Bigfoot Thursday: Last Video Review, Hamilton, Ontario 

TalkingBF02Bigfoot Thursday returns one last time to review a video supposedly filmed by spelunkers of a Bigfoot sighting near Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Did they catch a monster on film? You could say that. Cryptozoology lovers will finally see a Bigfoot (Sasquatch) clearly. But can you believe your eyes?

Bigfoot Thursday is going on hiatus for a while primarily because of the lack of decent Bigfoot footage and an overabundance of hoaxes. I’m tired of wading through all the trash only to find a blurry “maybe” every once in a while.

If you (ever) see a good Bigfoot video that you’d like to share with CryptoVille, email the link to the video to me and I’ll take a look. Cryptoville (at) hotmail (Dot) com.

In the meantime, here’s a perfect example of what I mean by someone who cleverly lures us into thinking he’s on to something then it turns out to be … a ruse to advertise and sell his book!!! You won’t believe this.

It’s nearly 3.5 minutes long.


More Good Stuff Coming!

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