Bigfoot Photographed by a Ten Year Old?

BigfootIBelieveCryptozoology lovers may find this video interesting. It seems a 10 year old took a photo of what seems to be a Bigfoot. Is the child credible? Does the photo look legit? CryptoVille investigates!

The video showing the photos taken by ten year old Kyle G dates to October of last year. The location is never mentioned but if I had to guess, I would say it’s probably in the Northwest US somewhere. Perhaps even Western Canada.

The video was taken by Kevin Noad who seems genuinely fascinated by the event and who wanted to interview the child himself.  He introduces us to Kyle who comes across as a very normal kid, nervous in front of the camera, having trouble getting started with his tale, but Noad encourages him and he finally gets rolling with his report.

According to Kyle, he was out with his sister and cousin, walking from their house back into some woods. At one point Kyle looked up and saw what he believed to be a Bigfoot, about ten yards from them.

Noad had Kyle show us where he was standing, where the Bigfoot was standing, and afterwards, the path Bigfoot took to leave the area. Throughout all this Kyle seems very natural and very sincere. I want to believe him, but I’ve got some serious doubts about this sighting.

Here is the video, a little over 9 minutes long:


The Doubts

To begin with, why didn’t someone post Kyle’s photos on the internet, or share them with a news agency who could really spread the news to the world?

Why don’t they mention the location? Because they don’t want people coming up there to investigate? Perhaps because it was a hoax? (Photograph taken by Kyle and shared by Kevin Noad, below right.)

Bigfoot Problems: The child was ten yards from the creature and the photo is still blurry. Granted, the kid may not know how to take a good photo, and it was only taken on an Ipad. I don’t care how good Apple says their cameras are, they are not real cameras such as Rainer Mirau or Tim Vollmer would use when they’re out photographing nature.

Bigfoot-native-american-kid-photobyKevinNoadLook at the arms. They don’t seem to be quite long enough, based on other reports and sightings we’ve seen and heard about over the years. The arms should extend down over most of the thighs.

There’s no face. From ten yards, through pretty clear terrain, we should be able to see something of the facial features.

The Getaway: How the Bigfoot retreated is also a problem for me. Kevin Noad specifically went looking for tracks so we see a lot of the ground. I have to admit, the ground seemed pretty dry and definitely tough. Then you get over near the river, and there’s nothing but cobblestones for quite a way. Eventually they got to the river’s edge and it was wet and sandy. There were lots of other animal and human prints, not to mention an empty beer can or two but nothing that could be construed to be a Bigfoot’s print.

Even if the Bigfoot took one large step to get into the river before it disappeared around a bend, there would at least have been something to see. The event happened only the day before the videotaping. (Wider shot of the creature taken by Kyle and shared by Kevin Noad, below.)


What We’re Left With

Kyle is such a cute little boy and I just can’t believe he is lying or perpetrating a hoax.

However, that’s not to say an adult in the area didn’t decide to pull a hoax on the children. Remember Kyle was there with his sister and cousin.

Unfortunately we can’t see enough detail on the creature to determine if it was a costume or not. For me, the fact the arms are rather short for a Bigfoot is a warning flag. The lack of a footprint is also a big problem. An animal would have left some kind of print in that wet sand, but a human, trying to evade being caught, would know to step on the hard surfaces, then perhaps into the water where any tracks would be washed away.

BigfootCoastalArtTotemFor these reasons I’m very doubtful this was a real Bigfoot. It’s more than likely a hoax perpetrated on the children, which is why it wasn’t instantly loaded onto the internet or shared with a news station. (Native American totem art of Bigfoot signed by artist, left.)

It’s not clear how Kevin Noad learned of Kyle’s photographs. He may have just been in the area and heard about it from other people.

Lingering Doubt

There’s just one thing I can’t explain about the original photographs – the height of the creature. Looking at the tree it’s standing next to, I would guesstimate it’s about 7 feet tall, give or take a few inches. That’s a stretch for most humans.

I suppose the costume could have been padded to increase the overall height, but there’s only so much of that you can do without throwing off the appearance of the creature. Was it standing on something? Kyle showed us where it was standing and the area was flat and undisturbed.

As per usual it comes down to this – the story is very interesting, the child is very compelling, but at the end of the day, we’re left with another “blobsquatch.”  I have too many doubts to call it a legitimate sighting. I think it was more than likely hoaxed, unbeknownst to the children.

What do you think – hoax or real?



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