Anthropologist Held Hostage by Elves – Really?!!

ElfRescue01Let’s shed some light on this fantastic story about an anthropologist being held hostage by … elves. This cryptozoology report had been circulating the web the end of last year and whether you believe in elves (like the Icelandic people) or not (everyone else), it’s an interesting tale about people and how they can be manipulated.

This is how the story goes: sometime in 2011 a very attractive anthropologist from Denmark named Kalena Sondergaard was taken captive by elves and held in a mysterious cave in Iceland for an undetermined amount of time.

ELfRescue04The next thing we know, she was discovered crouching, naked, at the mouth of the cave called Elf Rock where rescuers discovered the traumatized woman. She was described in news reports as, “stark naked, covered by dust, and babbling incoherently.”

According to the original article someone named Arnor Guojohnsen of the National Rescue Service helped “airlift the 31 year old survivor to a hospital by helicopter.”

ElfRescue02The Clues

Now let’s shed some light on this unbelievable story. According to Sharon Hill of, who did some fantastic detective work on this story, the whole thing is a fake.

Here are the clues that led to her conclusion:

  • The story was first reported on a blog, not by a credible news agency/venue.
  • Kalena Sondergaard herself is a fiction. The photo used of her is actually attributed to a “Russian student” on some website. (Sharon was able to search photos of this woman somehow and that’s how she found the Russian student connection.)
  • This account is actually based on a real-life account of a woman trying to break into a nudist colony in California. (I know, that’s also a bizarre story! LOL!!)

ElfRescue05Nudist Colony Beach

Back in March of 2011, a woman actually got stuck on some cliffs as she tried to break-into/crash a nudist-colony beach called Black’s Beach in San Diego, California.  Rescuers sent a woman down to help the aspiring nudist. The rescuer brought her a pair of pants and got her hooked into a safety harness so she could be airlifted to safety.

According to Fox5SanDiego, at the end of the day the aspiring nudist was ticketed for “disregarding signs warning about the sheer and unstable cliffs, using a path that is not a marked trail and entering a restricted area.”

Elf Hostage?

It was a clever ruse, but totally untrue. No anthropologist was kidnapped and held for years by elves.

What it does prove is how easy it is to manipulate people. That’s why it’s important to dig deeper and look for the truth in all these cryptid-related reports and stories. That’s what we try to do here in CryptoVille.

That said, not long ago I shared an account with you describing how the people of Iceland insist that elves do exist. If you’d like to read about that, here’s the link:

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  1. Being a descendant of the Elf King, I would like to totally deny any involvement of any Elf or near relation in this incident. This is simply an attack upon my species and foolish people casting dispersions upon our character. VICTORY FOR THE ELVES OVER THE APE DESCENDANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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