Strange Tale of Sisterly Love – 146 Years of Graveside Flowers

SistersGravesiteOne hundred and forty-six years ago (1867), a beautiful 17 year old girl named Caroline Christine Walter died of tuberculosis. At the time she was living with her sister and her husband in Freiburg, Germany; they were very happy. Caroline had many admirers because she was so beautiful, so many mourned her untimely death.

Her sister, Selma, was naturally devastated by her loss, so she decided to create a fitting memorial so everyone would remember her lovely younger sister. She hired a sculptor to create her sister’s image lying in a bed, fallen asleep with an open book in her hand.

Then they placed the memorial on the outside edge of the Alter Friedhof cemetery where it remains today. The inscription at the foot of the “bed” mentions it was given in Caroline’s memory by her loving sister Selma and that their separation must have been ordained by God’s counsel.

The real mystery kicks in all these years later. At first someone left flowers every day, but no one, not even the groundskeepers, could find out who it was. The years progressed, the family passed away, anyone who knew Caroline had passed away, and still every morning a fresh flower blooms on the dead girl’s grave.

It’s not clear whether there are actual plants growing on the memorial so that something is able to bloom, or if that really means someone is still leaving a flower every day. If there is something there to bloom, how does it manage in the cold and snow?

It’s a mystery.

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  1. If only we could place some kind of…video recording device to watch and see what happens. The world will never know.

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