Bigfoot Thursday: Virginia Bigfoot Trailcam Photo (Finding Bigfoot)

TalkingBF02This week Bigfoot Thursday reviews the trailcam photo of a juvenile Bigfoot seen on last Sunday’s episode of Finding Bigfoot! Is this a monster of the deep woods or an ordinary resident? Cryptozoology lovers want to know! 

Avid outdoorsman, Roger Williams, caught the following image on his Trailcam back on July 18, 2013. He shared the image with his local newspaper and ultimately, the Finding Bigfoot program.

My first thoughts were this could almost be a monkey but we have to consider the location. Monkeys in Florida, I’ll believe – the weather is more temperate there for them. In Virginia where they can have harsh winters, I’m not buying it.

BlackBearSo what about a bear. You can make a good case that it is a bear except that the front arms seem too long for a black bear. And it does look like there are “hands” of some sort on the end of it, not paws. But let’s look at a photo of a real bear, a young one (left). The legs are longer than I would have thought.

In the Williams photo, the the animal’s proportions seem right for a Bigfoot too, although this would probably be a small one or juvenile if it was in fact, a Bigfoot.

Also, black bears have perky, stand-up ears which we do not see in the Williams image.  Someone who lives in Southwest Virginia where black bears are well known, said their bears are small with legs that are very “short and stout.”

Here’s the video:

Finding Bigfoot Investigates

This past Sunday, the Finding Bigfoot team visited this area of Virginia and met with Roger Williams. They reviewed the photo and made some interesting points. First they noted that the area in which the photo was taken was good territory for Bigfoots to live in.

Cliff Barackman made an excellent case for why he thought it was a bear. If we look at the hind quarters, the “hips” are small and kind of narrow. He said they’re more in line with how a quadruped is built, rather than a bipedal animal.

He’s right. Even in a juvenile Bigfoot, we’d see more butt definition due to the muscles required to keep the animal upright. So this may be a small bear.

The ears are a sticking point for me. They are so perky in bears that it seems we should be able to see them in this photo, but we don’t.


I believe this is a legitimate photo, though, and Roger Williams was a credible witness, so I don’t believe anything has been hoaxed here.

Roger shared a report from an acquaintance of his who said he’d been camping by a nearby reservoir and one night he heard a strange call/howl noise. The man said he would have ignored it except for the fact he heard it again soon after the first call and began to wonder what was behind it.

That area of Virginia is beautiful with mountainous terrain and plenty of food and shelter for Bigfoots to live. I think they are most likely there, but this photo doesn’t seem to be showing one.

Hopefully someone will get a clear and definitive photo of one, once and for all!

What do you think?

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