Vile Vortices Part 2 – Hamakulia

HawaiiMap02CryptoVille continues our investigation into the Vile Vortices proposed by the legendary Ivan Sanderson. Today we visit Hamakulia in the Hawaiian Islands. There is little evidence the place is overrun with monsters and bad spirits, yet it is considered a paranormal hotspot. Let’s see what we can make of all this.

According to believers, the bad mojo associated with this area of the world centers around the volcano named Hamakulia on the southeast side of the island. According to scientists, the trouble spot is actually in the ocean itself northeast of Hawaii halfway between the Murau Fracture Zone and the Molokai Fracture Zone.

Local legends tell of the strange disappearance of ships and planes seemingly centered around that area.  Back in the day, Sanderson chose to add it to his roster of mysterious places that he called vile vortices.

According to Rick J in an article on, “Vile Vortices are areas on the earth’s surface which have naturally occurring anomalies due to the planet’s natural electromagnetic fields being stronger in these parts than anywhere else in the world.”

Hold that thought.

Hawaii-kilauea01Bigger Picture

So here we have the Hawaiian Islands (including Hamakulia) sitting in the Pacific ocean, right along the Ring of Fire. The Ring of Fire name was coined because of the overabundance of volcanic and earthquake activity all along the edges of the Pacific ocean. It actually looks more like a horseshoe, but we take the point. There is a LOT of movement occurring underneath the Earth’s crust in that area. (Photo above left is Kilauea volcano erupting.)

Here are some Wiki fun facts we should all be aware of:

“In a 40,000 km (25,000 mi) horseshoe shape, it is associated with a nearly continuous series of oceanic trenches, volcanic arcs, and volcanic belts and/or plate movements. It has 452 volcanoes and is home to over 75% of the world’s active and dormant volcanoes. … About 90% of the world’s earthquakes and 81% of the world’s largest earthquakes occur along the Ring of Fire.  … The Ring of Fire is a direct result of plate tectonics and the movement and collisions of lithospheric [of the crust and Earth’s upper mantle] plates.”

Does anyone else see the smoking gun?

Hawaii-Skylight-Kilauea-VolcanoWhat Volcanoes Do

We know they erupt with violence, often spewing gas, rocks, gravel, and pumice, then there is the lava that often flows from them, and lots of steam and smoke. That’s the laymen’s view. (Photo right of a “skylight” formed by Kilauea volcano.)

But what is really happening? I want to share this paragraph with you because it pretty much sums up the whole story of volcanism and electromagnetic activity associated therein. It’s a little dry, but hang in there – you’ll get the point.

According to scientists (3rd reference in my list below):

“ Volcano-electromagnetic effects – electromagnetic (EM) signals generated by volcanic activity – derive from a variety of physical processes. These include piezomagnetic effects, electrokinetic effects, fluid vaporization, thermal demagnetization/ remagnetization, resistivity changes, thermochemical effects, magnetohydrodynamic effects, and blast-excited traveling ionospheric disturbances (TIDs). Identification of different physical processes and their interdependence is often possible with multi-parameter monitoring, now common on volcanoes, since many of these processes occur with different timescales and some are simultaneously identified in other geophysical data (deformation, seismic, gas, ionospheric disturbances, etc.) EM monitoring plays an important part in understanding these processes.”

HawaiiLighting01Don’t let the big words confound you.

Piezomagnetic effects: Refers to the magnetization of rocks. Scientists are studying how and when rocks are magnetized and how the rocks react under a variety of circumstances. (Photo above left of lightning formed by eruption on Kilauea volcano.)

Electrokinetic effects: The flow of fluid through layered volcanic rocks generates the electrokinetic electric and magnetic fields found there. Science is further studying this property as it all fits into the bigger equation: how volcanoes work.

What excites me about these two types of effects is the fact they involve electricity – just what people are witnessing around these so called “paranormal” areas, like Hamakulia.

HawaiiStrangeLightsVolcanoStrange Lights

According to someone named Dotini/Steve on a physics forum thread, “…[in] a reasonably solid-looking piece of research into the recent lightning activity in an Icelandic volcano eruption: [ which] includes references to additional papers on the subject of volcanic lightning:

The authors seem to conclude that in this case, charge separation occurs in the plume and at the vent. They seem to think that [the] water content of the plume and local atmospheric conditions may affect the quantity of lightning strokes discharged in the plume.”

(Photo above right of “strange lights” formed by volcanic action.)

BOOM! You see what’s happening? Science is getting ever closer to knowing the full dynamics of a volcano, which goes hand in glove with earthquakes, and begins to shed light on a vastly misunderstood area – paranormal hotspots. We’re seeing more and more how these huge Earth processes form pent-up energy that is then released as electricity resulting in strange lights, charged air, and may very well cause havoc with ship’s and plane’s electronic systems.

HawaiiVolcanoInducedWaterSpoutNow please don’t get mad at me. I’m not saying there isn’t genuinely strange paranormal phenomenon around the planet. I know there is. In my opinion,  it’s just not associated with volcanoes and earthquakes. Science is coming ever closer to fully understanding these properties of Earth science. (Photo left shows waterspouts formed as a result of volcanic action.)

Missing Ships and Planes

While science is quickly learning about a myriad of wonderful things, they don’t quite know everything yet. Are strange things happening in the skies or under the waters in the Pacific that snatch ships and planes into oblivion? I think we’d have to have the best physicists weigh in on that, but I think it’s unlikely. Why?

Because we have to consider that the Pacific ocean (since we’re talking about Hamakulia here), is a very dangerous place. From rogue waves, to gas eruptions, to strange winds – who knows what can happen. Then factor in human error, mechanical error – who can say for sure? There is a lot of potential for bad things to happen within the normal realm of our world, without adding an additional paranormal layer.

Hawaii-VolcanoIntoOceanWhat I’ve read about Hamakulia doesn’t make me believe there is anything particularly strange occurring there. In fact on one travel site I read, a resident said he never heard of any vortex in the area, all he knows is that it’s paradise and he pointed out all the benefits and joys of living there. (Photo right, lava meets the ocean.)

Let’s not forget Ivan Sanderson, though a good scientist, died 42 years ago! Science has come a LONG way since then and knowing the caliber of scientist that Sanderson was, I am sure he would embrace and applaud the achievements of science over the last 40 or so years.

HawaiiRainbowBeachBottom Line

For all these reasons, I don’t believe Hamakulia is a paranormal hotspot or a place where terrible things happen. It’s just a volcano in an extremely active seismic environment. It’s just another part of our wonderful world. Ships and planes may go missing around there from time to time, but they do everywhere else around the world, especially in remote areas like Alaska, and over huge bodies of water like the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. (Photo left of Rainbow Beach, HI.)

If you’d like to see lightning activity during an earthquake, check out this video of Sakurajima volcano erupting January 24 of this year. Watch carefully and you’ll see the blobs of light form and disappear throughout the four or so minutes.



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