Bigfoot Thursday: What is That Spot in the Distance?

TalkingBF02It’s Bigfoot Thursday and CryptoVille resumes its search for credible Bigfoot videos found around the net! Is this next video just a cryptozoology lover’s dream or a great big hoax? Let’s examine this monster from the North, this time near Squamish, British Colombia!

Two men hiking in the mountains of British Colombia, near Squamish, spotted something unusual very far below them in a mountain valley. It looks like a spot on the video, unfortunately, but they reported that you could see it better with the naked eye.

They were able to determine it was walking on two legs and was moving very fast. What was it doing there? We don’t know.

The Video

SquamishBCSome Clarifications

Many people dismissed this video because of the distance from the animal and the poor visibility. The witness, who I believe is M Lam (who is the person who uploaded the video to YouTube) shared this information with us:

“This video was only uploaded for the benefit of a couple of friends, we had no intention for it to gather the interest it has. We are not claiming this to be anything other than a strange encounter based on some of the reasons below:

1) We were able to view the subject much better than what the video portrays as it was just a simple point and shoot camera. Contrast was excellent due to the snow behind the subject.

2) The subject was clearly bipedal and was without snowshoes or a backpack and wearing all one coloured clothing. Movement over this kind of terrain in soft snow without snowshoes would have been very difficult and the distance traveled over the given time period would have been very fast for a human without proper snow travel gear.

3) There was a very steep drop off below where the video was shot, easily a 300m [328 yards/nearly 1000 feet] sheer face. We were not equipped with climbing gear and a descent around would have been impossible before nightfall.

4) We have encountered bears on the approach to this summit in the past, this video is most definitely not showing a bear or any other wild animal.

5) Perhaps the most reasonable explanation for this video is a very ill prepared hiker, hiking up a difficult section of snowline as opposed to a much easier route, one who is very physically fit and able to cover ground in unusually quick fashion and must have had very large feet as we were breaking through snow crust in just our boots.”

I think the fifth point was made a bit sarcastically as having a human move that fast over that terrain would have been nearly impossible, in my opinion. Also what would a human be doing down there? Lam also implied it was near nightfall – a dangerous place to be alone and in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

Silver_Star_Mt.BF01Lending Credence

I’d like to share three points that cause me to believe this video could quite possibly be showing a Bigfoot:

  1. There was an old Monster Quest show (or one of the other ones) that showed a family video that caught a Bigfoot running across a meadow in the distance. They went back to investigate afterwards bringing with them a high school or college track star. They compared his run across the field to the creature on the video and he came up short.
  2. Silver_Star_Mt.BF02On an episode of Finding Bigfoot, the team investigated a photo taken of a Bigfoot on the  top of snow covered Silver Star Mountain in Washington (photos above and left). Do you remember that? It was on the absolute pinnacle of the mountain! Why do Bigfoots do that? Because they can?
  3. There was another episode of Finding Bigfoot that showed a very old video (from the early 1960s) of what looks like a Bigfoot crossing a snow covered meadow high up in the Rocky Mountains. I thought that was impressive because of its age (Bigfoot mania wasn’t in full swing like it is today), the quality of the witnesses, and the appearance of the animal. To me, it looked like a Bigfoot.

So while this recent video isn’t perfect, I find it compelling. It’s not going to convince skeptics, but for those of us who do believe in the big hairy guy, it’s definitely interesting.

What do you think?


  1. It is interesting and I do believe they are real but it is so aggravating that no one has brought home any evidence after so many locals all across the country have seen them, some of them often and every video is always too distant or blurring to make an accurate evaluation.

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