Bigfoot Thursday: The Craven Video from Saskatchewan, Canada

TalkingBF02Is that a monster prowling the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada? Or just a regular old Bigfoot or Sasquatch? Cryptozoology lovers will enjoy this video – it’s very compelling.

A YouTube channel by Adam Bird brings us this week’s Bigfoot Thursday video. He shares the story of a family from Saskatchewan, Canada who go for a ride one evening only to stumble upon a cryptid lurking in the prairie grass.

I like this incident for several reasons. The alleged Bigfoot is about the right size, has a cone shaped head, big shoulders, no neck to speak of, and in one glimpse we get a hint of how long its arms are. Furthermore, the hair on the animal looks believable, more like Patty from the Patterson/Gimlin film rather than some Hollywood costume.

The creature also immediately heads for cover and quickly disappears from sight. That’s a very natural response for a wild animal coming upon human intrusion.

PrairieGrassesPrairie Habitat

The prairie grass is a little deceiving – it looks short to medium height in the video but in actuality, prairie grasses can grow to ten feet tall. The various grass varieties average between six and eight feet tall. So they could hide a Bigfoot.

I saw a snarky comment from someone who questioned why a Bigfoot would be living on a prairie and so they immediately decided the video was a hoax. Apparently he missed the Finding Bigfoot episode when they were in South Dakota, a state covered with prairies. The local native Americans were well aware of the Bigfoots in their area and accepted them as part of their natural world.

So I have no problem with a Bigfoot living in and around prairies whether in the US or Canada.

monsters-university-carWho Goes for Rides?

Other people thought the video was contrived because they didn’t believe that people go for rides anymore. I love going for rides and that’s something I do pretty regularly. I always keep my eyes open for any signs of cryptids along the way, of course!

Video Quality

Adam examines the film well and shows us several enhancements that mostly bring the figure into sharper contrast. He doesn’t waste our time, but gets right to the point.

I appreciated how the original video was pretty darn clear and focused, especially when compared with most of the junk videos we see. Kudos to whomever was filming the creature!

The Video

The video is a little over 3 minutes long:

So What Is It?

I think there’s a good chance that was a real Bigfoot or Sasquatch. The size, shape, and behavior seems about right.

What do you think?


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