Mermaid Monday: Mermaid Sighted by Old Ship Wreck?

blackwhitesketchThis week on Mermaid Monday, we change gears and investigate a short video that supposedly shows a mermaid in action. Is it a mermaid, a monster, or something else?  CryptoVille investigates the mysterious footage!

I found this video on YouTube on a channel called “Paranormal Camera & Crazy Tape.” It says the video was posted in January of this year (2014) and claims the video is from 2014. What it doesn’t tell us is where this video footage was filmed and I’d like to know that.

What we can deduce from the footage is that there seems to be a small group of divers exploring an old ship wreck below the waves.

The video shows the areas around the shipwreck and we get to see some interesting fish in their natural habitat. After a short time, the videographer approaches the end of some part of the ship and we see other divers. Just then something appears from the top and swims off.

The shape is definitely that of a classic mermaid – the curvaceous tale with the fins at the end, undulating as the figure swims away from us.

The Video

Here’s the video, less than a minute long:

Is it real? Let’s take a closer look.

The divers are real, the shipwreck seems real, but the weird thing is, the “mermaid” appears and none of the other divers seem to notice as she passes over and by them. A mermaid would be close to the size of a small dolphin – would the divers have missed something that big right near them? I think not.

We have two possibilities: either the mermaid figure was Photoshopped into the video footage, or a human masquerading as a mermaid swam up on cue, and swam away from the camera.

Something else also bothers me about the footage. We get glimpses of the surrounding water and the more I look at it, the more it looks like an aquarium to me. You may wonder well, if it’s an aquarium, where did the shipwreck come from?

I have a nephew who runs his own Imagineering company – the kind of people who make props for Disney and other theme parks, as well as aquariums, museums and the like. Their work is so exquisite it absolutely, 100% looks real and authentic. So someone could have created the “shipwreck” for an aquarium.

I’m also a little suspicious of the “mermaid” herself. That part of the video looks exactly like another “mermaid” video from a few years ago that supposedly caught a “real mermaid” off the cost of Australia.  It was later debunked.

I also would have expected to see more turbulence around her as she entered the scene if she had really been there. It’s puzzling.

MermaidMelissaMermaids for Hire

People have been imitating mermaids for many years. The best example I know is down in Florida, at the Weeki Wachee Springs State Park. They have hosted mermaid shows for the past 60 years. It’s a fun place, if you ever get a chance to visit there.

In recent years a host of young women have started their own small businesses portraying mermaids. They put on shows and will appear at your function for a fee. Some work by themselves, while others have their own little troop that includes at least one merman. (Photo of Mermaid Melissa above left.

These mermaid businesses seem to exist around the world, so I always have to consider that one of these talented swimmers might be performing for the camera whose footage then winds up on the internet. So we have to be wary.

I’m not against these businesses, by the way. I think they’re fun!

But I’m still looking for proof positive that cryptid creatures that we call mermaids exist.

FlirtyPinkMermaidBottom Line

There are too many questions and strange things about this video for me to declare that it’s footage of a real mermaid. Add to that the lack of information about how and where and exactly when it was taken speaks against its validity.

So we’ll have to keep our eyes open and cameras rolling in order to find better and authentic footage!

If you have a mermaid video that you’ve seen or recorded and you’d like us to review it, please send us a link to the video at:  cryptoville (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Til the next time! Tail slap!

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  1. I agree. It screams fake. The mermaid didn’t swim right. The camera followed her too exact even though she was going sideways, she didn’t match the other underwater fish or objects and yes, that is strange the other divers didn’t even see her! lol I didn’t notice that it looked like an aquarium but that is also true now that I think about that. There should be a law that if anyone tries to pass fake videos or pictures of cryptozoology creatures, they will be fined or something.

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