Bigfoot Thursday: Keep an Eye on Your Pools!

TalkingBF02This week Bigfoot appears on an “old” video showing a monster drinking from someone’s backyard pool. Could this monstrous beast be a Bigfoot or Sasquatch? Do they stalk peoples’ backyards for water sources, or is there something fishy about this video? CryptoVille investigates!

I found this crazy video through one of my favorite video reviewers, Phil of ParaBreakdown. I had never seen this footage before, but it supposedly dates back to the summer of 1973. If you watch the video (3.5 minutes), Phil shares some very interesting points.


He makes the point that the footage was edited, despite claims to the contrary, and the patio furniture wasn’t manufactured until a decade after 1973.

I’d like to add a few more points. The “fur” on the “creature” clearly hangs off the person inside. It’s cheap looking faux fur, and the arm proportions, leg proportions, and what we can see of the face, are all wrong. Note how it walks – that’s a human gait, not a Bigfoot stride.

TalkingBF05Laughing Yet?

I guess people think it’s funny to put this junk out there, but because of them, the media treat the subject of Bigfoot/Sasquatch as a joke and (most) scientists avoid the topic altogether lest their professional reputations become tainted.

It makes me mad, but to get around all of this nonsense, we’re just going to have to find that “proof positive,” hopefully some awesome DNA samples, some incredible footage that can be verified by multiple sources, or perhaps, a Bigfoot corpse.

What do you think?

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