Bigfoot Thursday – Thermal Imaging Mystery

TalkingBF02WELCOME TO BIGFOOT THURSDAY here on CryptoVille! Join us as we review this very interesting Bigfoot video submitted by Bart Cutino to skeptic reviewer ParaBreakdown. Is that a monster lurking in the woods, or just some guy? We’ll see …

This week I’m sharing a Bigfoot video with you that honestly amounts to another “Blobsquatch” sighting! However, bear with me, I think there is more to this crummy thermal imaging video than first meets the eye.

May Be the Real Deal

Several factors lead me to believe this may just be the real thing.

  1. Bigfoot hunter Bart Cutino has been very open about the pros and cons of the evening he captured this image.
  2. Cutino submitted his evidence to skeptic reviewer “Para Breakdown” who has a video channel over on YouTube.
  3. Cutino’s approach when analyzing his own evidence strikes me as scientific, logical, and reasonable. All good signs.

I also like the way the ParaBreakdown skeptic handles the material and conducts himself.

On the negative side, the image is still blurry, so this video isn’t going to be the definitive proof that we need to get the scientific-community-at-large behind the search for this creature. But for those of us who already believe – it’s tantalizing and very interesting.

Yes, I know, WHYYYYYY can’t anyone ever operate their camera properly? Or is it these mechanical devices malfunction more often than their manufacturers will admit? It makes me nuts, too. But still, the research that occurred in the aftermath of this sighting is what is impressive.

BigfootSilhouetteStealthy Investigation vs. Noise-Making

I was impressed with the way Cutino and his friends conducted their nighttime investigation. They were QUIET, they DIDN’T TRY TO MAKE BIGFOOT CALLS, they DIDN’T USE STUPID PROPS to try and get Bigfoot’s attention.

Instead, they chose an active location (Sierra Nevada mountains), and quietly, stealthily set about searching the area around their very visible camp. Well done to them. (I wrote an Open Letter to Bigfoot Hunters advocating this kind of stealth hunting technique – I’m not saying Cutino and company read it, but I’m pleased to see they are getting results with these quieter tactics.)

The Video

The video is 16 minutes long.  Let me know what you think.


  1. Just saw your article and just in case you might have missed it, here’s the rest of the investigation links including uncut video/audio,5-min continuous action footage, 4 PDF reports (covers every aspect of investigation, my actions that night, with many pictures) and 11 re-creation videos from on-site. The objective here was to not only document the footage but to set an example for the field moving forward of a “mini” peer review if you will, with contributions from over a dozen researchers and countless hours on-site re-creating the events of that night.

    Thank you for sharing

    Bart Cutino

    Uncut audio/video:

    Downloadable PDF’s of Intro, Witness, Analysis and Q&A reports

    Inverted (black hot) 5 min continuous action vid

    11 re-creation videos on-site

    • Thank you for sharing all this wonderful information Bart! I will enjoy going through it!

      Keep up the good work – I can’t wait to see what else you find! 🙂

      … Susan (CryptoVille)

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