Bulgarian Alien Seen Lurking in Forest – 7/11/14

YundolaBulgariaUFOs and Aliens at the topic of today’s post! Did some students catch an alien lurking in the forests of Bulgaria this past summer? Or is it some kind of monstrous hoax? Cryptozoology lovers will want to know, so CryptoVille investigates!

This video came to my attention recently and I was really struck by it for a number of reasons. We see Mexican TV host Jaime Maussan explaining what happened to a group of students hiking in the forests of Bulgaria. (Photo, above right.) He got his report from the Bulgarian news, Gustonews.

The students are seen climbing up a hill in a forest and one of them takes a photo using his cell phone. In the background we see something strange nestled between the tall skinny tree trunks. We see a tall, skinny, black eyed “being” staring at the students.

After that story, Jaime goes on to liken the first sighting to another seen in Ciudad Juarez. He shows us that photo where a young man is standing next to his car, having his photo taken. Behind him we seen a tall, skinny alien-type creature with the big black slanted eyes.

Finally, Jaime shares with us a photo taken in Switzerland in 2005, of a “creature” hiding in the woods.

Have a look at the video (4 minutes)  yourself, then I’ll share my thoughts with you:

Bulgarian Alien

Several things impress me. The creature, who they think is an alien, seems to be focused on the distance behind the students, not at the students. Shouldn’t he/it be more concerned that they’re coming right towards him?

How could the students have missed that thing which wasn’t far ahead of them?

If the alien didn’t want to be seen and wanted to observe the students covertly, why didn’t it hide better? I mean, it’s standing in plain sight!

The fact that students were involved, that this  “creature” seems to be a blow-up model of an alien makes me think this is certainly a hoax. Jaime Maussan said the Gustonews people checked the photo to be sure it wasn’t manipulated in any way. If we can believe that report, it only means the students had a blow-up model of a tall skinny alien that they stuck in the woods.

If they exist at all, then aliens should be able to observe us much more stealthily than following us around. They would probably have tiny drones and things they can send around to observe us.

Everything about this video screams HOAX to me.

Ciudad Juarez

So the young man having his photo taken in the dead of night leaving a lot of space to his left – for what? So they can get the blow-up alien doll in the image as well? Notice how the “creature” is listing forwards and the lack of movement anywhere, even its arms. Nothing about this video rings true either.

Swiss Missed?

Finally, the photo from Switzerland. The creature already looks like an x-ray, an effect further enhanced when they contrast the image! Again, if this thing didn’t want to be seen, why is it facing forward in clear sight of the camera?

It’s junk, in my opinion.  Aliens don’t hang around to have their photos taken.

Over at Roswell

Now let’s think about the images of the aliens in the first two segments, Bulgaria and Ciudad Juarez.  They looked so familiar to me, then I remembered something.

Here’s a photo of the alien display at the Roswell UFO Museum, Roswell, NM.


Look familiar, don’t they? That’s why I feel sure these other “alien photos” are hoaxed. Clever people around the world would be able to either make or obtain an alien figure then use it to hoax viewers around the world.

They drive me crazy!!

What do you think?

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  1. Took me a while to get around to this one. For me the possibility of this being anything other than a hoax or misidentification is EXCEEDINGLY small. My first thought was that it was just a trick of light and shadows, and I still lean in that direction. There is no way an alien being who was trying to observe without being seen would be just standing in the open like that. Nothing about the picture makes sense.

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