What Monster Lurks in the Oceans’ Depths?

MegaSharksThis chilling report, worthy of note to cryptozoology lovers, seems to indicate there is a huge monster lurking in our oceans’ depths. The mysterious account, verified by scientists, has left a lot of people wondering what else lurks below the waves.

I caught this report on the web (via Animal Planet) and it instantly intrigued me. So often in CryptoVille, we talk about how little we know of the creatures living in the oceans around the world and how vast and deep the water actually is. We’ve wondered what types of creatures could be living there, particularly the big and scary kind.

Finally, it seems we’ve gotten a clue and it’s chilling.  Scientists are left scratching their heads as they ponder the data received from a tracking device attached to a 9 foot (3 m) white shark off the coast of Australia.

To see for yourself, here’s the video – just under 3 minutes long.

How did the recording device reach the beach? After 8 days it had to have been “passed” from the predator’s digestive track, where it floated to the surface and washed ashore.

What do you think could eat a 9 foot shark?







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  1. WOW! That is both scary and amazing. I want to know what is capable of eating a 9ft Great White other than something like a Megalodon which isn’t supposed to exist any more

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