Bigfoot Thursday: Bigfoot Eyeshine or Monster Hoax?

TalkingBF02Today’s Bigfoot video shows a man, his frightened dogs, and what looks like a monster sitting in the woods in the pitch dark of night. It’s an interesting video that cryptozoology lovers might want to think about – could this be a real Bigfoot? Or another hoax?

Someone on YouTube who goes by the moniker “BadAssPimpMasterFlex” posted the following video on May 5, 2013. He said that one night his two huge mastiff dogs were begging to come inside which is contrary to their usual behavior.

After letting them inside, he shone his flashlight out back and caught a pair of front-facing eyes looking back at him. The video continues not showing much of the animal (or whatever it is), as he tries to get it to react. He calls, he whistles, he makes some other noises. Whatever the creature is, it doesn’t react very much other than looking away at times then returning its gaze towards this man.

BigfootinDarkIn His Own Words

The video maker describes himself as a naturist and sportsman who owns guns. In his own comments section, he added the following:

“I had went out to see what was going on because the dogs were both sitting right up against the sliding patio door. Close together and my female was pawing at the door. They don’t like to be indoors as its too warm inside for them most of the time. I felt weird once I got out there. So I grabbed my flashlight and shined it up there and seen the eyes. I’ve had deer, Owls, Coons and such back up there but this was different. There is nothing to stand on right there to get that height. Which is roughly 8-9′ off the ground.

I am an avid naturist and sportsman. I own .223’s .308’s and several other firearms. I’m not in the habit of fire rounds off into the dark at something that is not challenging me. I felt creeped out yes…but not as if my life was in danger. I’ve heard things up there at night but I have no more interest in going any further with this. I could possibly film whatever it was and no matter what I filmed it would be received with more <expletive> comments from Armchair Rambo do nothing in their lives <expletive>faces. <Expletive> faces that want to shoot comments off as if they would do something different like go charging up there in the dark to confront whatever it was, when they can’t even confront their Mommy to get a weekend unchaperoned to attend a Bronie Convention.

I’m not into “Squatching” or any stuff like that. Some things are just better left alone, it doesn’t bother me, I don’t bother it. We are cool like that.”

He reported that he has since moved away from that house and area.

The Videos

This man recorded the footage in two videos, below. Please note his foul language is incredibly bad, so please be forewarned.


What to Make of This

First and foremost, we’re not seeing much of the animal and I guess that’s understandable since it is the dead of night out there. I wish we knew where he was at the time (state/area).

His report about how the dogs reacted rings true because we hear how time and again dogs become very afraid when one is in the area. You may wonder why the thing didn’t respond to all his calls and whistles. I figure it probably didn’t know the man could see his eye-shine and felt it was safe there.

People have criticized him for not going out and pursuing whatever it is, but I don’t blame him. If you’re not prepared to put it all on the line to discover a Bigfoot as Bigfoot researchers often are, you’re not obliged to put yourself in harm’s way just to prove it exists.

Others said he should have shot it. We’ve heard many times how hunters were tempted to shoot it but decided not to. They felt it would be wrong. I’m glad he didn’t.

BigfootHideSeekBut is it a Bigfoot? I can’t say for sure, but it’s possible. This guy’s account seems real and natural (in fact too natural if you factor in that horrible cursing).  His behavior afterwards also does him credit I think. He’s not planning on going out to try to find it again because he doesn’t want any grief and criticism from viewers – that seemed to make him very angry. But he also seems secure in what he saw and his beliefs about it.

I would give him the benefit of the doubt until further evidence could be produced to show it was a hoax, if that’s even possible. But I found the footage interesting.

What do you think?

Call for Videos

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