How to Report Giant Bird Sightings

GiantBird01Giant birds are being seen around the US fairly frequently. But it’s hard to get good measurements of these creatures before they fly away. Cryptozoology lovers will be pleased to see how one couple captured a monster sized bird against a backdrop that can only help researchers pin this crypto-avian down! 

I saw this video recently and was impressed with how the video owner reported the account. Taken by Dan & Denise Rojas of the GreenPowerScience channel on YouTube, they show us a very large bird sitting atop some trees.

Here’s the helpful part. They tell us what the trees are (maples), and give us estimates for the branches around the bird. Because of that we get a better sense of scale as to how big this animal is.



Quite a few people think this bird is a Golden Eagle, and they may be right. Some think it’s an owl, but the beak and profile are that of a hawk or eagle. Owls have flat faces.

One Mistake

The important thing they left out was where was this video taken? That would help us identify what bird this could be, that is, IF we can identify it. New species of animals are popping up all over the planet so who knows.

My point in sharing this video is to highlight how well they used natural surroundings to give us a better idea of the size of the bird. Taking a photo of something against the infinite sky just doesn’t help. (Same with UFO photos.)

If you’re interested in reading more about giant bird sightings around the US, look in the top right margin of this page for “Articles by Topic.” Then select the “Giant Birds” topic and the articles will come up.

Keep your eyes on the sky (when you’re not driving!!), and keep those cameras ready!

Til the next time …



(It’s bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a “bird dog”! LOL!! The bird is just behind the dog on the shoreline. It’s all about perspective.)


  1. It was a few years ago as I was driving home in Clark, WY. I noticed the yellow plane used by (I believe) Fish & Game flying towards Heart Mountain it was following a large bird. I didn’t think any thing about at first but then I noticed the bird had wings about the same size as the plane and the bird was out front of the plane by maybe 200 yards this was no Eagle. I never followed up on this because no one would have ever told me the truth anyhow.

    • Martin, this is a fascinating report and I’m delighted you shared it with us!

      How very interesting that Fish and Game officials saw it too. I’m going to see what I can find out about this. If anything, I’ll post a new article here in CryptoVille.

      That’s exciting!! Thanks again!

      … Susan (CryptoVille)

      • It was an older yellow plane I was told it was used by Fish & Game to count Elk, Deer etc.but not sure of that. And good luck getting anything from ( I call them Bug & Turtle) I lived in Pinedale, WY and I had called them about Mountain Lion tracks in my driveway well they came and looked and told me it was the neighbors dog what a joke. A M. Lion hunter heard about it and track the Lion under a bridge right in town. I had called them again later about a Grizzly Bear track with a front paw 9 1/4″ across when I was out horn hunting and again they told me “oh that’s just a Black bear track that melted in the snow and made it look bigger. Hey I’v been hiking these mountains for over 40 years some of these F & G dudes are not even 25 y/o and they try and tell me they know better. We had Grizzly at the local dump and it was reported they said no its Black bears so they had their bear expert come look me up to show them the tracks. He also said no Grizz in this area then I showed him guess what GRIZZLY. So I’m sure even if they did see it they won’t tell you. Good Luck

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