Newly Found Giant Penguin!

dr_daniel_thomas_holds_a_thigh_bone_from_the_fossi_547789b430Note to universities: time to have a clear-out of your storage areas!! They did at Auckland University and they found some very interesting stuff! Cryptozoology lovers will find this account amazing and frustrating as science slowly and painfully uncovers a monster from our past.

This is one of those tales that leaves you rolling your eyes. How does a fossil of a potentially new species of bird get lost in storage at a major university? For over 40 years?! (Photo above right of Dr. Thomas holding the thigh bone of the new species.)

Well it happened in New Zealand at Auckland University. Someone must have been having a look around the storage shed and discovered the fossilized bones of a very large bird. Scientists are able to tell that this bird was likely a deep sea diver, like the Emperor penguin, and it too would have been a tasty meal for sharks and dolphins.

DrThomasDr. Daniel Thomas (photo left) took the bones and scanned them, sending the results to a paleontologist in America who printed the image using 3D printing. Everyone was surprised to find these were the bones of what appears to be a VERY large penguin. At the moment they can’t determine if it was an adult or a juvenile.

Dr. Thomas said the bird measured 4 feet 3 inch (1.3 m) tall! Compare that to an Emperor penguin, currently the largest in existence, who reaches about a foot less in height.  In 2012 scientists  discovered the remains of another extinct penguin, the Kairuku, but this bird was smaller than the new giant species.

According to The New Zealand Herald, “… the new species was the first of its kind to be found on North Island, and the specimen dates back 28 million years to a time when New Zealand was largely underwater.”

At the time of my posting this article, there are no sketches or drawings of what this new species would have looked like.

Dr. Thomas said the storage shed is full of other items that may also lead to more fantastic revelations about the Earth’s past. He said, “It turned out there was a raft of other specimens as well – it was a treasure trove of some really incredible stuff.”

GiantPenguinsSo Much for Curiosity

What gets me about this situation is how a university full of scientists managed to ignore the pile in the storage shed for so long. Was no one curious? And you know if it happened in Auckland, it’s happening at every university around the world.

So now I’m thinking about American universities in particular. Are they inadvertently sitting on great discoveries too? Might there be some actual evidence that Bigfoot exists? Or that giant birds are still circling over our planet?

I realize some of these fossils and data have been put aside because at the time of their discoveries, technology wasn’t advanced enough to aid in determining what was actually found. But doesn’t anyone keep records of this stuff? Does no one review these things periodically?

Apparently not. Shame on them.

ATTENTION ALL UNIVERSITIES: It’s time to have a clear-out of all your obscure storage facilities! You owe it to the cause of science and the advancement of human knowledge!




Ok, now I’m getting off my soap box.

Til the next time!

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