Robo Falcon Combats Drones: Are UFOs Next? 11-31

RoboFalcon02AlexanderEuleDrones are a nuisance to many people and can mislead UFO hunters, especially at night. Authorities say drones quickly became tools of mischief that complicate security measures at major events. Enter Robo Falcon, a cryptozoological wonder!

A couple years ago associate professor of mechanical engineering at Michigan Technological University, Mo Rastgaar was watching World Cup soccer. The coverage mentioned there were snipers in the crowd to handle any nuisance drones that may appear. (Photo above right by Alexander Eule.)

His first thought was that shooting down a drone that may contain explosives isn’t a good idea in a big crowd. He decided it would be safer to catch the drone in flight and take it away to a safety zone for examination or detonation.

So began the quest to create a super drone based on techniques used in falconry. Rastgaar worked with his team, research engineer  Evandro Ficanha, PHD student Guilherme Ribeiro, and Mechanical Engineering graduates Ruiyu Kang and Dean Keithly.

RoboFalcon01MichTechUnivHow it Works

They created a large drone to which is attached a launcher (see photo left, courtesy of Michigan Technological University). When activated, the launcher jettisons a very large net towards the target. The researchers feel because of the size of the net, they can catch any drone regardless of how maneuverable and fast it is.

Once caught the net swings down and the falcon-like drone carries it back to a safety zone for inspection.

In an article for, Rastgaar said, “What makes this unique is that the net is attached to our catcher, so you can retrieve the rogue drone or drop it in a designated, secure area. It’s like robotic falconry.”

RoboFalconMo-RastgaarRastgaar (photo right) and Ficanha already filed for a patent on this invention, seeing it as a great way to foil the nefarious plans of spy drones, smugglers, and terrorists.  Rastgaar adds, “The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has just announced that drones must be registered, and we think the catcher could help enforce the law by catching unregistered drones.”

UFOs Next?

Talk about thinking outside the box, I just LOVE how Rastgaar used the art of falconry to create a solution for these nuisance drones buzzing around the country these days.

Trawler crane catching a UFO
Trawler crane catching a UFO

It got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be great if we could come up with something like this to catch UFOs?  I know that involves a lot more complicated parameters and all, but wouldn’t that be awesome? Aliens, with all their advanced technology, caught up like a fish in a net?

Boy oh boy would I love to see that!

What do you think about Robo Falcon and what it could mean for the hunt for UFOs?







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