The Human Cryptid 03 – Earthscape Artist

AndresAmador01His name is Andres Amador and contrary to his family’s wishes, he didn’t become a doctor, or lawyer, or engineer. He became an earthscape artist.

Andres creates gorgeous designs in wet sand beginning as the tide recedes and finishing when it begins to return. He said that once the design is complete, he is able to let go of it and let the sea reclaim it as the tide rises. Prior to that he does get photos of his creations, though, so technically they’re not lost forever.

His designs can be as large as 100,000 square feet and they include flowers, snowflakes, and a myriad of abstract geometric shapes. In an article on, he’s quoted as saying, “I kind of consider that I’m painting, is what it feels like. But I’m using my whole body and the rake is the brush. I start just before low tide and end just after low tide, so that when it’s coming back I’ve used up the area that I had already left behind.”

AndresAmador02Normally we think of artists as very emotional working with intangible concepts. But in Andres case, his inspiration comes from geometry! By studying things like crop circles, the architecture in the ancient world, and “sacred” geometry,  the idea came to him to start creating these wonderful earthscapes in sand.  His designs take him about two hours to create.

AndresAmador05His biggest obstacle is not the sea – it’s dogs. They come along and scar his designs as they run and frolic on the beach. People often come by to snap photos but they don’t bother him. In fact they often hire him.

Andres has been hired to create designs on the sand for memorial services, marriage proposals and an assortment of other occasions. In addition he leads workshops and “outings”, though I’m not sure what these outings are.









Here is a 2.48 minute video of the man in action. Very interesting and very beautiful!

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