Remember the Night Crawler from the Fact or Faked Show?

NightCrawler01Video analyst and debunker Phil Poling, known through his channel on YouTube, ParaBreakdown, thinks he has solved the mysterious case of the Night Crawler seen on the TV show Fact or Faked. Does his analysis pass the test? Or could there still be more to this story than meets the eye?

I was a big fan of the TV show Fact or Faked because I appreciated the fact they tried to get to the bottom of some mysterious video phenomena. Many times they were able to debunk things, and other times, they were unsuccessful. But at least they tried. (Photo above right taken from their video, with an added arrow.)

Unsolved Mystery

The case of the Night Crawler of Fresno, CA was one of the unsolved mysteries. When you watch the video, it shows two bizarre figures that seem to be walking on stilts through a man’s yard late one night. His dogs would go crazy around the same time each night so he put up security cameras to try and record what was happening in his yard.

NightCrawler02The video we saw on Fact or Faked was from that security camera which also means it was poor quality, very grainy, and poorly lit (See part of that segment left). Still, my first thought upon seeing it was that this video shows the stupidest hoax I’d seen in a long time and I was astonished when the team chose that video as one of the two they were going to investigate. I would have left it on the cutting room floor.

Their efforts were interesting but I remember being most impressed with the interview they did with the homeowner. He only spoke Spanish so Jael de Pardo was able to fill in as translator. I thought the man’s body language and facial expressions were telling – he genuinely seemed afraid by these nightly occurrences.

It could be that someone was hoaxing him and he just didn’t know it. But it sure was strange. Honestly, my crypto-loving little brain has been mulling over this episode of Fact or Faked ever since. I was even thinking of doing some research to see if there had been anymore sightings of these dopey stilted creatures anywhere else.

ParaBreakdown’s Opinion

PhilPolingThen along comes Phil Poling (photo right) and his analysis on ParaBreakdown.  Phil seems to be an expert in video analysis and I always appreciate that in his reviews on any cryptozoological topic. He explains why the video quality is such a mess – if you can believe it was actually made worse by some well-intentioned individuals.

Phil set about imitating the creature in the film in his own backyard. The truth is, he did a pretty good job. It’s not exactly like we saw in the original video, but it’s pretty close.

Here’s that 8 minute video:

One commentator below his video mentioned that he hadn’t accounted for shadows and things that were found in the original video. I think more to the point was the fact he got the look of and the action of the “Nightcrawler” pretty accurately.

Another ParaBreakdown commentator said that just because he (Phil) could reproduce what was shown in the video doesn’t mean that the entity isn’t real. I guess that’s true to a certain extent. I would believe it more if we were looking at a strange Bigfoot video because in my mind there is so much evidence pointing to the fact that this creature actually does exist. So if someone makes a lousy video of one it certainly doesn’t mean that Bigfoot isn’t real – at least in my opinion.

However, there aren’t that many Nightcrawler videos or stories, to my knowledge. The fact that this thing just looks so unreal probably points to the fact that it is not.

So what do you think about the “Nightcrawler” and Phil Poling’s analysis? Do you believe?


The photo below shows a sculpture in wood purportedly showing a Nightcrawler. However, no one knows where these statues stand. There are several of them.

Do you know where these things are? Please share below if you do (or email me).





  1. Interesting analysis. Could be true. Could not be. I always tend to believe the most simplest solution. Yours could be…..

    • Hi George! Yes, it does seem to be the best explanation that’s possible, at least for now; I wish we had a better one.

      Thank you for visiting CryptoVille! … Susan (CryptoVille)

      • I have been looking for a intelligent site that has lots of interesting stories w/o all the B.S. that is found on the internet. I will be a regular reader. Being a member of MUFON, I get tired of all the stupid stories people come up with to bring attention to themselves. Keep up the good work!

  2. Pants of continuous single fabric sheet Pulled up over head. Loose to give shadow and resemblance the middle is higher than actually is. Then walk backwards. No stilts

    • Hmm, that’s an interesting theory, HRC! I wish someone could re-enact it on video so we could all see how that would look.

      Thank you for visiting CryptoVille! … Susan (CryptoVille)

  3. Did anyone actually find the locations of the statues? Also, wasn’t there some huge drawing that could only be seen from the air that resembled a nightcrawler. It seems a lot of stuff came out after the footage. I don’t think there is even any evidence of native indians knowing anything about this crearure.

    • Hi Jay! So far no one has responded saying they know where those statues stand. That’s disappointing considering how many people visit CryptoVille.

      I don’t recall seeing a report about a nightcrawler dug into the Earth that can only be seen by air.

      I really don’t know what these things are, IF they are actually things. It’s mystery and it’s a good one. 🙂

      Thank you for visiting CryptoVille! … Susan (CryptoVille)

  4. I have had an experience with a Nightcrawler myself. I don’t have any proof though so I understand if no one believes me. The only difference in what I saw and what’s in the video is that what I saw was taller. Other than that they are completely the same. My boyfriend showed me the videos of the Nightcrawlers after I told him about my experience and I believe these videos are not fake.

    • This is fascinating, Rosie! Where did you see them – mountains, desert, in your town? When did you see it – years ago, recently? Do you remember the year? Were you alone when you saw it? What time of day was it?

      Please let us know, and thank you for visiting CryptoVille and sharing your experience! … Susan (CryptoVille)

  5. I saw the episode years ago and remember liking this episode in particular. However do to a strange nightmare I had with these night crawlers my interest has gone up. I’d like to help out in any way I can! I don’t honestly know what I can do but hey it sound like a fun thing to research.

    • Hi Katkast! That’s the big problem with these nightcrawlers – no one seems to know where they are. I think the Fact or Faked episode was filmed somewhere in southern California; can’t remember the town. Then we have those carvings of what looks like nightcrawlers and no one seems to know where they are. So I have no idea where to direct you in your search. Depending on where you live, maybe you could ask the local Native Americans and get some guidance from them.

      Please let us know if you find out anything – they’re a big mystery to all of us. Good luck! And thank you for visiting CryptotVille! … Susan (CryptoVille)

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