Arizona Bigfoot Family Caught on Traffic Camera – HOAX

BigfootArizona01The New Year has barely started and already they’re back at it – posting hoaxes of Bigfoot sightings. I hope they freeze their buns off!  Cryptozoology lovers may find this frustrating, but it’s a good cautionary tale. Don’t believe every monster that you see!

When I first saw this photo (top right) I immediately dismissed it and went about my business. But it seems to have caused quite a stir on the internet, even to the point where some media outlets covered it.

A friend shared an article with me in the Detroit Free Press (online) where they discussed the pros and cons of its validity. The Arizona Department of Transportation seems to have been the first to post this picture (from their static highway patrol camera) on Twitter asking if people thought it was really a group of Bigfoots. From there it spread like wild fire around the internet.


People seemed convinced it was real because it was caught by a traffic camera belonging to an agency of the government. No one ever expects the government to have a sense of humor, right?

Well, in the aforementioned article, they quote the spokesman for the Arizona Department of Transportation, Tom Herrmann saying, “[Our] agency tries to drive traffic to its Twitter account using humor.”  I guess that’s why they have 52,000 followers.

However, that’s your answer in a nut shell. We find out later that Herrmann’s organization has pictures of the same area in the days following and the “Bigfoot” creatures are still frozen in time. They figure they are probably just shrubs on the side of the road.

BigfootArizonaMuleDeerSome people have speculated the “figures” are just mule deer. This is what a mule deer looks like (left). I think they look about as much like a mule deer as a Bigfoot.

So, lesson learned. Even when a supposedly sober and staid organization like the Arizona Department of Transportation comes forth with Bigfoot “evidence,” we have to remain skeptical.

Am I saying Bigfoots don’t exist? No, I believe they do. Check out more of my Bigfoot articles if you’re interested. Go to the top right of this page and select the drop-down menu “Articles by Topic.” You’ll find the Bigfoot articles there.

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  1. I came across a video that claimed it was a police video of an accident scene and that you could see the spirit rising from the wrecked car as the firemen were trying to save someone. It SAID it was actual police video footage. It SAID it was on the news. But what they FORGOT TO SAY was that the spirit was computer graphics. I read it on Snopes. The truth was no one even died in the accident. So I can see why people were fooled by your Big Foot pic. What they can do now to photos and videos is amazing.

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