Massive Unknown Creature Near Antarctica – Kraken or Crackpot?

kraken_by_mabuart-d33tchkGoogle Earth apparently caught an image of something being touted as the Kraken, or legendary sea monster. Others speculate it’s a UFO. Is it a Kraken, or another crackpot hoax? CryptoVille investigates!

A friend shared this video with me so I dutifully reviewed it, half hoping this was a legitimate addition to the cryptozoology family, and half seriously doubting it. (Artwork right by mabuart on Deviant.)

Here’s that video (about a minute and a half):

Some claim it measures 120 meters in length (96 yards) and that its “head” measures nearly 23 meters (25 yards). This despite the fact that this object in no way shape or form resembles a living creature, at least the type that populate our earth.

It’s also too irregular and amorphous to be a craft of any kind, so I’m throwing out any UFO theory attached to it.

NewLand01Mother Nature

It’s most likely something already existing in nature and somebody finally found it. Or it could be the result of a new underwater volcanic eruption. We know these happen often around the entire globe.

Within the last year there was a documented report of a pleasure boat crossing what looked like a field of pumice in the water (photo left). As they got further away, they witnessed a new plot of land being thrust up out of the water. That’s when they realized that only moments before they were sailing over a live underwater volcano!! I believe that was in the Pacific ocean.

So this example could be something similar.

Either way, I’m satisfied this isn’t a kraken nor any other kind of cryptozoology puzzle.

behind-the-curtainCheck Behind the Curtain

I checked into who was behind the YouTube channel hosting the video, wowforreeel. He states upfront that his channel is not a “serious” UFO channel, and goes on to say, “you are supposed to have FUN here.”

So he’s honest and upfront about his intentions, but if you don’t look behind the curtain, you could be fooled into thinking something is legitimate that actually isn’t.

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