Bigfoot DNA Results – Will Scientists Vindicate Dr Melba Ketchum’s Results?

BigfootDNA03New evidence is supposedly in the works confirming that Dr Melba Ketchum’s original analysis of some Bigfoot DNA samples was correct. It is time to jump for joy or do we need to put the brakes on this “latest news” concerning Sasquatch?  CryptoVille weighs in.

If you read my Bigfoot articles at all, you’ll know I already believe that Bigfoot exists, and in several iterations around the world.  What we’re all longing for is some definite DNA proof that we can take to the scientific community at large and prove to them that these creatures exist.

Just this month Dr. Ketchum appeared on Coast to Coast with host George Noory and spoke about some other Bigfoot DNA research that is currently happening which she feels will vindicate her findings from a few years ago. You can watch the video yourself , it’s just under 6 minutes.

Cloak and Dagger

What I noticed about this exchange was how little information Melba Ketchum was able to share. It seems other people are doing DNA research but she wouldn’t ask them on what due to ethical considerations.  ???  She has no idea if/when their test results are going to be shared with the world. But she is sure she’s going to be vindicated.

BigfootDNA02This exchange with George Noory left me with the impression that the world of Bigfoot DNA is all cloak and dagger. Scientists hiding information from each other, not writing serious scientific papers on their research (which they normally do), and leaving us all in the dark, trying to guess what’s going on.

Something isn’t right about all this.

My Conclusion

As it stands, this “revelation” by Melba Ketchum is simply smoke and mirrors. We’ve learned nothing. How disappointing!

BigfootDNA01If and when the scientific community sequences real Bigfoot DNA and gets new and exciting results, they will almost certainly announce it to the scientific community at large AND to national news outlets. There will be no doubt that science has embraced a new species when it happens.

If you read about it first on a blog, or see it in a YouTube video, there is almost certainly nothing to it.  Real scientists know how to disseminate their findings, and proving that Bigfoot exists would be a humdinger of a finding. They will know how to get the news out to the world. Then after that the blogosphere and Twitterverse can take that ball and run with it.

I strongly recommend you read the second and third reference articles below; they’re short.

In CryptoVille we are not into character assassination, but there are some important things to know about the background of this case.


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  1. Maybe they don’t want us to confirm their DNA. This could send in all sort of persons into the woods. I think the people that know they exist already have the evidence they need. They hear the calling and are responding. I wouldn’t wait on bated breath for these studies. I have enough proof.

    • I’ve heard that theory before. Well, like you I believe because of all the witness testimonies, some of which are excellent. They can’t all be wrong.

      Thanks for visiting CryptoVille! … Susan (CryptoVille)

  2. The new DNA results that Dr. Ketchum can’t talk about, may be from a very credible source! Apparently David Paulides has been working for the last 5 years on a Bigfoot DNA project, independent from the Genome Project. This information was released just last month-(Jan 2016) “Former lawman turned investigative journalist, David Paulides, detailed a potential breakthrough in Bigfoot DNA research. He explained that, as a result of a five year study, his colleague has been able to “unlock a method to get to the DNA itself and how to test for it” within possible Bigfoot hair samples. As a result of this development, Paulides said, the findings indicate that Bigfoot is a “very unique homo sapien” species and that part of the DNA is “nowhere in the billions of documented DNA ever seen.” He stressed that this testing has eliminated the possibility that Bigfoot are either Neanderthals or large primates and actually reveals that they are “thinking, breathing, intellectual people that are quite different” from humans. Indeed this new breakthrough does indicate that Dr Ketchum was right all along. I wonder what mainstream science will fabricate this time to discredit the newest DNA results. I’ll be watching this as it unfolds!

    • I’d feel more excited about this research if David Paulides was a trained scientist. In order to get the entire scientific community to finally acknowledge the existence of Bigfoot, the evidence has to be absolute. I wish them luck, and as with all things, time will tell.

      Thanks for visiting CryptoVille! … Susan (CryptoVille)

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