Alien Contact Above and Below: Is this for Real? 1 -31

UFOEvilAlienCryptoVille reviews a video that claims to have real proof that aliens and UFOs exist.  But can we believe everything we see? Let’s try to decipher this short film!

I’ve challenged myself this New Year because I want to ring it in right  – in a BIG way! I’m going to try and post 31 posts in the 31 days of January! I’m calling it 31 in 31. I hope you enjoy it! Here’s 1/31 …

A dear friend shared this YouTube video with me and I think it’s supposed to be a show since it’s thirty minutes long. I reviewed it diligently for her sake, although I started out a bit skeptical.

Here’s the video if you’d like to watch it first yourself:

My Thoughts

I’ll give you my thoughts on this production based on the time stamps (T/S). That way if you want to skip around, you can, without having to watch the entire video yourself.

BagEmT/S 0:22-1/30  What we see is a selection of similar images. The images show a pinpoint of light in the center surrounded by a vaporous white gauze – aka, a cloud. In some cases they could be clouds, in other cases they are probably camera reflections. One thing to consider, when shooting twilight photos, objects high in the sky can still be touched by the sun even if we can’t see it on Earth, due to the roundness of our planet. Some could be sun reflections. Then there’s the possibility they were all digitally enhanced (aka, Photoshopped).  So these photos prove nothing to me.

T/S 1:30 – 2:02   Next, the “film” cuts to a Russian news broadcast. It shows Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in what appears to be a British broadcast. I say that because the narrator has a British accent. Anyway, Mr. Medvedev IS the current Prime Minister of Russia, who is known to have a good, but subtle, sense of humor. His comments about the aliens visiting and possibly staying in Russia were a joke. He then refers people to the Men in Black movies for details. Those movies are fiction. So is the joke made by the Prime Minister. So we can junk that “proof.” (See the HuffPuff article in my references section below.)

CirclesT/S 2:02 – 3:42 The following segment shows four dots of light in the night sky. People speaking Spanish are heard in the background. A fifth pinpoint of light flares to the side of the others for a bit. The cameraman zooms in and out on the image a few times.  Who knows what this is. There is absolutely no way to tell, but I will say this – it’s not so special or fantastic that it is outside the realm of having been created by humans. I put this segment in the same category as the “Blobsquatch” photos that plague the internet.

T/S 3:43 – 6:42 The fourth segment seems to have been filmed in London – but I’m guessing here. We see some people on the street level then the camera pans straight upwards just as several white dots race across the sky and out of sight. Meteors? Photoshopped? How did the cameraman know to look straight up at the right moment?

One dot seems to linger and move back and forth – just like the camera motion. It’s most likely a reflection inside the camera messing up the scene. Or another Photoshopped element.  Other people start to look up, at least one pointing his cell phone camera, so other people stop to look at whatever they see. That would be a great big NOTHING, folks. Move along.

GothUFOWe then see a view of the beautiful London Bridge showing the same lights in the sky.  Note how the first ferry suddenly disappears as it goes under the bridge. That’s because the film was edited and in the crypto world, that’s a HUGE red flag.  Interesting note: London Bridge is no longer located across the River Thames. It’s in Lake Havasu City in Arizona, US. It was reconstructed there in 1971 so the film of the bridge on the Thames must date before 1971. In which case this is old news, and those lights in the sky look too much like meteoric pieces for me to be excited about them.

T/S 6:43 – 7:18  Two more nondescript lights appear over a wintry scene somewhere. These two look like ball lightning to me, the kind you see near volcanic and earthquake activity. As we don’t know where this was filmed, we can’t even begin to guess. It’s just another lackluster piece of “evidence.”

T/S 7:19 – 8:50  Now this segment was interesting. Again we have the problem of the setting sun still shining up in the sky even though it’s gone from the Earth’s surface in that area. So the sun is illuminating whatever those things are. They don’t look like airplanes because they hover too long. What about satellites? They seem to move slowly as they go away from you – it’s some kind of optical illusion. But then the one “winks out” and disappears, and another one suddenly shoots off quickly out of sight. I don’t know what they are, but will it prove to skeptics that ETs are here once and for all? No. So I have to move on.

