South Carolina Lizard Man – New Photos

LizardMan05The crypto world has awakened from a lazy summer haze with the appearance of the Lizard Man of Lee’s County, SC. Two people claim to have taken photos of the creature and reported them to the local news station. CryptoVille investigates the twists and turns of this mysterious sighting.

According to FOX Carolina in an August 3, 2015 report, two people have reported seeing and photographing the Lizard Man, a creature famous throughout Lee County, SC. The reporter, Jeremy Turnage, doesn’t seemed too impressed with the photos, but I was still excited to see what I could deduce from the photos. (Artwork above right from the game Castlevania.)

Alas and alack, I was disappointed. Let’s set the stage.

The station first received emailed photos of the creature from Jim Wilson who was quoted as saying, “It was a tall, dark figure that had a tail and appeared to have scales. It was almost like an alligator with a short nose and long legs. I pulled over, walked down the side of the bridge and took these photos.”

He then said the creature ran across a bridge. Jim’s friend told him it was probably a pet lizard, but his girlfriend thinks it was the lizard man.

Jim’s Photos

In this photo you see a dark figure to the far right, way in the background. It looks about average height for a man, and about as big. But the creature is so far off that for all I know, it could be a Bigfoot as easily as the Lizard Man.


Next shot:  Another long distance photo and we’re able to see an arm and shoulder and the top of the head. At this point, it looks like a statue to me.


Third shot: It’s too far away to get any helpful detail from it. The more I look at it, the more it looks like a statue to me that has been posed in several positions. The figure seems stiff and if I’m not mistaken the legs remain in pretty much the same position no matter how it’s turned.


Did Jim use a camera? Or his cell phone? If he had a camera, why didn’t he zoom in on the creature? Possibly because he already knew that creature wasn’t real?

Now look at the video. I couldn’t see much of anything in it, either, but if you look to the right, way down at the end of the water,  you can see a dark figure. Barely.
FOX Carolina 21


Sarah’s Photo

Then we have the second witness named Sarah who apparently didn’t want her last name used. I’m already suspicious.

Here’s her photo:



Now I ask you, is there any way that thing could look real? Look at how lifeless the eyes are! It looks like it should be moving but there is no blur or fuzziness to indicate motion.

Ugh. I think this was definitely a hoax. But why? And why now?

Bishopville, SC

I had a hunch. Someone wanted to draw attention to the area of Bishopville, SC. But why? I found out some interesting facts.

According to Sperling’s website, the median household income in the area is $16,103. Isn’t that below poverty level? Then this, 46.58% of the population makes less than $15,000 a year.  Their sales tax is 8.0% and their state income tax is 7.0%! Compare that to the national average of 6.0% sales tax and 4.72% state income tax. The people in that area are poor and overtaxed.

What I think IS clear in this story is that these people need better paying jobs and lots of them.

So what does this have to do with the Lizard Man? Stirring up attention about this cryptid creature could easily draw in lots of tourists with money to spend. Just what an impoverished area needs.

LizardManShirtI tried to find out who Jim Wilson is. I only found one Jim Wilson in that area and guess what? He’s on the local Chamber of Commerce. He works with other business people trying to create economic opportunities for themselves and the entire areas they serve.

This may not be the same Jim Wilson quoted in the article, but I found out another tantalizing clue. There is a James Wilson who runs a program trying to get jobs for people coming out of jail. The idea is to get them gainfully employed and help them give-up lives of crime.

But in this economy where huge numbers of people are suffering unemployment, how much less likely is there to be a quick job growth spurt in little Bishopville, SC?

Get Searching

What I hope happens is that every cryptozoology TV program gets their crews down there and starts looking for this thing! There is a long history of sightings in the area and you know what they say – where there’s smoke, there’s fire!

I think this latest series of photos we’ve just seen are 100% hoaxes, spawned by a desperate attempt to prop up the economy in that impoverished area.

But look at the swampy area in the photos and the video. Something may be lurking out there and wouldn’t  it be fun to see what the TV programs are able to find?

What do you think about all this?



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