Bigfoot Thursday: Les Stroud’s Show & the Bigfoot Video

TalkingBF02This week we review a Bigfoot video captured by Todd Standing and shared with the world on Les Stroud’s first Bigfoot show! Is this the monster in the woods we seek, or a clever hoax? Will cryptozoology lovers be thrilled or disappointed with our verdict. Only time will tell.

On the first episode of Les Stroud’s Survivorman Bigfoot program, he shared with us a video taken by Todd Standing that seems to show a Bigfoot looking through some tree branches at the camera. It’s a tantalizing video. It was amazing to see so much of a Bigfoot’s face, and see it clearly, that I was quite excited at first.

Then I looked at it a few more times.

I have my doubts.

Slanderous Accusations or Truthful Assessment

One big problem that the Bigfoot “community” has in my opinion, is all the nasty backbiting, name calling, and nastiness that goes on. It makes me sick. I tried to “like” Matt Moneymaker’s BFRO page on Facebook but quickly “unliked it”, never to return. The problem was how mean and nasty people were in their comments – it was appalling.  And I don’t want any part of it. I do not allow anything like that in CryptoVille.

So when I did a little research about Todd Standing I quickly noticed how much name-calling and nastiness was being thrown his way. I pulled back and stopped reading. Why? Because I can make up my own mind, I don’t need to listen to the nasty drivel people feel compelled to throw around.

Is Todd Standing a fraud? I don’t know. But I plan on evaluating him through his videos and photos only. I’m not into character assassination.

That said, I see some red flags in this video.

The Video

In the 1 minute 13 seconds of this video, we mostly see a face staring down at the camera/Todd Standing. It sways a little right and left but its face never alters its expression.

  • The face seems immobile.
  • The eyes never blink.
  • There is something strange about the hair; it doesn’t seem real to me.
  • The space between the bottom of the nose and the top of the upper lip is more in proportion to a human face than those of a great ape.
  • Why didn’t Todd try to move forward to get a better, closer photo of the animal. It may have started moving which would have been a great photo opportunity.
  • Why does the video end after just 1 minute 13 seconds.

Two Still Photos

I found these two still photos, one clearly taken from the video (left), the second not from the previous video (right). This is Todd Standing’s purported Bigfoot.














Now let’s compare a human face to that of a Bigfoot face. We’ll compare the space between the bottom of the nose and top of the upper lip. Look at Les Stroud’s face, then compare that to a replica of the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot, Patty’s, face.  (You can read more about that replica here:   )












See how different the proportions are? Now let’s look at the face of a gorilla:


Clearly these gorilla’s facial proportions are more along the line of the Bigfoot Patty’s facial proportions, not a human’s.

Back to the Todd Standing still photo compared to the replica Bigfoot Patty:














There’s something “off” in the Todd Standing subject’s proportions.

Second Still Photo

Let’s look at this second still photo. In the past I was pretty involved in doll collecting and to a lesser extent, stuffed animals. When I looked at this photo I saw a fake – from the felted “skin” on the cheeks, to the hair which looks like that of a high-end teddy bear company that I bet you’ve heard of, to the glass eyes. I cannot see how that “creature” could possibly be real.


What About Les?

You may wonder why Les Stroud is even showing this video. I believe he is approaching the search for Bigfoot appropriately – he’s being skeptical. He’s evaluating the evidence to his own satisfaction. He isn’t listening to the character assassination being thrown at Todd Standing; he’s giving the guy a chance and is making up his own mind.

For instance in the second show I learned a lot from him regarding how to evaluate the “tree structures” that Bigfoot purportedly makes. Prior to that I kind of ignored those things as just forest junk, but now I see them differently.

Les’ survival training really opened my eyes as to what to look for when trees are bent over and branches broken off. That was very interesting.

I think we can trust Les to evaluate all these clues appropriately.

Back to the video.

Bottom Line

The “creature” in the video above doesn’t look like the traditional definition of a Bigfoot/Sasquatch. Its cheeks are flat and not hairy, the proportions are more human-like than ape-like, and there’s no facial movement – the eyes don’t seem to blink throughout the whole one minute plus video. (Artist’s redrawing of Patty from the Patterson/Gimlin film to the right.)

As it stands today, I think there’s something wrong with it. Coupled with the clearly fake photo of the same face at a different angle, I highly doubt this is a real Bigfoot.

However, we’ll have to see how this plays out. IF Les finds better evidence that this same Bigfoot exists, with the unusual face, then we’ll have to adjust our preconceptions of what this animal looks like. But until then, I’m going to put it aside and forget it.

What do you think? Am I being too harsh in my assessment?


