Bigfoot Thursday: Stupid Hoax and Stupid Reporting

TalkingBF02We’re back again this week, this time looking at a Bigfoot hoax and the way the media plays it. Cryptozoology lovers will be annoyed at the stupid and churlish way the whole topic is handled. See for yourself!

First, let’s look at this 2.5 minute video. The woman taking the video was out hiking near a river in Down River Park, Spokane, Washington. She used an iPhone to record the images.

Also notice how the “reporters” handle the whole story.

The Bigfoot

Right away you can see that’s a man in a Bigfoot costume. The giveaway is the neck area. There’s a head, a neck, and then shoulders. Those of us who believe that Bigfoot exists and who follow these stories closely know that Bigfoots have a conical shaped head, virtually no neck, and massive shoulders, all scrunched together.

The hoaxer also walks like a man with a lot of knee action, as opposed to Bigfoots who move their whole leg as they walk (more noticeably than we do) and take huge strides.

So we’ll call this one debunked and done.

StupidReporterThe Reporting

This aspect is the one that frustrates me beyond belief.  The news commentator smirks her way through the whole introduction, as though she was addressing a group of grammar school kids and telling them about the Boogeyman.

Next we meet the reporter, presumably a journalist, and her whole tone is mocking, silly, and unprofessional.

Journalism isn’t that important a profession that they have to worry about ruining their reputations by reporting these stories. It’s not like a pilot reporting a UFO who could jeopardize their career. It’s not like a scientist who may be tainted by their association to any paranormal related research.

They’re supposed to report the facts. Period. Yet EVERY time a news station reports on a Bigfoot related story, the smirks, the condescension , the mockery all come to the fore.

They need to treat this story the same way they treat any other story. Who, what, where, when, why, and sometimes, how. They need to realize a LOT of people in the US have actually seen these things and they are not crazy. They also need to realize that there are scientists who begrudgingly acknowledge that there may be an as-yet unidentified primate roaming the dense forests and woodlands around our nation. And they need to respect other peoples’ opinions.

Did their coverage annoy you too?


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