GravityT/S 8:50 – 11:02  From 6.06.2012 near Chelmsford, London, England. Very helpful to have a date and location! Interesting if not downright pretty light display way up in the sky. We can tell nothing from it. I file it under strange and interesting but proof of nothing. It could just have easily been Photoshopped.

T/S 11:03 – 11:31 Night Crawlers part II, just like we saw on that episode of Fact or Faked. I don’t know what those things are or if they’re even real. But I have to ask, how was that camera conveniently located there to film them? Why was it there? Those questions make me suspicious. To learn more about Night Crawlers, see my article link in the reference section below.

IssuesT/S 11:32 – 11:54 We see a woman walking towards a camera filming the scene. It’s nighttime and it looks like they’re filming in that night vision mode where everything looks green. Behind her we see  “something” gauzy/filmy in the woods that is so obviously holding a big flashlight at face-level, that there is no way I’m going to believe this is anything but a hoax. Moving on …

T/S 11:55 – 12:32  More pin points of obscure lights, this time seen over an apartment or office building.  Why were they filming the building, and the way they panned up to see the lights seemed like they knew where the lights would be.  More useless “evidence.”

RendleshamT/S 12:33 – 12:53  Back in the woods, and this time we see a very small gray alien, the classic portrait of one. It looks like a marionette especially because it glides so smoothly as it turns and “disappears” behind a shrub. Why didn’t they follow it to get more footage? Probably because this is a great big hoax.  Kudos to them for adding the helicopter sound effects (like military helicopters were following the alien).

T/S 12:54 – 13:10 Next, a news report featuring Jim Castillo in Long Beach, CA. The weatherman points to a photo behind him showing three tiny points of light. He makes a comment that he hopes they are planes and not something … else.  How about something from the nearby military bases? For a complete list see the yellow pages link in the reference section below.

SETIT/S  13:11 – 13:26 The next view is of a sighting from Russia on January 16, 2013. It’s an interesting shape, I don’t know what it is. But the possibility remains it could have been Photoshopped.

T/S 13:17 – 30:02 Then we see a snowy parking lot lit by parking lights, from Norway, I think. The following segment is dated February 19, 2013 in Norway. The second light looks like a golden pea inside a bright aura. Actually it looks like a fried egg, now that I come to think about it. Anyway, it could be a meteor, there’s just no telling from that distance unless you have some scientific data to back it up.  Neither of these lights are going to prove anything to anybody.

T/S 30:03 – 14:30 From December 30, 2012 in Spain, more tiny points of light way up in the dark night sky. Satellites?  The next section shows what appears to be clouds below, so someone must have been in a plane filming a distant white … point of light!  Even in a plane we’re not getting any good definition or anything even remotely “close up.”

Too LowT/S 14:32 – 15:12 Dated November 21, 2012 from Israel. Now this light in the sky is actually saucer shaped. It’s quite colorful. Maybe it is an alien craft. Still not close enough to really be able to tell.

T/S 15:13 – 15:27 I think this one looks man-made, or is Photoshopped. If it is an alien craft, someone better get out the nuclear bombs!!

T/S 15:28 – 16:12  Is the camera shaking that badly or the supposed craft? Something is darting around preventing anyone from getting a good look at the tiny light in the sky.

T/S 16:13 – 17:14  From Escondido, CA on May 1, 2012.  Interesting at first, but then they start to behave like flares dropping. I don’t see any ET evidence here.

TranslationT/S 17:15 – 17:35 From February 28, 2013 in United Arab Emirates.  Looks like something flying in formation, a very human phenomenon. Impossible to tell from that distance.