  1. I Wanted to drop by and say I love your site here! Outstanding work,and always(since I’ve been following) great subjects,and,just as thankfully,IMHO,an objective stance,that doesn’t let politics,drama,and all the nonsense(ESP as you mentioned above) take the spotlight away from the subjects at hand. That’s commendable,and outstanding as well,.and I wanted to say thanks for this as well!
    Just as unfortunate,there’s many great sites,that have awesome potential,only to be ruled by the drama,and followers of that frame of mind. Glad to see this is not the case here.
    Ok,.regarding the subject,and his “findings” and “evidence”. I feel like many in the serious section of the community,.as in I do not consider myself an expert,.by any means,lol. And,will likely never will,.for there is so much to learn,just within the mystery,and legacy that is Sasquatch/Bigfoot and the Wildmen,it’s often quite overwhelming,lol! And,like many(as you obviously do as well,based on the awesome,and very knowledgable articles I’ve read here!) researchers and folks I’ve been fortunate to meet,and learn from,I take a lot of pride learning all I can about this subject. It is truly something I live for,and enjoy immensely!
    That being said,I understand from my research,and a few others that have reached similar thoughts,.we may be dealing with creatures,and beings,that may/may not be related.but may resemble each other somewhat(or just barely in rarer cases,lol).
    However,I am of the mind,based on reading many,many reports/accounts,interviewing and meeting quite a few credible,and outstanding eye witnesses in my area,etc,to think that regardless of anything,for the most part,most,if not the larger majority,of these subjects are like “Patty”! I don’t think,in over five years,I’ve ever became aware of a report featuring something like what Standing has filmed! And,on a more larger scale,I’ve discussed this photo,with a few members of the more dedicated section(including one gentlemen/researcher that’s invested 40plus years into the learning and study of,and,IMHO is one great example of what someone can accomplish,if they stick to the research,and leave the drama,biases,and politics to others,lol!) and,to put it politely,they are of the opinion of this being a total farce.
    Opinions are one thing. However,you may be aware of(I’m betting your are,lol) another awesome researcher,and renown investigator of possible bunk,and hoax-addicts everywhere,.one Mr Steve Kulls. He’s looked into Standings “Evidence” and etc,.and has made some signifagent findings! It seems there may be cause to think there is some shadey circumstances involved.,behind the scenes of Standings videos(no pun intended).
    Hoaxing. IMO it absolutely and completely SUCKS. it seems this field attracts the best of the best,when it comes to con artists,fabricators,and gold standards of hoaxers. However,it seems many of these types have a rep that is well known,and follows them,regardless of the passage of time. Is this the case here? Honestly,I have no idea,but in the findings of past investigations,and etc involving this individual,,.i will say that,again,to put it nicely,I won’t be rushing to scrutinize any future videos from this indivadwul,soon,or in the future,lol.
    Thanks again,for a great site,and the hard work you’ve invested here! It’s very much appreciated by myself,and no doubt others that have the same enthusiasm,dedication,and level of seriousness to the subjects we live for!

    • Thanks for your kind words Robbie! I figure if I stick to the facts, the truth will eventually come out. I think that’s the best way to go, especially in this case, because I do respect Les Stroud so much. If he’s willing to give this evidence a “hearing”, then I was willing to look at it too. But as I said, there are just too many red flags in this video for me to feel confidant in saying it’s real; in fact quite the opposite.

      I’m delighted to have you as part of the CryptoVille fellowship! Thanks again! … Susan (CryptoVille)

      • Thank you for your research! I also believe in Les because he is a beast himself! Staying out in the middle of nowhere by himself all around the world!!! are you effin kidding me?? that’s super cray cray gnar gnar!!!
        Now, he does not have a camera crew……????…??? Right???
        I brought ep 1 and 2 bigfoot survivorman to my friends attention. Most of them were pretty impressed to see some good film waaaay in the middle of bfe up on a huge mountain above a massive cliff in a thick spot of tress….

        So, when he is filming there or in Africa…. what if he is badly injured or in great danger??? and doesn’t have a cameraman???? he just dies?? or does he have a stress signal?? I would really like to know that so I can bring it up to my buddy that asked me that.. it def made me think about les tv show with discovery…. that’s the only sceptic I have with that subject.

        most importantly!!!!

        the film les has posted of the massive bipedal hairy looking gigantipithicus thing… taking massive steps along that mountain, then slowly kneeling down…

        did les finally fake that so discovery and himself could make a shitton of money??
        I would think and hope not. but it is possible.
        but I doubt that he would do that.

        What about the 2 trees that were standing upright against another tree with no roots and that looked so damn big and heavy it left a huge hole in the ground as les said in the film was put there by a man of some sort. waaaaaaaaaaaaaay up In the mountain ON A CLIFF MIND YOU…… ??

        oh…..!!! les, saying hes hearing stomps around him… and saying he is hearing this stuff… that is not animal….?? also talking like a sceptic makes it seem like he is telling the truth and he wants to know the truth but back to my question IS HE DOING THIS TO MAKE A BUNCH OF MONEY????


        when is les going back out there?
        what if he dies??
        does he have a gun?
        should he have a gun in case they attack??
        are they telepathic?? lol.. maybe lol..

        but in all seriousness… I am very much willing to believe this as long as someone keeps going to that same spot and eventually finds something… right???

        Sorry for the shitty spelling and writing but I have so much to say with little time wanting to make it look real.

        I would love to join and follow your group if that makes sense lol 🙂 cool let me know what you think when you get this. thanks.

