Bigfoot Thursday: Can You Spot It?

TalkingBF02Bigfoot Thursday rolls around again, and this time, we’ll start with a little monster style quiz! Watch this “cryptozoology” video and see how long it takes you to spot the “problem.”

This is one of those videos that you think might be absolutely compelling at first, only to find your hopes dashed in less than a minute.  Take a look  (2 min or so) and then we’ll discuss it:


A group of kids standing around, possibly with a teacher, looking intently into the woods above them. Except for the kid in the red jacket who is so concerned that he makes a snow ball and throws it at one of his friends!

Then we see the creature, rushing away from us, around a bend — just as the flap at its ankle waves bye-bye like a flag on the Fourth of July! LOL!!

GhillieSuitTypesThis is clearly someone in a cheap costume, or perhaps it was the flap of their pants or something. Someone suggested they didn’t close the ankle flap on their gillie suit. Have you ever seen one of those? (Photo left.)

Also notice how much time is spent filming the people standing around as opposed to following the “Bigfoot.” That’s another clue that it’s a fake.

I don’t understand why hoaxers waste their time with such poor quality videos. I guess it’s because you can’t fake the real thing – a real animal is wonderful in its making, and nothing we can do ever comes close to it.

I’m still keeping my eyes open for a good Bigfoot sighting!  Til the next time!

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  1. I’m always disappointed in hoaxers of crappy videos, no matter what/who they’re faking. Some of them are aspiring filmmakers and I wish them luck in their careers; unfortunately, the vast majority are simply dumbasses that believe they’re better than everyone else, (watch how the crackpots believe in my lame video and start heaping praise upon my video skills). These hoaxers are simply fame whores looking to further themselves at the expense of the gullible.

    This Thursday, I believe this video to be the product of one of the latter type of hoaxers that couldn’t even be bothered to produce a half-way convincing bit of “evidence”. My dear feline companion, Schrödinger, could come up with something more convincing during a hairball seizure.

    I do hope I haven’t pissed anyone off or insulted anyone in particular. I just offer up my opinion…

    • Love it! How could Schrodinger be anything else but a superb feline intellect with a name like that? LOL!!

      I never thought of the “aspiring filmmaker” angle – good grief! More mayhem in the mix!!

      Thanks for visiting CryptoVille! … Susan (CryptoVille)

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