Bigfoot Thursday: June 28, 2014 Sighting in Virginia with Photos

TalkingBF02Today we look at a Bigfoot story taking place in Virginia. Less than a week ago, a 72 year old man spotted the monster by a river and took some photos. Cryptozoology lovers will want to know – is it the real thing?

Thanks to my friend Katie S for finding this story!

Randy ONeal shared some photos online taken by his 72 year old father on June 28, 2014. His Dad and a family friend were fishing by a remote creek near the intercoastal waterway in Virginia when they spotted a big hairy creature across the way from them.  His father picked up his “old school camera phone” and took some photos. (Map of the Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway in Virginia below left.)

AtlanticIntercoastalWaterwayRandy took his father’s photos and uploaded them to YouTube (see below) to share with the world. Many people are claiming this is a hoax, but Randy says, “[T]hey were taken by my 72-year-old father on June 28, 2014 with his old school flip phone. You believe or you don’t. There is no in-between.”

Twenty-five years ago, Randy and his father had another encounter with what they think was a Bigfoot. They were camping in the same area as the recent fishing encounter. Randy kept seeing red eyes in the woods and pestered his father about them. Getting frustrated, his father told him to shoot the darn thing, then.

Randy took his shotgun and shot in the general direction of where he had seen the red eyes. They heard a horrible scream then the sounds of something large charging away from them through the woods. Randy said his father believed him then and they were both deeply disturbed by the incident.

The next morning, they went to the area where Randy had shot and found a huge swath of brush flattened that continued down to the river.

BigfootinDarkSkeptics also doubt this encounter but Randy says, “For all who think I am pulling a Fast one on you: My story from being a teenager is as true as the day is long. I don’t claim to have Shot Bigfoot. I claim to have shot a creature that we never identified.”

Back to the photos from June 28th.

Most of the following video is text from Randy explaining the situation, his first encounter with a strange creature when he was 15, and setting the stage for the photos his father took last week. The video in about 4.5 minutes long.

Randy comes across as very sincere and honest, in fact, he invites video experts to “dissect” the photos and see for themselves whether it’s a hoax or not.

The photos are very clear, but they are also very distant. If his Dad only had a zoom feature on the cell phone, we would really be able to see something. (This is why I hate cell phone photos across the board! How useful is a camera without a zoom – it’s not!)

Anyway, the photos do seem to show a bipedal, hairy creature across the creek from the photographer. But that’s about all we can tell. The creature’s outline seems about right, broad in the shoulders, no neck, cone shaped head. But the legs look a big skinny. Maybe it’s a young one?

I think it’s impossible to draw any real conclusions without a good videographic analysis. But I will say, I think it’s an interesting photo, the environment seems right, and there seems to be plenty of brush for the animal to hide in. Presumably the creek provides some food for it to sustain itself.

I wish they told us what the creature was doing. Was it fishing, or picking up shell fish? Why only two photos? Did they startle it and it ran off?

Ultimately, this may well be a Bigfoot but it’s just too far away from the photographer to tell. I hope someone does a video analysis of it. If I find one, I will share it with you here.

What do you think?


  1. That is not a bear! At first I thought it had long legs which does not go along with all the other pics we have seen of them. But when I put it on full screen I could see it was not near the water but farther back walking down a dirt path to the water and the things I thought were it’s skinny legs where just branches by the water. It indeed was very hefty and muscularly built. We are coming close to getting proof that this new species exists what ever it is.

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