Creepy Demon Photo from Hospital

hospitalhoaxA demon dancing on the bed of a hospital patient who later died there?

This whole picture looks so stupid and contrived to me that I decided to ignore it. But it just won’t go away; it’s now circling the internet like the rings of Saturn are circling Saturn. You just can’t ignore it.

And though I tend to avoid paranormal topics in favor of cryptozoological ones, I’m going to take a stab at figuring out what this could be. Bear in mind, I am not a photographic expert nor a  videographer.

First, check out this short (less than a minute) video for some “close-ups.”

What’s the Evidence

As per usual, we’ve got another blurry, blobby, hard-to-focus-on photo. This was supposedly taken in a hospital in the US by a nurse who saw it appear on a closed caption TV in a patient’s room.

The patient’s head looks like it’s in a black pillow case or something.  According to the story, the patient died within hours of this thing appearing on their bed. Lots of people die in hospitals, I don’t see that as having to do with anything other worldly – we’re biological beings that wear out eventually.

LittledemonCartoonCould it have been photoshopped? According to Susan Duclos of, the image wasn’t photoshopped. In her video spot she refers to others who have said the image wasn’t photoshopped.  In her article, she states, “If it is photoshopped it is well done because the usual telltale signs of photoshop are not there.” 

OK, so maybe it wasn’t photoshopped.

Could it have been staged? I saw an episode of NCIS once where they were able to manipulate what the person monitoring the camera saw. They also did something like that on an episode of Murder, She Wrote. It’s possible.

Could it be a demon? I suppose, however it looks like a living human being to me. I know the pose is ridiculous and could be the result of them simply being in the process of moving. It could just as likely be some hospital equipment as out of focus as the rest of the photo.

Reviewers Weigh In

Let’s look at what some reviewers wrote (each bullet is a different commentator):

  • Why and where is there a camera in a hospital room? Why are we seeing one still shot? What’s being called a demon isn’t even identifiable.
  • I hate to say it but I blew this up in photoshop to 300% and can not find a “patient” laying in the bed. As bad as the photo is it’s most likely the patient walking on the bed.
  • You can clearly see that two sections of “the demon’s arm” are the bed rails, and the rounded object is something behind/next to the head of the bed, not a “demon’s shoulder”. It looks like a person’s leg is sticking out of the sheet creating the black part “on the bed”… not sure why it is black, but then why is the head area of the patient all black? Idk what is next to the bed that you are saying is a demon head and presumably demon torso, but I suspect it also has a rational explanation.
  • Sure. A Demon wearing Converse tennis shoes. No wonder nobody wanted to take credit for this stinker.
  • Why is the demon talking on his cell phone?
  • look all i saying if it was caught on a surveillance camera they would be able to have a video and not a picture thats easy to photoshop BOOOM
  • So…Apparently demons nowadays wear spandex, hoodies and running shoes?

BalrogDo Demons Exist?

I believe that demons do exist. I see them as fallen angels who have rejected God and His plans.

Do I think this thing in the video is a demon? No. There is too much controversy – an unidentified hospital, unidentified patient, no video, just a still shot.  No one knows who originally posted it on the internet, either. The photo is out of focus, very blurry, and the monotone colors don’t help either.

I can’t see the detail that other viewers apparently saw (the sneakers, the cell phone, the hoodie, the spandex) but as the “creature” is so obscured, these arguments make sense to me.

Therein lies the problem again – poor quality “evidence” that almost no one sees in the same way. Like I tell the Bigfoot hunters – the evidence they gather has to be unequivocal – without doubt, clear, not the least bit ambiguous.

I don’t think this “demon” video is anything to get excited about.

What do you think?


  1. I’d say definitely a fake and not a very good one. I work in a hospital. Don’t know what that piece of equipment is a the foot of the bed. I was an orderly so I know them all. My guess is it doesn’t belong to that picture as doesn’t big long thick tube hanging in mid air over the bed behind the …. cough cough ….. demon. Notice the brown, the color of the demon runs half way down the bar to that piece of equipment at the foot of the bed and also runs completely onto that cylinder behind him. It looks like they took the fawn from Narnia and glued him in there. lol

  2. Lisa, thank you! I love your comments because it’s coming from an expert in that field. Everything you said makes sense. And yes, “the demon” does look kinda sorta like that Fawn from Narnia. It crossed my mind too! LOL!!

  3. I doubt very much that this is a demon. I blew it up too and it just doesn’t look real at all. It is most likely a piece of equipment. What would be the right shoulder looks a bit too cylindrical.

  4. Patrick, thank you for taking the time to blow it up and investigate. I’m very glad to hear what you discovered! Thanks!

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