Doggie Cam Bigfoot Sighting

DogCameraCryptozoology hoaxers keep churning out the fake videos, but this one is pretty good. How do Bigfoot lovers know this is a hoax? Let’s investigate!

I saw the following video today on a techie website belonging to Kim Komando (  She took a lighthearted approach to it, but I wanted to comment on it before people got too excited about it.

First up, here’s the video (a minute and a half):


Some Good

I love the idea of putting a camera on a dog when you’re out in the woods. From their level you get a different perspective and that’s interesting. (Even better if it’s a night vision camera for after-hours walks.)

Some Bad

But the problem is, dogs react fearfully in the presence of Bigfoots. We’ve heard this from witness accounts all over the country. The dog in this video looks like s/he is enjoying a nice stroll through the woods, afraid of nothing.

I’m sure its master is either the one in the Bigfoot costume or walking behind the animal. And the dog must know who’s inside the costume because it’s not even paying any attention to it.

The costume is pretty good looking, but we see it from a little distance, turned to the side and walking away from us.

Note how the dog is distracted at just the right time to turn its head thereby affording us a good view of the purported Bigfoot. And to me, it looks like the Bigfoot only started walking away when the dog turned its head – watch that moment carefully.  It’s as though the Bigfoot was waiting for its cue.

So I’m certain this video was carefully planned and executed. Clever, but not real.


Would you be willing to attach a camera to your dog?


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