Bigfoot Thursday – Mike Wooley’s Hairy Encounter with Bigfoot

TalkingBF02It’s Bigfoot Thursday again and we’re hunting cryptozoology reports about Bigfoot! This latest video describes one man’s monster tale wherein he meets a couple of Bigfoot in the woods of Louisiana and makes them angry! Read on to see what CryptoVille makes of this account.

I love this video. I believe this man wholeheartedly. It’s the type of account that makes me certain there are Bigfoots in our woods, as well as around the world in different iterations.

What makes it believable?  The video is taken from an angle where we’re basically “sitting” next to Mike Wooley (we could be having coffee and donuts and socializing), and he begins to tell his account of accidentally meeting Bigfoot in the woods of Louisiana in December of 1981. There is no big fanfare, loud music, or production overkill.

He’s intelligent, articulate (which means he can really give the detail necessary to fill-in the report), an experienced hunter, and a regular “tough guy,” not easily intimidated by anything. You can tell all this by his language, expressions, body language, and appearance. I’m estimating he’s in his later middle age so that means he has at least 20 maybe 30 years hunting experience.

The details he shares lend credence to his tale. Everything seems consistent with the little we know about Bigfoots. I was pleased that he first thought the creature was a feral human – he said he thought Bigfoots just lived in California. Here we have a witness who had absolutely no idea, no preconceived notion, that a Bigfoot lurked in his woods. So we’re not dealing with a person who is trying so hard to see a Bigfoot that they’ll mistake anything as a sign of one.

I’m very pleased with this account. Thanks to Mike Wooley for sitting down to share it with the world. It’s very interesting.

The Video

The video is a little over 6.5 minutes long. Enjoy!


What do you think about this Bigfoot account?


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