Was a Chupacabra Caught by Texas Couple in April 2014?

Maybe you’ve seen this video circulating on the web, but it only just came to my attention. (Thank you Lisa WV!!) A couple, Jackie and Bubba Stock from DeWitt Texas, somehow captured this creature in a cage and were wondering if it was a chupacabra. They fed it cat food and corn which it seemed to eat quite happily. Based on the video alone, one wildlife biologist speculated it was a canine of some sort.

I was excited by what I was seeing … but then things didn’t quite add up. Look at the video which is about 2 minutes long:



The fact that it’s black and hairless really makes it look like the legendary chupacabra. The paws have long nails which I would expect a chupacabra to have. In the past, investigations into these cryptids have concluded they are some sort of canine or canine-coyote hybrid.

But look at the way this creature sits to eat. It sits on its hind legs. I don’t think dogs do that, at least I’ve never seen one do it.

So what could this be?

Some More Clues

Thanks to investigator Ben Radford in an article for Live Science, Texas ‘Chupacabra’ Turns Out to Be Imposter, we get closer to the truth.

Ben points out that the mouth and jaw of this animal are designed to grasp, tear, and rip – not to clasp onto an animal and suck blood. The jaw structure on this creature is typical for that of dogs, coyotes, foxes, and even raccoons.

When you look at the video, you can see the animal is happy to be eating the cat chow and corn which it wouldn’t be if it used blood to sustain itself.

Ben also pointed out the animal was caught in a tree. I don’t recall ever hearing of a chupacabra being spotted in a tree. Generally speaking, I also don’t know of any dogs, coyotes or foxes that climb trees.

Now let’s get back to how the animal was sitting while it ate. The long claws are very evident. Now add some hair and you have … a raccoon.



Put these clues all together and it’s pretty clear that this poor beastie is a mange-ridden raccoon. I hope they took it to a vet to get some treatment.

One other point – that growl. I don’t think it’s beyond the scope of a very frightened raccoon to make a guttural sound like that, especially when it’s sick. Animals can do crazy things with their voices, including humans.

Case in point:

I love that – the kitty was busted!! LOL!!

Chupacabra Debunked?

There was another body found by a Texa woman and rancher, Phylis Canion, a few years ago. She had two labs run a DNA analysis and the results were that the animal she had found was not that of any canine known to science at the time. It seemed to be more from the coyote family tree, however, this one, found by Canion, was a hybrid. It may take a while for science to catch-up to these creatures but for now none of them appear to be blood-suckers as evidenced by their jaw/mouth anatomy.

Blood Suckers

What kind of mouths do the blood suckers of the animal world have? Here are some examples. (Pictures below.)

First up, the ubiquitous mosquito – ouch!

Next, the Great Lakes lamprey (remember them from the River Monsters episode “Vampires of the Deep?”)

After that, a bed bug – the ones that love to suck our blood while we sleep at night!

Next, the blood sucking moth Calyptra thalictri. Lovely.

Finally, the mouth of a medicinal leech.

What do they have in common? It seems that when nature is creating a blood sucker, it goes in one of two ways: giving the animal a needle-like proboscis, or giving it a tightly rounded “mouth” with clasping ridges in the center of which is a rasping “beak” or tooth.

The final picture is an artist’s conception of what the chupacabra looks like. Done by Inchigo2546 on Deviantart.

Mosquito Great Lakes lamprey bedbugonskin-300x199 CalyptraThalictrimoth leach-mouth-bmp Monsters__Chupacabra_by_Ichigo2546


As far as the creature in this video goes, I’m satisfied that it’s a raccoon with the mange, poor thing.

Til the next time!


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  1. You’re welcome, Susan. I tried to post it on Cryptoville for you but was in a hurry and couldn’t. I’m glad you saw it on my wall. Yes! I think you are right! I just googled picks of racoons with mange and this guy looks exactly like them. What a stupid expert saying it was in the canine family. Anyone could see those hands were not dog’s paws. Thanks for figuring it out.

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