New Species of Giant Jellyfish Washes Ashore on Australian Beach

TasmanianJellyfishThe Lim family of Hobart, Tasmania (a state in Australia), found a huge jellyfish on the beach recently. The glistening white monster measures 5 feet across (1.5 m). Mrs. Josie Lim took the photo that you see here.  The jellyfish is “belly up.” Soon after taking her photo she contacted the authorities.

According to scientists at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) this jellyfish is part of the Lion’s Mane group of jellies. The one in this photo is one of three that the scientists are currently working to identify and classify.

Jellyfish expert, Dr. Lisa-ann Gershwin (CSIRO) said, “[These jellyfish] look like a dinner plate with a mop hanging underneath – they have a really raggedy look to them.”  Dr. Gershwin added, “[It was one of a] species I’ve known about for a while but it’s not yet named and classified. We’re very eager to know more about it.”

CyaneaArcticaDr. Gershwin also reported that their region (southern waters) has been experiencing a huge “bloom” of jellyfish.  The scientists aren’t sure why it’s happening, but they are trying to figure it out.

Though quite large, this new jellyfish isn’t the largest one in the world (to date). That honor belongs to Cyanea Arctica which lives in the North Atlantic and Arctic. This hefty jelly can grow to be 10 feet across (3 m). (See photo to the right.)

I love these kinds of discoveries because they give us crypto-loving fans hope that one day, the other cryptids we’re still searching for will be added to the roster of known animals!

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