University Professor Claims Fairies Do Exist

CloverFairyFairy photos from a university lecturer? Cryptozoology reports don’t get much stranger than that! CryptoVille reviews this monster of a fairy tale and seeks the truth.

Earlier this week I saw an article in the UK’s Mail Online that reported a university professor claims he has proof that fairies do exist. (All photos in this post courtesy of Manchester Evening News Syndication.)

Professor John Hyatt (Director of the Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art and Design [MIRIAD] at Manchester Metropolitan University) announced that he has proof that little winged fairies do exist and that he has captured images of them in the area of Rossendale Valley in Lancashire. (Artwork top right by Cicely Mary Barker.)

FairyProf01Mr. Hyatt insists that the photographs he took (left and below) are genuine and that no one has tampered with them.  He has taken his fairy photos over the last couple years and says that the photos must be blown up in order to see the fairies properly.

“It was a bit of a shock when I blew them up, I did a double take,” he said.

Not surprisingly there is a lot of debate over his photos and whether they are real or not. He said he also took pictures of gnats and flies and compared them to the fairy photos; they were definitely different.

FairyProf02Mr. Hyatt doesn’t seem too bothered that a lot of people don’t believe him. He feels people have to decide for themselves but he urges them to keep an open mind.

He added, “From my experience they were just enjoying themselves and there was a little dance in the sunlight going on.”

The professor is sharing his photos in an exhibit at the Whitaker Museum in Whitaker Park, Rossendale. The exhibit is called the Rossendale Fairies and it’s going to run through the Spring. He told the reporter that, “[he] wants to get more adults to bring ‘magic into their lives.’” (Mr. Hyatt’s photo below.)

FairyProf03The Flip Side

It’s a charming story but there are some definite red flags in here for me. Most of all, the man teaches at a school for innovative art and design – who better to create a convincing hoax?

Adding to that, he then mounts an exhibition of the photos which will certainly benefit him and the school at least with publicity.

He mentioned that he blew up the photos and that’s how he found the images of the fairies.  I have to wonder what made him blow up the photos to begin with?

I’m not a photographic expert so I can’t analyze these images for you. However, based on these other facts, as well as how the photos look to my untrained eye, I have to believe these are a hoax.

SparkleFairyMirrorI would so love for fairies to be real, but so far, there is no scientific, reliable proof that they do. If Mr. Hyatt gives his photos to a photographic expert for analysis, and the analysis says these are real fairies in his images, then I’ll believe it. But not until then. (Artwork right by Margaret Tarrant.)

Tell me what you think.


  1. Your guess of hoax would be spot on, especially considering the professor’s work environment. I attended a ‘creativity’ course at just such a place where the staff, including a couple of professors, boasted about the hoax websites they had engineered as ‘artistic’ projects. They evinced no concern for the muggles who took their efforts seriously. It’s called pushing the boundaries, I guess, and that’s what they advise you to do in art/drama/film school.

    • Thank you for sharing that input, caddieblue1! Very interesting. If that’s what these “schools” are up to, then I’d like to push something else, like my hand firmly up the sides of their heads!! … Susan (CryptoVille)

  2. Awww gee! I wish they were real, but sadly I feel it is a hoax. How could the little fairies exist in a world so polluted? I will still dream and allow fairies to exist in my imagination!!

    • Ruth, my source article was dated April 3 of this year. If it was an April fool, it’s still just as bad as a hoaxed photo of Bigfoot or whatever. It misled a lot of people into believing in nonsense and that’s wrong. I am happy to expose the nonsense for what it is for my readers. … Susan (CryptoVille)

  3. I doubt these are real but I do believe Fairies exist. I saw something that can not be explained in any other way except as a Fairy.

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