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TalkingBF02Welcome to our new feature: Bigfoot Thursday! Each Thursday stop by CryptoVille and watch a purported Bigfoot video then see what we think about it. Despite the multitude of hoaxes on the internet, we still keep hoping to find some real evidence.

So join us Thursday afternoons and we’ll see what we can find! First up:

Can Bigfoot Speak?

This video was interesting to me because I’ve heard many researchers over the years claim that they could hear Bigfoots talking amongst themselves out in the woods. Originally I thought there might be something to this theory or claim, but recently, I’ve come across some information that makes me doubt it.

I can’t pinpoint the exact date these recordings were taken, but it seems to be from the early 1970s; they were recorded in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Cliff Barackman of the Finding Bigfoot program has said that this area is a Bigfoot hotspot and I have no reason to doubt that. However, is this really Bigfoot talking?

Listen to this 2+ minute video recording and then we’ll discuss it.

Samurai chatter is an apt name for this recording because it does indeed sound like a human, an Asian male, chattering away in a Samurai style.  Could it really be a Bigfoot?

In the video Ron Morehead tells us that humans cannot mimic the sounds we’re hearing and that the range “supercedes what a human can do.” He further tells us that he had the recordings checked by people at the University of Oklahoma who confirmed that the original recordings hadn’t been tampered with, and implying that the sounds seemed legitimately unique.

TalkingBF04University of Oklahoma

I emailed Dr. Pamela Innes, Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Wyoming and asked her opinion of all this. She is an expert in linguistics. I learned some interesting things.

Though these recordings were taken in the early 1970s, it’s not clear exactly when they approached the University of Oklahoma to review them. Presumably it was not long after obtaining the samples.

Dr. Innes pointed out that the faculty on staff at that time has since retired and passed away. She was acquainted with them and pointed out that they never mentioned having reviewed alleged Bigfoot chatter and she felt that they would most likely have mentioned it somewhere along the line.

She shared another possibility and that is, Ron Morehead may have had the staff at the university’s local PBS station review the tape to confirm whether it had or had not been tampered with. But then, the engineers at a PBS station are not linguistic experts so that’s as far as they could have gone.


Ron Morehead cites R. Scott Nelson as an experienced cryptolinguist who believes these recordings do indeed capture speech patterns associated with Bigfoot in the area of the Sierra Nevadas. Nelson has had 20 years experience as a cryptolinguist in the US Navy. He’s now retired and makes appearances around the country discussing Bigfoot “language.”

I wanted to see what exactly a cryptolinguist is so I looked it up on Wiki and found a long and detailed explanation as to what they do, including what they used to do in the old days versus what they’re doing now. Nowadays most of it seems to involve heavy mathematics, computer science, and electrical engineering. Nowhere on that page does it mention linguistics.

I’m not going to denigrate Mr. Nelson’s opinions because I don’t know enough about cryptolinguistics to make a decision one way or the other. However, this one Wiki article has caused me to doubt that a cryptolinguist has any expertise in actual linguistics, at least nowadays, so I’m going to disregard it for now.

Is Bigfoot Physically Equipped to Talk?

Recently I wrote an article about the Russian Almasty and how it may more likely be a remnant population of Homo Ergasters based on evidence provided by Zana, a humanoid creature held captive for years in Russia, and her son Khwit. To see that article, click through here:

TalkingBF03The point I want to draw from that article is this: Homo Ergasters had a narrower cervical vertebra than we Homo Sapiens do. That means they would not have room in their necks for all the “wiring” required to produce speech, which is a delicate coordination between the brain and breathing mechanism that we all have nowadays. Scientists believe that they probably grunted and made other noises, as well as used hand signals to communicate.

Now let’s think about Bigfoot. We know he’s some kind of great ape. He would be further down the evolutionary tree than Homo Ergaster, or off on some tangent branch. Do their necks provide the space for the delicate nerve communication required to produce speech? I think it’s unlikely.

If in doubt, get on YouTube and listen to the sound recordings of Gibbons, Orangutans, Chimpanzees, and Mountain Gorillas. They can’t speak but they are still very vocal at times.

TalkingBF05Science Weighs In

Back to Dr. Innes. She brought up a couple very interesting points. She listened to a different video by Whitley Strieber who, on his program Dreamland, was interviewing Ron Morehead. The Samurai chatter was the same as I heard on the video above.

She thought it was interesting that Bigfoots would have developed a language with a suite of sounds that an English-speaking person would expect to encounter. In other words, the sounds made in the Samurai chatter aren’t so foreign to us that we can’t mimic them. In fact, they almost sound familiar – hence the term coined by BRFO founder Matt Moneymaker, Samurai chatter.

Dr Innes cited the International Phonetic Alphabet which shows that there are plenty of other sounds made in other human languages that natives English speakers can’t make. For instance, in Russian, Greek, and Chinese languages.

She adds, “While two languages often share many of the same phonemes, chances are a bit slim that two entirely unrelated languages would pick almost the exact same set of sounds.  It’s not entirely out of the question, but would not be the expected outcome.”

