Survivorman Bigfoot: Les Stroud with Randy Brisson and Sonja Episode S6 E7

LesStroudSurvivormanBFThe search for Bigfoot/ Sasquatch continues as Les Stroud brings us another interesting episode. But do fuzzy photos, strange calls, a hoaxing experiment, and spiritual search techniques bring us any closer to the beast itself? CryptoVille reviews this episode.

In this episode of Les Stroud’s Survivorman Bigfoot series, he takes us to an unnamed forest in America that looks like the Pacific Northwest to me. He brings two guest researchers with him, Randy Brisson and his colleague Sonja (I’m sorry I didn’t catch her last name). (Photo top right from an earlier episode of Survivorman Bigfoot.)

Randy Brisson is described in other sources as a cryptozoologist from Canada. He previously brought what were referred to as “Baby Bigfoot Prints” to the cryptozoological consciousness that were also considered controversial.

Face in the Woods

His latest addition to Bigfoot lore is the face in the woods. At the time he took the photo, Randy and his son were able to snap a photo of it, but as it was pelting them with rocks, they were unable to take any more photos. Critics have said that he should have had a video camera with him and taken footage of the creature retreating from the area. If he’s a regular Bigfoot researcher, you would think he’d have a video camera with him, so that is strange.

But let’s look at the photo itself. This is the best version of it I could find on the internet, and as such, it is quite out of focus. But we’re still able to see what looks like a face in the center of a tree trunk covered with green moss.



My first thought was that Bigfoots don’t have bangs/fringe. The face was quite round, as opposed to most descriptions of what Bigfoot’s face looks like with a heavy jaw and deep-set eyes. Yes, those eyes  – they don’t look real to me. (This photo didn’t copy well. In the one I copied, you could see the eyes; the image was brighter.)

So as far as I’m concerned, we can throw out this piece of “evidence.”

dr_jeffrey_meldrumHoaxing Jeff Meldrum

I was very disappointed in this aspect of Les’ search. I can understand that he wanted to test the experts and see if they could identify a good hoax, but I thought it was disrespectful of this professor who already puts himself out on a limb with his scientific colleagues for the Bigfoot cause.

Testing him in a “sting” just stinks in my opinion. The professor came through – he was polite and gracious, but he clearly had doubts about the veracity of the hoaxed footprint. Good for him!

Les mentioned that he spent upwards of $10,000 to have these hoaxed feet made, so that’s not something your average hoaxer could do.  Still, it doesn’t set a good precedent as far as I’m concerned, and I hated that Les did this.

BigfootByPeterTraversSpiritual Cleansing to Attract Bigfoot

One guest, Sonja, approached the finding of Bigfoot differently than most. She put herself through a spiritual cleansing of sorts, and relied on what I can only describe as her psychic energy to “bring in” the Bigfoots. (Artwork right by Peter Travers.)

Much has been made in some quarters about Bigfoot being a more paranormal entity than a blood and bones animal. I just don’t buy it. For me, this creature is clearly another great ape waiting to be added to the known roster of animals by the scientific community.

Les reported that Sonja connects with Bigfoot “emotionally, spiritually, and energetically.” If that’s how she wants to approach her search for Bigfoot, that’s fine. But I didn’t see any evidence of success in this endeavor within this episode.

I don’t think Les was particularly convinced this was the way to go either, but he was polite about it.

BigfootSybilaIrwinLes’ Overnight Visitor

We saw Les bed down for the night in his tent which he pitched about 150 yards from his fellow seekers. He reported that something was walking around the tent in the middle of the night and it also pushed in the top of his tent. Now we’ve heard other people (not necessarily Bigfoot researchers) report this kind of behavior out in the wild, and I think it’s legitimate Bigfoot behavior. The creature was just checking out the tent. (Artwork above left by Sybilla Irwin.)

I believe Les when he reports these things, and I’m pleased he had that kind of encounter.

Those Screams

At one point during the night, the group hears some strange calls in the distance. In a very nice twist, we, the audience, were also able to hear the screams/calls and they did sound strange.

BigfootScreamPeterOberdorfBut I advise caution when analyzing animal calls. I have seen other situations where supposed Bigfoot calls turned out to be rarely used calls by a species of owl new to the Californian forests. Not only do animals expand their territories, but they have quite a repertoire of calls, for the most part. This can lead to a lot of confusion. (Artwork right by Peter Oberdorf.)

The only way to overcome that is to record the calls with specialized equipment that will allow scientists to decipher which animal actually made the call. For instance, if a human was recreating a Bigfoot call, their voice would still be recognized as human on this specialized equipment.

I can only hope that Les takes this latest recording to one of these experts to see if they can decipher the source.

Bottom Line

This was an interesting episode that clearly reflects Les’ more methodical way of searching for this creature.  For me, the fact that this professional survivalist, having roamed the wilds of many countries over a 30 year career, and has had just a few tantalizing encounters with what he suspects may be a great ape, a Bigfoot / Sasquatch, speaks the loudest of all in terms of evidence.

As with all the other Bigfoot researchers, I wish him luck and I am still looking forward to the day when someone, somewhere gets “THE” evidence we need to prove to the scientific community that Bigfoot does exist.

What did you think about the episode?





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