T/S 17:36 – 18:49 December 10, 2012 who knows where. This shows an interesting formation. It looks like 3 big bright lights stacked atop each other. I think it’s over water. As they turn you see each light is actually 3 lights tightly together. This reminds me of another episode of Fact or Faked where someone sees a HUGE light, nearby over the harbor fairly frequently. After much testing and searching, they discovered it was the lights from a commercial shrimping boat as it came to its dock on the nights when it had been out fishing. The dock was right across from the homeowner’s property. I’m wondering if this isn’t something similar.

T/S 18:50 – 20:06 More obscure lights in the sky. No way to tell what they are from that distance. It would help to know where they are and when so we could check for volcanic/earthquake activity or the presence of military bases nearby. Who knows, but I’m not very impressed.

UFO CARTOON 01T/S 20:07 – 22:16  The blob of light reflecting the setting or rising sun. Hear the highway in the background? I think it’s a police helicopter staying as stationary as they can monitoring something or the rush hour traffic. I see them all the time.

T/S 22:17 – 24:36  First we see a dim streak of light in the night sky. The camera pans back and there is a huge, bright parking lot light that seems to be flaring itself and forming … a streak of light above and below it. This has to be a camera trick or something that a camera specialist could explain.

Next we see green streaks of light in the night sky. Could they be the newly discovered sprites, a term coined by scientists for huge lighting streaks that stretch above our planet into space? Could they be part of the aurora?  I don’t think either streaks are caused by aliens.

UFOKittyT/S 24:37 – 26:05 Barb Smith of ABC4 News in American Fork, UT. They see two red lights in the night sky which could be one craft, or maybe its two. At one point they seem to drop what looks like flares to me. Could it be a new military craft that they’re testing? There are at least 8 military bases in the area. See the list in my reference section below.

T/S 26:06 – 26:46  From March 13, 2013 in Australia.  This is an interesting one. At one point it looks like a triangle shaped craft, but then at other times, it looks like just 3 points of light moving around. It’s over a city which we see in the background. I don’t know what it is, but if it’s used as evidence of ETs, I consider it poor evidence. (Don’t feel bad, I’m just as hard on Bigfoot sightings/photos.)

UranusT/S 26:47 – 27:24  We see a mostly stationary large white light in the night sky – until the camera pans away and reveals a city with a fireworks display under way. I’m going to guess it’s a news or police helicopter covering the festivities.

T/S 27:25 – 28:12 Fox news report covering  a NASA update. They say NASA clears the shuttle Atlantis for a Thursday landing. Apparently there had been some concern about some white dots that were appearing on their screens. They deemed them harmless and let the shuttle land. But they admitted they didn’t know what the white dots were. Clearly not space ships or they would have gotten in the way! Let’s remember science is always learning. We still don’t know everything about our planet, its electromagnetic fields, and what happens on the outer edges of our atmosphere.

BelieveT/S 28:13 – 28:28  Back in the woods again, this time the white dots of lights are the eyes of some sweet deer grazing in the meadow. We see some red eyes in the first shot lurking in the background. Bigfoot’s eyes reflect red at night – I’d be more inclined to think it was one of them, especially as their favorite prey is deer! Next shot we see a deer turning to look back into a void where we see the suggestion of … an alien.  Photoshopped.

T/S 28:29 – 30:03  The film finishes with an assortment of alien photos which look bogus to me. The one at 29:14 was definitely prove to be a hoax a while back. I love the one down at the end of a tunnel. It looks more like a Bigfoot than an alien. Why didn’t they chase it?

 Last Straw

disclosure_freeI wondered who created this film and saw that it was a group or person known as “Suspect Sky” on YouTube. I tried to find out more about them in their About section, but they say nothing about themselves, posting only a quote from J. Edgar Hoover. Below that, they have a very interesting line:

For business inquiries: View Email Address

The link didn’t work for me (probably because of my security software), but I think what that means is they are available for hire to make whatever you want to say into a short film.

They’re entitled to do this, of course, but what it means for me is that I don’t believe anything they produce is about real phenomenon.



So let’s start the New Year with a lot of enthusiasm, but also a lot of caution. We all want to get to the Truth about these matters, but it’s going to take time, discretion, and patience.

See you tomorrow for 2/31!

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