Where Does This Leave Us?

The men who recorded these sounds went to their camp fairly regularly. Granted it’s a very rugged and remote area, but if they could get there, couldn’t someone else? Might they have been tricked?

We don’t know enough about Bigfoot’s physiology to be able to say definitively that they are or aren’t capable of speech.

Does that mean Bigfoots don’t make noise? No, they probably make noises like other apes do who aren’t vocal, but are definitely noisy.

TalkingBF07Bottom line: I’m sure Bigfoots make noises and what they mean by them is known only to them and their kin. Is this Bigfoot talking in this recording? I can’t say for sure, but I have plenty of doubts.

As always with this creature, there is never anything definite, defined, or undisputed. In order to prove its existence to science once and for all, I fear we’re going to need a Bigfoot body.

Tell me what you think.

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    I believe that i was able to possibly translate the Samurai Chatter transcript by Scott Nelson of Ron Morehead and Al Berry’s recordings in the early 1970s of supposedly multiple Sasquatches talking to each other. No, I’m not joking and I am amazed that I was able to do this, I will show you part of what I did, but I haven’t shown Ron Morehead or Scott Nelson, so I will only show one or two lines. And yes, I was able to translate the Samurai Chatter into English, using theories and patterns I had.

    No, I don’t know if I’m right, no I’m definetily not bullshitting, and yes, somehow I do think my translation is what the Sasquatch are saying to Ron and Al! How do I know I got it right? Using math, the chances that I could use English to not only match basic words and phrases to the translation text from Scott Nelson’s work, but also text that when you read it in order, every line after the next makes sense in order, and finally the stuff I translated 100% matches the type of situation that these guys were in, which is where Sasquatch don’t want you camping in their territory and scare or threaten the campers off their territory! Again, this is totally real. My theory is that the Sasquatch must have listened and watch humans for so long and heard them talking that they picked up basic English, I know it sounds absolutely crazy, but I really did this and either the sounds recorded were a hoax, the transcript from Scott Nelson is a hoax, or I have caught the Sasquatch speaking English and figured out how to translate it so we can all read it! If it’s s hoax, it’s a VERY good hoax..

    The reason I think Sasquatch has learned English by observing us is when it seems to be talking directly to Ron or Al, he refers to them as “I” which shows me that when he heard humans saying “I went to the bathroom” or something, Bugfoot thinks humans are called “I” which in the transcripts are actually an “A.”

    For example, here is the part of my translation work I will show you. And let me tell you now, the whole transcript is basically a Sasquatch talking to the humans in a threatening manner, and there are even some quite disturbing things I was able to pick up. There are also distinct patterns, and much more! I know, it’s insane, and I was somewhat skeptic too, but I am no longer skeptic and believe that my findings might actually contribute a big piece to the Sasquatch puzzle! Check this shi* out!

    0:17.52 NÖ U PLÄ MEN TI KHU
    – “Don’t play, now men go.”
    0:18.82 NÄR LÄ
    – “Near there.”
    0:20.21 NA GÖ KÜ STEP GÄ KÜ BLEM
    – “Now go you, step on the road.”

    One more interesting translation I think I might have nailed, was the fact that the Sasquatch seem to refer to the two men doing the recording who happen to be hunters, but the squatch in my study is referring to the hunters when he calls them “pros” which at first confused me, but when I realized how Sasquatch hunt deer with their hands, and if they saw a human kill a deer without touching it (with a gun) you would also think they were professionals! I think when the Sasquatch says “pros” he is not only referring to the humans as hunters, but he is saying how they are professional deer killers!

    Also, I did pickup 2-4 names of Sasquatch, AS WELL AS THE NAMES THEY CALL HUMAMS AND THE NAME THEY CALL BUGFOOT, WHICH, GET THIS, ARE ONLY INE LETTER DIFFERENT! Yes people, this is all true to the best of my knowledge, and when Scott Nelson and Ron Morehead contact me, if Scott Nelson transcribes the rest of the Sasquatch chatter, I can indeed translate it to common English!

    I have rearranged the words do they make sense to humans. Don’t believe me? At one point in the chatter, the Bigfoot urinates according to my translation. Now, I have NOT spoken at all with Scott Nelson, Ron Morehead, or Al Berry, but if by some off chance they heard a Sasquatch urinating… I’ve hit the jackpot and were about to blow the lid off of Sasquatch!

    My name is Nicholas Guerchio.

    And yes I had my own Sasquatch encounter while camping alone in a national forest, which sparked my research. I started this translation project, which by the way only took an hour and a half for me to do about 20 lines of text, but I started this because I wanted to see if a gorillas vocal chord limitations matched up with the Samurai Chatter an if the letters they could pronounce coresponded to this transcript, which so far everything matches 100%…

    By the way, no I don’t have a college degree but have completed almost 3 years of college. I am not going to give out too much personal info at this point in time, from when I posted this comment, I only did this about 12 hours ago! Comment here if you want answers to any questions!

    Have a great day! It’s a good day to be a believer my friends!

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