Bigfoot Thursday: Bigfoot Climbing Up a Hill

TalkingBF02Bigfoot Thursday is back with another cryptozoology puzzle! Is this a Bigfoot climbing up a hillside, or a hoax? Let’s examine this monster more closely.

I love when people are able to enhance videos in order to give us a better view into their making. That’s what happened in this case. One of my favorite video investigators, ParaBreakdown, looks into the mysterious video submitted to him by someone named “jabezcascade.”

First, take a look at the video from 3/30/14 (a little over 2 minutes long):

As per usual, the video is jumpy and poorly focused which is a red flag when trying to determine if something is a hoax or not. Most cameras have an autofocus, and most people are able to get their camera focused, at least part of the time. So the fact that this is blurry works against it in my opinion.

After viewing his enhanced version, ParaBreakdown pointed out several important clues:

  • The arms aren’t nearly long enough to belong to a great ape. They are human length.
  • We can’t quite see the neck, not because it’s a cone shaped head, but because the creature/person is clearly looking at their feet, carefully wending their way through the undergrowth.
  • ParaBreakdown could see the creature/person’s pants, jacket, and boots.

BigfootHideSeekHis conclusion, that it was most likely a big man walking up the hill while someone filmed him.

I’d like to add a few points:

  • Bigfoots walk faster in much denser terrain than this man did walking up the hill.
  • If this was legitimate, why didn’t the videographer take it to the news instead of passing it on to a “friend.”
  • I can see there are definitely pants and something on the feet – some kind of shoe. None of it looks like fur/hair, that’s for sure. Plus in one quick moment we see the sole of the shoe – it looks narrow and small compared to the Bigfoot prints found by many people around the country.

I’m satisfied that this is a hoax. What helps us determine that is the ability to manipulate the video looking for clues.  At first glance, the video was a little exciting.  What’s that old saying? “Trust but verify.”  Indeed!

See you next Thursday for another Bigfoot video!

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