        • Hi Caelob! I think Les used to be a wildlife photographer years ago, so he has excellent photographic skills, lucky for us! From watching the show, I think he is pretty much at the mercy of the elements. There are some shows where he has arrangements for people to come get him if he doesn’t re-appear in a set time.

          For now, I think Les is being skeptical which is good. There have only been two Bigfoot shows with him, and I don’t know if they’re planning on making more. That’s up to him and his network.

          I’m not part of a Bigfoot hunting group, but if you mean you’d like to follow CryptoVille, you can do that by following the website via one of the social medias. Or you can enter your email address and all my new posts will come to your email each time I publish one.

          Thank you for your input and your interest in CryptoVille!

          … Susan (CryptoVille)

      • and yes that picture of todds looks like shit….that’s a given… is it les in makeup? hahahaha ttyl

  2. Todd’s Bigfoot looks fake to me also Susan. I think you are right on. I’m the guy who saw the huge black bird a year ago last Oct. Some hunting friends have actually spotted a huge black bird at least 3 tines in the last 6 months. My friend Mr. Gist spotted one at the Godwin Point Hunting Club last week and told me about seeing it flying real high up. I asked him if he could see any markings and he said that he couldn’t see any white on it. He did say that it appeared to be much bigger than a bald eagle. He said that he and his grandson Dustin see it just before sunset. I told him to make sure that he had a camera with him when he goes down to Godwin Point. He asked me if I would like to go with them next time and I readily said “yes”! Hopefully I can get a shot of it someday soon. It would really stir up the Autobaun Society, huh?

    • Hi Bill! I cannot wait to see what you find the next time they go to Godwin Point!! It would help if you could get a shot of it compared to something that we could measure – a building, top of a well known tree, etc.

      Good luck!

      … Susan (CryptoVille)

      • In the search for definitive proof, be it Bigfoot, UFOs or any phenomenon that can be classified as paranormal we are all looking for the “One”. The one event, the one piece of evidence, the one photo that cannot be disputed. The one the believers can point to and say we told you so, if there’s one there is more.
        Todd Standing has yet to come up with it. No one has. I have personally witnessed, along with another person, a short term but very real paranormal event that lasted but a few seconds – but it did happen. Witnessing the event has taught me to keep an open mind and indeed allows for other possibilities. 
        Think about it, organizations like SETI spend millions of dollars just to find out if someone is out there to wave back.
        Perhaps credible people like Stroud will help lead to the discovery of the “One”.

  3. Hi and let me say, your site is a pleasant find for me! In Googling this particular subject (a co-worker mentioned it to me) I found you, and I’m glad I did. Although I haven’t watched Les for a few years, I definitely respect him a great deal for many reasons. As a very experienced outdoorsman myself, I can tell you he is the real deal. Todd Strand on the other hand…well, he does not hold my respect at all. I can certainly see why Les has chosen to do this show and feature Todd’s “evidence” however. Emotion will override intellect nine times out of ten (if not ten) when you feel passionate about something, and Les obviously has had enough experiences of his own with this subject to have built up some emotion about it. Also, we must keep in mind that Les still takes some cues from the show’s producers and funding network, who may very well have advised him to make certain comments or otherwise do certain things (with a nod, unfortunately, to high-ratings shows like Ghost Hunters or Finding Bigfoot, which are far below Les’s typical standard of quality and credibility). Having some limited personal experience with this particular unknown primate (and having a great-uncle that was involved in a very famous instance with Bigfoot in the 1950s), I can attest to the powerful emotion that this wells up in a person, and believe me, that passion for an explanation does not go away! Finally, while this subject in general along with the ever easier-to-be-heard/get attention medium of the Internet has given rise to many, many people who are more concerned with their fifteen minutes of fame than the truth (and much of the backbiting and other despicable behavior you mentioned can directly be attributed to these characters), there are indeed some very respectable people who have gone on record to support the existence of an undiscovered large primate. Chief among these are the deceased Dr. Grover Krantz of the University of Washington, Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum of the University of Idaho, and none other than Dr. Jane Goodall (who has already discovered a large primate who’s existence was purported to be myth). Keeping an open mind and wanting to believe in the amazing possibilities of our still-little understood world, it never hurts to approach these things with careful scientific steps and a moderate dose of skepticism! With that in mind, I encourage all with an interest to explore and enjoy!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Matt, I really appreciate it. I believe we think along the same lines based on your comments. It’s really a shame when these stupid networks try to “up the ante”, so to speak, with their popular shows. Animal Planet does it to River Monsters too – sometimes they have him do some stupid things which I don’t believe he likes very much.

      I admire Les, too, and hope he finds Bigfoot – with the camera rolling!

      Thanks again! … Susan (CryptoVille)

  4. Its refreshing to read a review done this way instead of the usual sniping, your way is the way to go to get results, great job.

  5. Todd Standing is a fraud so anything he says is garbage. As for Les Stroud I liked the way he approached Bigfoot, he did a great job, I wish he’d do more episodes on it.

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