Bigfoot Thursday: Sighting Near Bailey, CO

TalkingBF02Bigfoot Thursday visit Baileys, CO this week to evaluate a report about a Bigfoot sighting back on May 29, 2012. This monster tale seems tame by cryptozoology standards, but it adds to the mystery and lore of Bigfoot. But is the witness credible?

This week on Bigfoot Thursday, CryptoVille looks into a reported sighting of the big guy in an area near Bailey Colorado. We don’t actually see any Bigfoot footage, but the woman who saw the creature on the evening of May 29, 2012 seems believable.

Kate Murphy and a neighbor were out for an evening stroll around 7:30 pm. They seem to be on a mountain path, very forested and wild. She said suddenly they heard a sound to their left like a big branch breaking, then saw a large, hairy creature walking quickly down a hill, away from them. She described the creature as about 7.5 feet tall and said it didn’t walk with a human gait.

Prior to this sighting Ms. Murphy wasn’t interested in Bigfoot and never thought much about it. So this sighting really astonished her. Here’s the video:

jeff meldrumThe Evolutionary Biologist Weighs In

Channel 9 news out of Colorado first aired this story, which later was shared on YouTube by The Bigfoot Conundrum.  The reporters asked Dr. John Demboski, curator of Vertebrae Zoology at Denver’s Museum of Nature and Science and an evolutionary biologist, his opinion of the Bigfoot phenomenon.

He said there was no clear evidence that the beast exists, and having studied something like 60,000 animal remains in his career, he feels sure that no one has any real evidence of Bigfoot’s existence from anywhere around the world.

I have to wonder if he ever heard of Dr. Jeff Meldrum (photo left) and Mr. Jimmy Chilcutt?

The Reporting

The reporters in this story were far more professional than most of them are. That may be because there have been many sightings of Bigfoot throughout their area over the years. Many people in and around Bailey, Colorado believe.

There was a little smirking by the program anchors, but the reporter actually covering the case did a good job.

BigfootCrossingBottom Line

I believe Kate Murphy, I think she saw what she said she saw. She wanted her face hidden because she wanted to maintain her privacy, and she seems to have no interest in benefitting from her sighting in any way.

What do you think? Have you ever seen a Bigfoot?




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