Bigfoot Thursday: Christmas Valley, Oregon Sighting

TalkingBF02Bigfoot Thursday: CryptoVille reviews a video of Bigfoot taken in the wilds of Oregon. We see the creature running between some monster trees but is this a cryptozoology lover’s dream? Or another disappointment?

This week’s video comes to us from Christmas Valley, Oregon and was filmed September 29, 2012. I was a little excited when I first saw the footage, but on further investigation, things don’t quite add up.

I found the video on YouTube on a channel called “Baby Boomers.”

At first glance, this footage is exciting. It shows an obviously shy Bigfoot-type creature dashing away from the hunters and taking cover behind some very strange looking trees. The trees are huge and spread out perfectly so that we never get a full or detailed view of the creature.

From the few glances we see, the creature does look large, has broad shoulders and thick legs, but the arms don’t seem quite long enough and there seems to be more of a neck on this creature than we’d normally find on a Bigfoot. Plus, it walks more like a human, than a Bigfoot. See for yourself.

The Video

Here’s the video, just under 2 minutes long:

Digging Deeper

Baby Boomers say that they were out hunting, but I see no signs of anything to hunt, other than the encounter with the creature. I’m also not sure why the couple were even filming and that wasn’t explained to my satisfaction.

There are also some puzzling cuts in the footage, particularly one around the :38 mark where the creature is going one way, then the cut occurs and it’s going the other way. Strange.

MonkeyScratchingHeadMy suspicion stems from the fact that the more I look at the footage the more it seems that they were filming because they knew something would be there. They reacted pretty realistically, but I was still suspicious.

UFO Complications

After the Bigfoot video ended, there was a selection of other videos of theirs to watch. This included a UFO video (from December 10, 2012) which I watched while thinking how lucky can two people get to have a Bigfoot sighting as well as a UFO sighting within a couple months?

I watched the UFO video and I believe it is almost certainly one of those lighted lanterns that people release at least along the West coast. Sometimes it’s in memory of someone or some occasion, and other times it’s simply to celebrate a special day. That’s what it looked like to me, based on what I saw on an old episode of Fact or Faked where they debunked a UFO sighting by being able to recreate it with one of these lanterns.

The problems continued to accrue when I realized Baby Boomers also post their own comedy videos that they have produced and acted in themselves. I had to wonder if these crypto-related videos were a ploy to pull people in to see their comedy routines.

ComedyAct01They’re entitled to do so, and I’m not against anyone trying to advertise their business pursuits, it’s just disappointing when we’re left with yet another Bigfoot video that is suspect, to say the least.

For all these reasons, I feel sure this video is a hoax, which is disappointing because at first glance, it looked really good. This is why it always pays to do a bit of research especially if you’re interested in the truth.

So what do you think?

Call for Videos

If you see a Bigfoot video that you’d like us to review, send a link to cryptoville (at) hotmail (dot) com. If we choose your entry you’ll win a darling fairy bookmark by artist Becky Kelly!


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