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UFOTakeOFfCryptoVille muses over the findings of recent UFO TV programs and reports from around the internet. Alien activity seems to be getting bolder and kind of obnoxious. What is happening in our world, and is there anything we can do to protect ourselves?

In the past month I’ve been reading about alien and UFO reports that I find disturbing. My unease was further fueled by some very interesting programs on the Science Channel in the last couple weeks or so.

I should probably tell you that of all the UFO sightings reported around the world, I think that about 90% of them are the result of Earth science that in some cases we don’t understand yet, but in other cases we definitely do (e.g., ball lighting, increased electromagnetic activity around fault lines, earthquakes, and volcanoes).

I give about 8% of the sightings to technology undergoing tests either by the US military or other militaries around the world. We can’t tell what they’re up to, yet they are clearly making advances as we find out every decade or so. And of all the people involved with “UFO sightings,” the military will be the last to tell us anything.

UFOSciChanLogoSo that leaves 2% of sightings that, in my opinion, don’t have a good explanation and that may in fact point to extraterrestrial activity on and around our planet. And they are the ones that disturb me.

The Shows

The programs I’ve been watching include (but aren’t limited to) NASA’s Unexplained Files, Close Encounters, and Uncovering Aliens. I like the first two shows because they do try to find other explanations (earthly and scientific) to explain various sightings, but if there’s no other explanation, then we’re left to draw our own conclusions.

Uncovering Aliens is interesting because it’s kind of like Finding Bigfoot – the saving grace is that they have a skeptic on the team as well as a journalist. So while two of the members seem to believe everything is aliens, the other two members balance them out. In the process they highlight some interesting cases that I don’t think I would have heard about otherwise.

UFOreptoid2Disturbing Accounts

Reptoid Creatures

The first account I’d like to share with you comes from a Monsters & Mysteries in America episode (Season 3 Episode 1 Tennessee Wildman and Subterranean Reptoid) on Destination America channel.

In that account a woman was walking her dog somewhere around Los Angeles, CA when she heard a strange noise near a sewer grate. She got closer to see what it could be when she saw the red eyes and monstrous form of a humanoid reptile. It was aggressive and caused her to run into a nearby car, which I guess was fortunately unlocked.  She called her boyfriend on her cell phone and he started running to help her. Before he arrived the reptoid and others like it got closer to the car and she was terrified they were going to nab her. Soon after her boyfriend came racing down the street brandishing a golf club and the reptoids quickly retreated back into the sewer grating. He followed them and made threatening gestures and they retreated further into the sewers.

Badly shaken, but alright, the pair returned to their apartment wondering what the heck they had just seen.

UFOreptoid1In the interviews with both these people, they were firm in their recollections, they were clear, unwavering and adamant that they experienced things the way they described. I watched their body language and neither of them seemed to be lying. In fact, their body language supported their words. The boyfriend still looked frightened when he described what he saw and what happened.

At this point I have no good reason or data to doubt them.

Which leaves us with this cold realization. What the heck were those things? Some have speculated they’re not aliens at all but that they come from “inner Earth.”

UFOPertweeSiluriansThat reminds me of a very old Dr Who story when Jon Pertwee was the doctor. I believe he called them Silurians, but they were another race of creatures that had evolved on Earth and went dormant, giving the apes time to evolve into humanity as we know it. A very fanciful story and I have to wonder if that plays into the explanation of what these other creatures are. How many other people have seen that Dr Who episode (photo right) which is now filed away in their subconscious mind?

UFOdemonsStill, I believe the two witnesses when they say they saw reptilian humanoids. So what are they? I also wonder if they aren’t some form of demons. I cannot get over the fact that people in South America refer to alien creatures as demons – that’s the translation. Given the grotesque appearance of many of these things, that explanation would fit, in my opinion.

Family Abduction

The next tale that caught my attention comes from a family that was abducted in the 60s, I believe, in the Midwest somewhere. A mother and her two young sons and the grandmother were abducted. I saw this March 4 in the evening on Science Channel, but I cannot find which show it was on.

Anyway, all four of them told the same story and were traumatized by the event. The one boy saw what he described as a praying mantis type of creature that looked like it walked on all fours but could stand up on the hind legs.

UFOMUFONLogoFor me, it all comes down to how they tell the story and the main son who was reporting the event looked very credible. He even went so far as to get MUFON to come in and gather what evidence they could, given that the event occurred years before. I should note, the abductions continued throughout the lives of the boys.

The thing that impressed me was how the family’s reports were consistent with each other’s reports. The boys, now grown men, were desperate to get some validation as to what was happening to them over the years.

The thing that sickens me about these accounts is that nobody seems able to fight back, refuse the examination, or scare the aliens away. I wonder if they had a gun and shot it, would that make the alien’s flee?

If abductions are real, they are terribly, horribly wrong and we need to find a way to stop them. This is one of the main reasons why I don’t trust these aliens at all. If they want to befriend us, fine, but this behavior is not friendly, it is not acceptable, and it needs to be stopped.

UFOLakeMichiganArtistConceptWhat’s Happening in Lake Michigan?

Several shows recently highlighted UFO sightings on and around Lake Michigan. The Uncovering Aliens crew felt Lake Michigan was a hotspot because of all the sightings being reported there. In addition to sightings in the sky, many people are seeing these craft dive down into the lake itself, leaving people to wonder if they have an alien base located in the depths of this Great Lake. (Artist’s rendering of UFOs over Lake Michigan above right.)

I mentioned to my personal Facebook friends that I was thinking a lot about UFOs lately and asked them if they’d ever seen anything strange. One had dear “Church-going” friends, as she described them, who saw strange craft over “the lake” near their home in Lincoln Park, Michigan about 30 years ago. Lincoln Park is very near Lake Ontario, and not that far from Lake Michigan.

UFOEvilAlienAnother friend said she and her family saw strange lights moving very fast and erratically near their home in northern Illinois. Northern Illinois is right on Lake Michigan.

What makes this so strange to me is that in my post on Facebook, I never mentioned a lake at all, much less a Great Lake, or Lake Michigan.

What the heck is happening up there?

Current UFO Sightings

Go on any UFO tracking website, such as MUFON’s site, and you’ll see there are plenty of sightings being reported around the world. Most of them are painful to watch because they are such junk, in my opinion, but not all of them.

What disturbs me most is how they are exerting their domination over us, particularly through these abductions, but even in the sense they get too close and seem to be watching or monitoring people, our aircraft, and other situations.

UFOalien-through-the-windowWho Can Protect Us?

How aware of all this is our military? I know ever since Roswell they have been vilified for keeping secrets from the rest of the population but let’s not forget – they’re busy developing the next generation of fighting machines and need to keep that secret from our enemies.

Still, are they aware of these abductions? Do they have any way of combating these creatures? Are we (humanity) at the mercy of these horrible creatures?

It makes me uneasy.  I don’t trust these creatures if they do in fact exist. And I really hope our military doesn’t trust them either. What can we do to protect ourselves?

Have you got any thoughts about this?








  1. I’ve had experiences as a teen with greys but not mantises. That I know off. Yes, you can fight back. They rely on ignorance. They do not believe in our religions so that won’t help you.

    • That’s interesting, Karina. And disturbing. As you know, I do not like these things. I’m also fascinated that you are sure they don’t believe in our religions. If you ever feel on elaborating on that (how you know that, why you believe that, etc.), please come back and share. That really interests me.

      Thank you for visiting CryptoVille! … Susan (CryptoVille)

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