Ghost Screams in an Empty Hotel Room

GermanGhostScreaming Ghost in a Hotel Room? The video sure is creepy and compelling! Is this a ghost caught on camera? Or just another hoax? CryptoVille investigates this paranormal mystery!

My friend Nelda shared this link with me. I normally avoid paranormal topics in favor of cryptozoological ones, but this video sure is interesting.

I searched around the web trying to find out if it was real or not, and the best explanations came from people who commented on the video, two of whom seem to be well versed in photo and video technology.

First check out the video:

The Clues

Here are the comments I found very helpful. They provide important clues as to the authenticity of this video.

Comments01I don’t know their real names, so I’m using their avatar names to give them credit:

Iron Aged said, “I’ll admit the video looks good, but there is a way you’d do that and the fact they are using fixed security cameras makes it possible. Simply take earlier video showing people exiting the room and then overlay it with this video, only make it practically transparent. The cameras are fixed in one position so it’s easy. The only thing that changes in the video, are the people.

That being said, and being a big skeptic (but always open to seeing proof if someone ever gets some) I will say that it seems unusual that an expensive hotel like this would allow their security manager to post something fake like this. And if the guy is acting he’s a good actor. But given they won’t come forward and talk more about it (like letting us see the public police report on the incident if they really called the cops) then it still seems more likely to be fake. But one of the better ones I’ve seen.

When the person posting this can provide a link to information on the police report and their response to the incident, or the insurance companies response to the damages, then fake seems to be the most likely candidate.”

King Geoffrey II said, “only thing that makes me think its fake is how many cameras there are and kinda funny one camera pointing directly at the 209 door….it’s like they were pranking John.”

Excellent point – I wish I had seen it. Security cameras don’t point into the rooms, much less when you can see right into the bathroom from that vantage point. They point down the hallways.

Comments02Scott Simoncic said, “True, the layout of most hotel rooms, from what I can see, including this one, includes the bathroom as the first door upon entrance to the room… the angle of the camera is to where the inside of a guest room can be viewed… This is not allowed, you have to shoot down hallways and only at doors that are public access.

Also, the frame rate is insane…. I just got done consulting on the installation of over 100 cameras at our sites, to record that much video, from that many cameras, constantly (which, judging from the other cameras, they are) at that frame rate would require an extreme amount of Storage.  Let’s also look from another angle… The first IP camera was invented in 1996, the first usable de-centralized one 1999… These were VGA resolution and not even measured in megapixel.  So, you mean to tell me… That this mid-level looking hotel, in 2003, two years after the Pentagon could only get us 6 frames of useless video of the attack upon it…. Two years later, this Howard Johnson looking hotel can afford what looks to be 2-3 MP Cameras, the fiber connected, POE Switches to drive them on each floor, the server farm that would have been necessary at that time to store all of it (including HVAC to cool that server room) and, with all of that money spent, they couldn’t figure out how to aim their cameras to follow legal guidelines?  Riiiiiiight……”

Ooo, excellent points there. This is looking more like a fake by the minute!

Alannah Evangelista shared this interesting viewpoint, “Have people still not realized some or probably most people search for ghost videos and only to watch them for entertainment?”

I honestly hadn’t thought of that. I thought that, like me (Miss Overachievous Rex) people wanted to GET TO THE BOTTOM of each mystery, not just enjoy the video. LOL!! Thank you to Alannah for pointing that out!

Wut Manintu – I wish I’d thought of this you clever chops! Wut said, “It was Harry Potter.”  LOL!

iPhone 5 Halloween WallpaperBottom Line

I’m satisfied that this video was hoaxed, but it sure was entertaining in its own way!

What do you think?


  1. i keep hoping to see if someone out there gets footage of something…as i have seen a couple ghosties myself, but didn’t have a camera on me at the time (being that the last one i saw was mid-1982, and i was a mere 11-yrs. old). i’ve seen a few out there that may be for real, but with so many people ready to cast doubt, its hard to share with others. all i know is i know what i saw; as a matter of fact, i had recently gotten a confirmation that the last ghostie i witnessed may have actually been at that location (the event of my seeing the ‘shadow lady’ is a funny one)-but for so long i had been hearing that there’d never been any reports of a female passing on in that building…then little over 20 yrs. later, i read that in fact ther had been a woman who was found dead there, and there was no more explanation into her story except to say that no one knew why she was there (it had been a hotel, a courthouse, and a restaurant, at various times, and sometimes all at the same time) or what her name was.
    my point is in regards in the case of ANYTHING: keep an open mind. there have been millions, billions, possibly trillions of souls who have traversed this planet…and we don’t know every story. and we don’t have the answers to everything, no matter how much we like to think we do.

    • Thanks for sharing your story Logan, that’s very interesting. Things may be hard to document in the cryptid world, but they’re even harder to “catch” in the spiritual world. That’s why I stick to cryptozoology for the most part.

      As Shakespeare wrote, There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
      – Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio

      Thanks for visiting CryptoVille! … Susan (CryptoVille)

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